No, I don’t mean the ClariS song.

This week while we’re treated to a fairly dialog heavy ep, there are some shocking revelations none the less, plus an ending that will leave you speechless.

Here’s my review!

What I love so much about the Selector WIXOSS series are the twists it throws at you. Sure you know something bad will happen, that’s for certain, but you’re left with guessing what bad things will happen and just how bad they’ll be. Selector Infected dropped some bombs on us with those cliffhangers, but what happened at the ep of this ep, man I was literally never expecting to this happen. Usually I can gauge where an anime will be going, but Selector Spread is just impossible to predict what events will happen in those 24 minutes.

So we finally catch up with Tama in this ep, it’s been a while since we last saw her (flashbacks don’t count) so I’m sure we’ve been wondering what she’s been up to. Once again we get a brief look into the white world that Yuzuki visited before becoming a LRIG, there Tama is met by Mayu, that mysterious girl who seems to be in control of the place. We’ll get back to them in a bit, we’ve gotta head to school first.

It’s also been a while since we met up with the other Yuzuki (Hanayo) and Kazuki, her brother. Unknown to everyone else at school, the real Yuzuki isn’t still with them in person but has been turned into a card, so they all think that the two siblings really are in love. From the way Ruuko and Hanayo talked, it seemed as if it might have been their first conversation they had in a while, things obviously not good on that front. Hanayo doesn’t ask much, just how Yuzuki is doing and that Ruuko should be battling. Ruuko of course doesn’t want to battle because she knows just how bad things will get, but still her determination to see Tama will have to force her to start battling. Even Iona reminds Ruuko that she’s not like other girls, that she’s a someone to be feared in battle and should be out there doing battle, not shying away from it.

In general I really like the dialog between Iona and Ruuko, it’s got this chilling aspect to it that makes is so much more enjoyable to watch. Iona is slowly coaxing her into battling, working her way into Ruuko’s mind and getting her to realize that she needs to battle to be happy again; then there is Ruuko who is trying to remain free from battling, to not step foot into the terrifying world of WIXOSS again. Walking home after class we get this dialog between them, Iona once again trying to convince her to battle, but Ruuko is still holding true and not giving in, although she’s weakening each time. If she doesn’t want to battle so much, why keep bringing Iona with her? Iona uses this point, saying that she’ll feel better if they battle, that Ruuko is the same as Iona in that they both crave battling. There might be some truth to her words because if we think back to season 1 (which wasn’t that long ago) Ruuko was pretty into it, even if she was with Tama she still was really getting into it a lot, the excitement clearly there. I’m guessing Ruuko has a side to her that she can’t accept yet, a darker side that will sooner or later come out and take over, giving her that longing for battle. I hope we do see that side at some point because I’d love to see a dark, twisted Ruuko hell bent on battling everyone and using Iona like she’s supposed to.

I picture Iona as a high performance sports car, say a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series; a car like that is made to be driven fast but Ruuko is using it to drive to school and to buy groceries, nothing else. Sooner or later Ruuko will realize that she’s supposed to be using her car for fast, high performance driving, I mean after all she got those 9k carbon ceramic brakes, and once she does then we’ll see the side of Ruuko that she never thought she had. Whether or not that will actually happen I’m not sure, but given that this anime is full of surprises each ep, a sudden turning of Ruuko is not something to be ruled out. If she really wants to see Tama again, desperation might start to take a toll and force her to do things she’s normally might not do.

Back with Tama and Mayu now. Mayu is also playing mind games with Tama, telling her Ruuko lied to her and how she didn’t care at all about Tama or trying to save anyone. While Tama may be right, there is more to Ruuko than we know, and like I said above, there might be another side to Ruuko that we have yet to see. Mayu goes on to ask if she really wants to see Ruuko again, if she really wants to go back out into the real world. Tama is all down for it, wanting to get back out there and be with the people she likes, but Mayu isn’t so keen on that. The world according to Mayu isn’t a nice place, people are cruel and mean and it’s a scary place not worth wanting to go back to. She insists Tama stay with her, in the other world. That’s when pieces finally start to fall into place for Tama and she remembers Mayu from the past. Ooh interesting plot development here! We end the scene with Mayu allowing Tama to see Ruuko again, warning that she might not forgive Tama. Taking the risk Tama accepts, prepared to see Ruuko again.

The following scene in the restaurant is an important one as it’s got info on what Akira is up to, possibly forwarding the plan Ulith has set in place. Yes I still believe that Ulith has a grand scheme here, using Akira is part of it. Things are getting interesting here now because Akira is starting to spread rumors on Twitter that there are certain WIXOSS cards that grant wishes, thus making the existence of Selector public. Her tweet has also been retweeted over 5000 times, so word is traveling fast, so fast that another group of girls also in the restaurant are talking about the very same thing. While Hitoe says there might not be much to worry about because it’s quite a far fetched story to believe, Yuzuki doesn’t want to take a chance and feels that they should try to do something about this.

Ruuko also comes clean about her run in with Akira and how they battled too. But before we get to that we stop in quickly with Akira, who is spiraling out of control now. Insanity, yeah totally. Ulith has her wrapped around her finger, controlling her every move and toying with her mind. Back with Ruuko, Yuzuki and Hitoe, Ruuko goes on to explain about her encounter with Akira and how their battle was interrupted before it was over, but still Ruuko battled and didn’t tell them about it. Yuzuki also brings up the point that she still carried Iona around as if she was looking to battle the entire time. As the three of them keep talking, we hear Iona’s thoughts on the matter. She’s upset that the other girls are trying to talk Ruuko out of battling because she knows that Ruuko is only truly alive when battling. The girls end the conversation in tears, Ruuko promising she won’t act on her own again and that from now on they’re all in this together, come hell or high water.

On the way home after that both Iona and Yuzuki sense a Selector near by; alerting Ruuko and Hitoe they go to investigate only to discover Ulith and Chiyori there about to begin a battle! Remember back to last week’s ep, Ulith went to find Chiyori, well turns out they were going to battle. Being in close proximity to the battle, both Hitoe and Ruuko are pulled into watch, their LRIGs coming out of card form too.

But as bad as all this is, nothing prepared me for what was about to happen. Before their eyes, Ulith’s LRIG is revealed, and it’s Tama!



Yes Ulith has gotten an LRIG and it’s Tama, damn it I was totally not expecting this at all. Literally nothing prepared me for that to happen! Of course the ep ends there and we’ve left stunned until next week. But man… I knew we’d reached this point at the end of season 1, but now even more so, I’m not sure this is a problem that can be fixed. It’s bad for everyone right now and the only way to really do something involves becoming an LRIG. It’s an endless circle that only brings suffering and Ruuko’s going around and around, desperately trying to get out.

So I’ll end this here then, what an ep this was. The title of this ep is aptly named too, “That Reunion is Unexpected” and boy was it ever. The preview shows us glimpses of the battle between Ulith and Chiyori, if the expressions from Ruuko and Hitoe are any indication then it’s going to be one hell of a battle. I’m really looking forward to watching the next ep and seeing what’s going to happen, and I’m sure you are too.

Up next we’re returning to the peaceful lake side town with Nonoka and Noel to see what the latest is in Sora no Method ep 3. I’ll have to review out shortly, don’t worry. I’d also like to inform you that due to a very busy life currently, Justin will be going on leave for the fall season and won’t be reviewing Denki-Gai and Chaika. I’m really sorry if you were looking forward to those but there are much more important things that come before anime reviews. We can expect to see Justin return for the winter season where he’ll be reviewing Aldnoah.Zero 2. Justin has also said that he might write up an end of season review for Denki-Gai and Chaika, but depending on how things are at the time. Being that he’s a huge Gargantia fan, I’m sure Justin will at some point be reviewing the Suisei no Gargantia OVA slated for November, but that review might be a ways after that. So I just wanted to know where he is, so you’re not question why reviews aren’t being posted, we all miss him but we look forward to his return to Anime Corps.

Here’s what we can expect to see next week on Selector Spread WIXOSS.

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 03 [7CD5397C].mkv_snapshot_23.40_[2014.10.22_17.33.35]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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