I am loving this guy more and more every episode. Also a girl peeing on herself fetish in the second episode. That’s got guts to do so early. Although not as much guts as those dudes from Cross Ange do…No comment on that.

So the episode starts off with a really boring lesson from Lilith in class while Arin(sorry for getting her name wrong last week) stares Arata all day long.

So after trying to go into the boys bathroom with him, Arata asks what up.


Wow didn’t expect that but it’s a classic of the harem genre. The unexpected bethroned. Ah you’ve got to love the classics.

Hmmm good question. What’s your thoughts Arata?


Truly a harem protagonist akin to Tomoki Sakurai from Sora no Otoshimono!

So with that Arin leaves saying that he’ll understand eventually…maybe.

So we move scenes to Arata in his room but he ain’t alone.



Nope! Turns out Selina’s just there to do an interview, Levy just wants to watch(You perverted ninja.), Lilith just can’t stand by while two girls are in a room with a guy.

So Arata starts off by naming his favorite food and Selina tells Lilith to make sure to remember them. Totally shipping right there.

Hmmm how do you make ninja fried chicken?

So Selina asks if Levy’s potion turned him into a wild beast who would he attack first? Weird question.



For someone that’s holding the Luxuria Archive you sure aren’t very lustful.

After a bit of teasing, Arata asks how magic works and Selina says that Lilith’s a teacher through and through and if you say something related to school she’ll do it.

Then Levy and Selina have a image of this.


Anyway Lilith explains that Arata’s Grimoire is called the Astil Codex and it’s supposed to be a powerful grimiore that houses knowledge of another world. But not much information is known about it because it was thought to be a myth.

Anyway the first thing a mage needs is to figure out their research which is called a Thema and its Archive which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Just so you know each one of the Trinity Seven are masters of one of the seven Archives. Right now in the room, Lilith is the master of Luxuria Archive(Lust) and Levy is the master of Invidia Archive(Envy).

But before Liltih goes deeper into it, the lights go out and this is how things turn out.


Hmm…He’s got a handful on Lilith, face in between Levy’s legs, and he’s on top of Selina…true harem landing!

So they figure out that they’re inside a barrier and have to find the trigger.

When Selina asks who could have done this to them, Arata has his ideas.


So they search for the trigger so they can get out and when Selina says that they can’t afford to wait because there’s no toilet, of course someone has to pee.


I don’t know why people think a girl about to pee on herself is sexy or erotic in someway. I think it’s kinda weird. The blushing is cute though.

So then someone else has to pee…


Serious and this happens…

Damn now everyone’s got to pee!


So Arata gets all creative and asks the Codex for help but he tricks her into thinking that he’s already figured it out. Since she’s half asleep she tells them that the magic seal is under the bed.

Yay! Now run you cute little girls, run!


Of course Levy has a ninja run.

Anyway after that, Arata asks the Grimoire what is a Thema but before she can answer we get this.

Hmm interesting. So after the Codex and Arin get all friendly, Arata asks why she put the barrier around the room. Mostly because he’s the Demon Lord Candidate.

So after the headmaster flies through the window…I know don’t ask…Arata and Arin go to find a real straight man(it’s a joke because they need someone to be the serious person)

So they go to Lilith and Arin apologizes for locking them in the room because she only planned on sealing up Arata but she got bored and she was to impatient to wait for the girls to leave the room.

Hmm sounds like me.

Anyway Arin asks to hold  hands with Arata and then she does this.

And then Arata starts having this black fog come out of his back like wings. It’s called a Breakdown Phenomenon and if it’s not checked it will destroy the entire school and then the world!!! Mwuwhahahah!

Anyway Arin explains that this is the whole point of her research into the Ruina Thema, to see what lies beyond this destruction.

Mira Yamana and Akio Fudo teleport into the room and Mira orders Akio to kill Arata to protect the school from the Breakdown Phenomenon.


And with that the episode’s over. Ironically after all that seriousness they’re going to the beach and hot springs next episode.

So I guess Arata is going to survive that kick from Akio. He must be made of iron.

So make sure to come back next week to see what kind of magic Arata does to live that kick because it looks like she was about to do a number on him.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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