After a rather calm first ep, WIXOSS is back to the chilling tension as a familiar foe makes her return.

Here’s my review!

This week we shift focus to the other side of the coin, Akira and Iona (who I’ll be referring to as Ulith). But before we dive into their exploits, we’ve got some important things with Ruuko, Hitoe and Yuzuki to deal with first.

Walking home after the events of last week, Yuzuki mentions that it might’ve been easier to ask the “mastermind”, that girl she saw in the white room, about what’s happening; while that idea is good and would probably get answers they need, Ruuko points out one of them would have to become e LRIG to reach that point. The following scene is a pretty scary nightmare that Ruuko has that night; honestly it was a nightmare that would give someone nightmares. We’ve got some audio clips from ep 1 when Hitoe and Yuzuki are telling her not to battle again because of what might happen to her, but Ruuko really wants to get Tama back and the only way to do that is to accept Iona as her LRIG and start battling again. It’s a real catch 22 situation here as if she gets her wish back, she’ll become a LRIG, and there isn’t a guarantee that Tama will even return either.

Next morning Ruuko’s grandmother asks if she’d like to play a game of WIXOSS, something Ruuko probably hasn’t done in a while; while she’s very apprehensive at first, she finally agrees to play. Obviously she hasn’t told her grandmother about what happened to Tama, because she says she’s trying out a new deck now. Ruuko doesn’t use Iona though in this battle, opting to play with a normal card as a LRIG instead. This choice annoys Iona though as since this isn’t a battle between Selectors there isn’t a problem using her in regular play. Ruuko ignores Iona, trying her best to stay focused on the game and the conversation with her grandmother.

We leave Ruuko and her grandmother here and cut over to Akira and Ulith. Wow those two guys who thought they might get an autograph from Akira, man they got rekt!. Kinda feel sorry for them, they had no idea what they were walking into to.

So anyways Akira hasn’t changed one bit, actually she’s probably more bitchy than when we last saw her; but then there’s Ulith, who seems to be hanging out with Akira now. To answer that question we get the back story with Akira now for the next bit until the midway eye catch. Akira had pretty much closed herself off to everything and everyone after her face got messed up due to her wish being tainted. She yelled and screamed at her mother (very disrespectful to the extreme) and was just an utter pill everyday. She didn’t attend school and wasn’t going to work either. But that all changed one day when a certain someone came to see her.

After getting some makeup applied to her face, thus making her nasty scar disappear, Akira is very pleased with this as she’s back to her beautiful self. However when Ulith steps into the van, Akira flies back into the violent raging person she was a few minutes ago. She even goes as far as breaking a glass bottle and holding a sharp jagged piece up to Ulith’s face, threatening to wreck her face as well. After revealing herself to be Ulith and not Iona, she then goes on to explain what has happened to Iona, how her wish came true and now she’s an LRIG currently. Akira’s hysterical at this, as she now realizes that her wish wasn’t worth it because Iona was going to give up being human anyways.

Ulith goes on to explain that she has always admired Akira and was spurning her on, because the more negative she was, she became more beautiful. Moving closer to her I was totally ready for them to start kissing, but Ulith goes in for a cheek lick instead, licking the scar on Akira’s face. Ugh, gross.

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Even though Akira rejected her at first Ulith kept on being nice to her, sending her makeup, getting her work and helping her along the way. Akira starts attending school again, where her friends welcome her back with open arms. As things went on, Ulith kept being there for Akira, making her feel comfortable again and supporting her by using Iona’s wealth and connections. Now with her old self gone, Aki-lucky has turned into Aki-lovely! But Ulith isn’t so pleased with Akira’s rambling about being transformed into something new and reminds her that only if she’s bitter and twisted will she continue to shower her with the love and respect she’s been getting. Strange request, but it’s obvious that Ulith has a master plan here that we’re just not seeing right now.

Losing to her grandmother in their WIXOSS game, Ruuko is off to the store to buy groceries. But before she can leave, Hitoe calls her (Yuzuki speaking first actually) and they inform her that Akira is back and looking for Selectors to battle. Hmm, what’s Ulith planning? Seeing that it’s not a good time to talk, Ruuko says they should meet up tomorrow to talk about this news, and leaves for the store.

On her way back though, Ruuko runs into Akira, the anticipation of a battle suddenly rising. Back to her old self now, Akira has acquired a new deck and is craving some excitement in the form of a decent battle. Finding a nice quiet spot, Akira talks Ruuko into a battle, the first one of season 2. Man this was pretty awesome and suspenseful as I was looking forward to another battle, but scared as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen this time. Now on the battlefield, Akira goes into her full crazy mode, laying into Ruuko with no mercy. Trying to return attacks, Ruuko opts for much weaker moves, something Iona gives her an earful for. Akira is also taunting Ruuko, pointing out that Iona is giving the orders, not Ruuko. It’s begun now, Ruuko can’t escape battling, she’s either all in or all out and right now she’s very much not all out.

But before things can continue, the battle is interrupted by a construction worker; turns out they picked a construction site to battle in, a place off limits to the general public. Akira and Ruuko part ways after they leave the construction site, Akira mentioning that this is only just the beginning and she’ll be back, for both of them.

We now end the ep with Ulith visiting Chiyori at a Burger Jack (I’m guessing this is supposed to be Burger King?), as Ulith must be forwarding her plan. But that will have to wait till next week!

So ep 2, wow things are already flying here! Akira is back, Ulith is plotting something, Ruuko has been dragged back into the WIXOSS world, the only thing that’s missing are our incestuous couple of Hanayo and Kazuki; but as the preview for next week shows, we’ll be meeting up with them. Alright then, 2 eps in and I’m loving where this is headed! I’m sure things will continue the spiral further into darkness as that’s the only place WIXOSS leads. I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting for ep 3!

How are you enjoying WIXOSS so far? Happy to see Akira back? What are your thoughts on where this could go? Let me know in the comments below! So as for what to expect next week, here’s a preview!

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 02 [9FAD3D84].mkv_snapshot_23.38_[2014.10.15_16.30.02]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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Aki-lucky returns! Pixiv Link
Aki-lucky returns! Pixiv Link

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