Hey everyone! Justin here and I’m back for more reviews for the Fall season. I know what you’re thinking, why the hell are you so far behind? Well the answer is… Aliens…..Probably….

Anyways, I’m back and should be stable enough for regular posts soon. So now, enjoy my first non action anime review! (I know! Wow!)

I’m JustintheThief; Here’s my (non-action) review!

First off, let us start off with a goofy ass song about the store. A book store in the middle of an electronics district in Japan. It’s super silly and I just wasn’t sure what to think of it. It seemed to be a sort of commercial for the store, though I initially took it to be the actual OP.

Anyways, the first bit is just the introduction of the main characters, of which there are several. They all have really odd names, which you come to find out is because everyone has nicknames, which you don’t find out about ’till a little later.

Then we are hit with the actual OP, “Kajirikake no Ringo”. It’s fine, nothing special. Just a campy silly intro. Everyone has apples for some reason(?) I think the song is about apples? Or at least they are mentioned? I’m not sure. It’s sung by Ayana Taketatsu, who plays Fu Girl (Rotten Girl).

The main cast is working on adding bonus items with new light novel or manga volumes and shrink wrapping them. Master, who is working at the machine, dreamed about getting caught in the shrink-wrap machine and panics upon waking up. However, moments later, the machine jams, causing production to stop momentarily. Hio is called out of the room and she and Director go to check out a woman acting strangely in the Adult section.

The woman is flipping through ero volumes and writing notes in a book. Hio thinks she’s a huge porno fan and says as much, to the chagrin of Director. It turns out that she’s a Youth Development Counselor, making sure that anything that is too vulgar and could be seen by those under 18 are properly sealed to prevent this. She says that they are fine, though gives them a few volumes they should seal up. So Umio, Hio, and Sommelier are set to the fast of taping up a huge lot of books.

However, Sommelier is called away for a Sommelier party. Umio asks what it is, and Hio promises to take him later. Hio picks up a BL book, and asks Umio what BL means. He takes it to mean that she likes Boys Love books, asking if she pairs up coworkers in her mind. She gets even more flustered when Director enters, mentioning that he loves filming Hio because she’s funny.

Hio tries to make things awkward for Umio by asking what porno books he like, but he just calmly answers. The two get into a conversation about porn books, where Hio calls both of them Huge Porn Lovers, which just causes confusion and flusters both parties. When they leave, Director suspects something happened between them. He says he can taste liars; what is probably my favorite sequence in the episode.

They go to the Sommelier party, where Umio finds out that Sommelier is a Manga god! A sommelier is a french wine enthusiast who works at fancy restaurants and recommends wine to people based on their food and personal preferences. Sommelier looks people over and recommends manga to them in the same way, without them saying anything to him. His suggestions are sometimes odd, but always spot-on.

However, the government worker walks to Sommelier and asks for a recommendation. To Umio’s great distress, he suggests to her several BL erotica books. However, she loves them, and Umio realizes that she inspects the Ero Manga not because she hates them, but because she loves them. They nearly get off scot-free, but Hio recognizes her as well and blurts out she’s a Huge Porn Lover and a government worker. Flustered and embarrassed she also claims to be a HPL. The G-man gives a speech on how all of them are really Huge Porn Lovers and Sommelier gives her a standing ovation as the crowd agrees wholeheartedly. One point for all HPL’s.

The Second Vignette.

Umio arrives to the unpacking of some new manga volumes. After some lighthearted jockeying about lateness, he finds out that some new Doujinshi from Soba Curry Circle is out. He tells them that Jonataro is his favorite and is very impressed by his work. He is surprised to learn that Master, who has been looking nervous the whole conversation, is actually Jonataro. We even learn that she got the name master since on her first day she claimed she’d become a pro manga artist and surpass Master Yagamigawa Shenchiro.

Turns out, Master is tired due to a deadline coming up for Comic Carnival. After finding out that Umio can draw, she recruits him to come to her house to help with her manuscript. Hio is coming as well. On their way to her house, they find out the deadline is for 10am the next morning.

They get to Master’s apartment and get to work. Master draws the actual manga and Hio is in charge of cleaning up the whole thing after it’s scanned onto a computer. Master puts Umio to the task of backgrounds. He’s very impressed by her work ethic, even though she’s obviously tired. Until she freaks out a few minutes later, yelling about not wanting to work anymore. Umio is flabbergasted, but we find this is really why Hio is here. Master rests her head in Hio’s lap, who sends out her motherly aura to comfort Master, so she can get back to work and stop crying.

Around midnight, Master tells the other two that she can finish the rest up, and they should head home. However, Umio doubles back, saying he forgot his phone at Master’s. But he pulls out his phone to call Master, telling her that he would help her until she’s finished with the manuscript. She tells him she can’t make him do that, but he comes over anyways, telling her how much he loves Jonataro’s manga. She agrees to the help.

However, she’s soon back to bawling, though not as badly as last time. Umio looks for a change of pace and decided to go get some food for the two of them. She tells him she can do it, but he overrules her, claiming it’s too late for her as a girl to be out on the streets. This flusters her momentarily, causing her to blush.

The two work hard all night and manage to make the deadline. Exhausted, Master collapses at the work table. Umio tells her to lay out a futon, but she’s asleep before he finishes talking. He smiles and puts a blanket over her, locking up her house before heading home himself.

Soon, Comic Carnival starts up. Umio and the rest of the gang are there to support Master. She gives her first volume to Umio. We see Umio and master selling, along with Hio and Rotten Girl doing cosplay for pictures with Camera. The others are around too. Director shows up as well, offering an “All-Out”, which the gang takes to be an after party. However, they head to work and it turns out, with all the new doujinshi from Comic Carnival, they have to shrink-wrap everything for the next several days. Umio falls over, seeming to crack under all the pressure.

After this is another goofy ED, “two-Demension’s Love” much like the first one. It’s sung by the denk!girls, who is the entire female main cast. It’s just another silly song. Nothing to write home about.

First of all, the show itself. Visually, it’s got a very simplistic, almost minimalistic style, which works, I think, for this sort of show. That being said, I think the art could still be a bit cleaner, in general. It’s not bad, but it’s not good and not overly visually appealing. Oh, and the subs I’m using for this series will be Commie subs.

As far as sound, the music is honestly pretty standard. I couldn’t tell the OP or ED in a line up of other comic shows like this, I don’t believe. Campy pop anime tunes at their most mediocre. That said, there are a few notable Seyuu’s in the show. Ryota Ohsaka, who plays our lead Umio, you may know as Staz from Blood Lad, or as Sadoa Maou from Hataraku Maou-Sama! (The Devil is A Part-Timer), along with many others. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu is well-known as Sora from No Game No Life, and Kirito from SOA, and (A biggie for me) Yuuki Aito from Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to. And Ayana Taketatsu, who sings the opening and plays Fu Girl, has done Kotori from Date A Live AND (My favorite!) Azusa Nakano from K-On!

The show itself is pretty funny. I personally like the premise, mostly because of how much I love books and book stores. It’s a pretty goofy and out their slice of life, so don’t go expecting too much hard reality behind the exuberant zaniness. However, I could see the show going nowhere, even though I know it has no real plot to it. My first impression is only so-so, but it made me chuckle a bit, so I’ll keep it for a few more episodes, see if It grows on me. It very possibly will.

And there it is, my first review of the Fall Anime season. Hope you were following along and taking notes, cause I’m sure there are some glaring mistakes. Tell me what they are, and while you’re at it, let me know how I did on my first comic review! Just drop me a line! I don’t mind!

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