Episode 2 of Sora no Method introduces us to a girl with a mission to rid the disc from the sky above the town.

Here’s my review.

Noel is here to grant Nonoka’s wish, that much we know, but before we can dive into that a little further, Nonoka is on the verge of getting a cold due to the rain. It finally makes sense now, seeing all those pics on Pixiv on Noel holding the huge leaf/plant/whatever that thing is.

After the OP we’re back with Nonoka as she wakes up one fine August morning. It’s kinda slow going here, just Nonoka chilling until her father reminds her about school, then it’s a mad dash to get there on time. One thing I did notice is that seemed kinda strange, just in the continuity of it all, Nonoka asks her father to make some toast for her, plus she gets the eggs frying, but once she’s finished getting dressed into her school uniform, she leaves right away without dealing with the eggs or eating any toast. Maybe I’m just overreacting about this all, but there isn’t really any indication that Nonoka ate breakfast before leaving.

Anyways, her mad dash to catch the bus. I like how when she’s running, Noel just shows up and runs with her to the bus. Having no time to play, Nonoka makes her way to the bus, Noel not asking anymore questions after that. Now on the bus, Nonoka sees another girl wearing the same school uniform; this girl turns out to be Koharu Shiihara who we know is the girl who works at the disc souvenir shop. The two chat it up en-route to school and before they know it, they’re at school and Nonoka is introducing herself to the class. We also see that Shione Togawa is in her class too.

After school Nonoka and Koharu are about to walk home when suddenly Yuzuki Mizusaka approaches them. As we know, Yuzuki was seen briefly in ep 1 as she was trying to catch the bus, and failing. So what does Yuzuki want? Taking Nonoka by the hand, Yuzuki leads her into the quiet stairwell, asking her to explain exactly how she feels. No this isn’t going yuri (sorry) but Yuzuki is referring to the disc and whether or not Nonoka likes or dislikes it.

Taking their conversation to a nearby cafe, Yuzuki explains to Nonoka about the disc and why it’s such a problem. Yuzuki can’t deal with the fact it’s been sitting there and no one seems to be doing anything about it, she believe that the town folk are being deceived by the disc and that something needs to happen; that being the disc must leave. She’s very adamant about this fact, questioning Nonoka’s allegiance as well.

While it’s highly unlikely that two middle school girls will be able to save the town from this disc, Yuzuki is hell bent on trying. Standing outside the disc souvenir shop, the two try to win over the attention of the people by handing out fliers and holding up large signs. This only attracts the attention of Koharu who tells(implies) them to leave.

In the end they fail to do anything and move onto plan C, which is going to the government offices that are in charge of the disc and trying to talk to them about it. That fails too. Dejected and feeling quite ignored, they end up going back to Yuzuki’s house where she tries to find a bottle rocket to shoot at the disc. In the process she stumbles across a photo album of her and her brother, Souta. We met Souta in ep 1, but it wasn’t really mentioned they were siblings then. Souta isn’t happy with what Yuzuki is trying to do as it causes such a mess for others and tells her to stop doing this. Interestingly enough, in the heat of anger, Yuzuki says something about how everything is “the Disc and that girl’s fault”, I’m wondering if she could be referring to Noel here.

Keep in mind they all knew each other as kids, as we’ve seen in flashbacks and such, so I’m starting to wonder if either everyone has forgotten about Nonoka and what they did, or maybe they’re just all having a case of amnesia and can’t remember what happened. Either way I’d like to know why so far no one is remembering the past here, I mean it’s only 7 years (which isn’t that hard to remember) so they should all remember it.

Realizing that the only way to solve this is to go to the island under the disc, Yuzuki readies to travel there by row boat, asking Nonoka if she’s with her or not. Knowing the risks are too great, Nonoka opts out, hoping to sway Yuzuki’s mind, but after a tug of war over the backpack, both girls end up in the drink and spend the rest of the time drying off. Nonoka asks Yuzuki straight up about why she wants the disc gone to which Yuzuki replies that there were certain things that changed when the disc appeared seven years ago, one being the cancellation of the firework show during the summer festival. Okay that’s honestly not that big a deal, the work can keep spinning without fireworks.

After firing the bottle rocket Nonoka agrees to help Yuzuki rid the disc from the town, using only safe methods from now on though. On her way home, Noel finally meets up with Nonoka again as well. Realizing Noel might be a good person to ask to help out her and Yuzuki remove the disc, Nonoka asks Noel if she can help. Her reaction is a bit strange though as she seems almost saddened by the question. Further proof that Noel and the disc are connected to the wish that was made seven years ago. Noel agrees to help, but tells Nonoka to wait a bit longer, indicating something will be happening soon.

We end there for the week as the mysterious disc continues to glow through the night. So after 2 eps, I’m liking Sora no Method so far, but I’m interested to see how the plot will unfold and be executed. I’m all for having a solid plot so I hope that given all the elements so far, including the biggest plot point above their heads, I hope it doesn’t go all Glasslip on us and end up confusing and down right terrible. We’ll have to wait to see though as this on still has another 11 eps to tell us a story, I just want it to be a good one.

So that’s it for ep 2 of Sora no Method, I hope you’re enjoying it so far as it’s full of promise of something amazing to happen. So what are your thoughts on it? Got any ideas as to what might happen? Theories about Noel, the disc and the wish seven years ago? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’re going back to Amagi Brilliant Park for ep 3, then I’ll have a look at ep 3 of Selector Spread WIXOSS. As for other reviews, Andrew will have the ShiroBako ep 2 review out soon and I think Deven has a few planned for the weekend too. Plenty of things to read in the coming days so I hope you’re excited for it!

Here’s what to expect in ep 3 of Sora no Method.

[Kaylith] Sora no Method - 02 [720p][8C9F7EC3].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.10.17_17.15.25]

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Bonus Pic!

Most bonus pics will probably be on Noel as there are the most pics of her. Here the link.
Most bonus pics will probably be on Noel as there are the most pics of her. Here the link.

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