Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival post.

With my man SkyCorps’ approval, I’ve got clearance to do a Before and After the Event Post every Event! Yay! So be ready for them!

Okay so this event is Emono wa… Kimi dayo! or I’m Gonna Get You! in English.

So it’s a Super Rare Eli! So I’ve got to get it! Why because she’s my Second Favorite Muse member right after Nozomi.

So here we go!


Rank: 32
Until Next Rank:360 EXP
Love Gems:21

2014-10-19 22.37.44


So in my guide I explaine how a player gets 240 LP over the course of a day. However I go to a prep class from 10 am to 1pm. However I leave my house at 8am to make there in time and I don’t get to the library until around until around 1:45pm.

So since I have 41 LP as of this writing it takes my LP 4 hours and 6 minutes so let’s around that down to 4 hours even.

So assuming that I play and use all my LP at say around 6:30 am. That means that I’ll be back at full around 10:30 am. However I’ll be in class. So how do I get that wasted cycle back?

The answer is Love Gems. See the third part of the hypothetical cycle starts at 2:30 pm. So I use up the LP that I would have used up at 10:30 am and then use a Love Gem to replace the LP that would have just been filled up at 2:30 pm. That puts me back on schedule for 6:30 pm.

So that takes care of that part of my strategy.

The other part is what team am I going to use? Well since the Event Song is Cutie Panther is a Smile Attribute, I’ll be using my Smile Team which works for me anyway since I have my Rare Umi and Hanayo full bonded and max level as well as my Super Rare Rin to boost up my stamina.

So for the final part of the strategy. Which song will I grind on?

I thought a long time about it and at the end I know it needs to be a Hard Smile Song that I can full combo or at least do well at so I picked Aishiteru Banzai.


During this event, I’m only aiming for the card. I’m not aiming Tier 2 or 1. Mostly because I don’t want to waste the extra Love Gems.

Break Even

So like I said, I need to use Love Gems to stay in the game. However I don’t want to go into this game and lose a lot of Love Gems. So I want to break even or get a few Love Gems back.

So I have 21 Love Gems at the start of the event and the event is 9 days and 23 hours…so ten days.

And during those ten days I go to school 8 Days so I’ll use 8 Love Gems


However the day after the event is Eli’s Birthday so I’ll get 5 Love Gems automatically. Plus on the 21st I get a Love Gem as a Login Bonus.


So I only need to get 2 Love Gems during this event to break even. Sounds simple enough.

Edit: The event was delayed due to an extended maintenance. So as a result we’ll get three Love Gems. So that predictably changes my Break Even. So now I’m actually ahead of the game so any Love Gems I get are a profit! Yay for incompetency!

So that’s my plan and my break even.

Wish me luck! I’m going in!

Until After the Event,
Later Days

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