Over the course of time that I’ve been watching anime, I have been creating more and more opinions that developed in the dark while I had a very limited amount of, dare I say “otaku,” to talk to and to share this new obsession I had. Soon I reached out to the internet and found that there were plenty of people out here that, for whatever reason possessed them, wanted to read what I had to say. Now, I can hear a majority of you thinking “Oh God, another introduction post” as you quickly click back to the home page of the blog in hopes that my next post has a dash of something worth reading in it. However, I assure you that this isn’t an introduction post of me. I wouldn’t waste your time by posting information about me when all you need to know is already on the About page, rather this is an introduction to my (what I consider to be) unique opinions of the anime and manga world.


Over my time of watching anime, due to being somewhat uninfluenced by other people’s opinions, I quickly drew favorites and dislikes along the lines of anime that were not only widely accepted to be good, but also ended up enjoying a vast amount of anime that was widely considered to be bad. I had watched High School of the Dead and actually fully enjoyed it for the plot rather than the fan service, I watched Black☆Rock Shooter as my first subbed anime and saw it as a brilliant masterpiece, I watched Rosario Vampire and hated every last second of it from beginning to end, yet these are all common things that nobody would ever do. Many would ask me what about the plot I saw as oh so enjoyable enough to distract me from its main selling point of High School of the Dead, or what I saw as so good about Black☆Rock Shooter as many feel it was rushed and poorly done. Not to mention the hordes of weebs (for lack of a better word) around the internet that loved Rosario Vampire to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if they worshiped Moka as their goddess. Thankfully, I sat in my own little corner developing my own fanbase so I was never nailed for such bold opinions that deviated so greatly from that of a usual newcomer to the anime media. Over time I decided that the harem genre was by far the worst genre and that shonen was barely better due to holding titles such as the aforementioned High School of the Dead.


I quickly grew attached to the psychological genre and had a thirst for genre breaking shows soon after experiencing what I still consider to be a master piece: the anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica. I tend to listen to a show’s reputation within my small fanbase on whether or not to watch something and I, to this day, primarily watch things off of what my community of friends and fans want me to watch. While this may seem fairly usual, I would use this time now to say that while you now know my opinions, that in the future when I talk about my opinions on anything affecting our community in any way from a point everyone has experienced, when I talk about my opinions I tend to be extremely critical and extremely controversial. As a matter of fact, I debated doing a rough introduction post or a post on why I think the Shingeki no Kyoujin fandom is a cancer of sorts to the anime community as my first post on Anime Corps, whilst (obviously) opting for the former as the latter may have brought mass controversy. What I’m trying to get across in this post is that while stating my opinions on this blog, my opinions will be bold, but at the end of the day they’re just my opinions. My job here is to push new ideas out to everyone willing to read it and for these ideas to be ones worth thinking about. But, at the end of the day, if you don’t agree then that’s fine. I hope everything that I write will be an opportunity for all of you to grow upon your already existing opinions and think in a way that you all are yet to have reached out to, or maybe just be that weird guy who agrees with all your off-brand opinions. I promise my next post will actually be an editorial, and I’ll see you all next post!
– Tsuyuki Arumaya