Love Live School Idol Festival: How To Do Your Events!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with something good for all of us. A How to on Love Live Events.

The main reason I thought of doing a guide is because I basically get wrecked every event and I’m tired of losing out on some good cards like some Nozomis, some Makis, and some Elis.

So I’ll be compiling all the information I’ve gained through my failures, stuff I’ve seen, and those heroes on the Love Live SIF reddit.

So you want to be an Event master you’ll need some tools first:

1.The Love Live School Idol Festival(Duh)
2.LLSIF Practice App
3.The Love Live LP Notifier App
4.A Cell Phone with Hotspot(if you don’t have consistent internet like with a phone or will be away from wifi for some time)
5.Guts and Determination!

So first things first, you got to prepare for the event. And preparing begins the week before the event!

That’s right!

So as of this writing(October 13, 2014), the next event is Emono wa… Kimi dayo! and it’s an Eli event. It’s unique in that the card’s attribute and the song’s don’t match. The Eli card is a Smile Attribute and the Song Cutie Panther is a Cool Attribute.

Here’s the card and it’s awakened form

Anyway so now we know what the song is.

Side Note: To check the next event, you need to go to the Love Live School Idol Festival page on the Love Live Wiki and check it. Then search the next event and you’ll be able to find the event song…somewhere.

So now that we know the event song, we practice the week before. So that’s where the Practice app comes in.

So a lot of people say that the Practice app sucks and you should use another regions Love Live to practice. I disagree.

While the Practice app doesn’t have any way of showing you when you’re going wrong, it does have the benefit of letting you build up your muscle memory and visual memory for the notes and where they go. That allows you to perform better during the Event than if you went in cold.

So you practice for a week up until the event.

Note: If your event happens to be a Score Match, you don’t need to do this. Simply level your team up and get more Rares, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare cards in your Pure, Smile, and Cool teams.

So now it’s time for the event. Bare with me for this next part since it’s going to be some math involved.

So look at this.

There are 24 hours in a day and LP refills at 10 LP per hour.

24 hours x 10 LP per hour = 240 LP

Now at this point it depends on skill. You can choose to be more efficient and play the Expert songs or play the Hard Songs. I’ll do the Expert Songs example for sake of explaining the best way to go about it.

240 LP / 25 per Expert Play = 9.6 Expert Plays

So the LP you get over the course of one day allows you to play the Expert songs at least 9 times. Of course to make sure that you truly efficient and spend that LP as soon as you refill you need a good and constant internet connection.

If you’re at a University then you’ll be fine. However for those of us that don’t have good consistent internet you’ll have to have a cell phone with a hot spot to make sure your internet’s with you always.

So also note this. During an event, the amount of tokens you get depends on the song’s difficulty and the song’s LP cost:

Easy: 5 Tokens
Normal: 10 Tokens
Hard :16 Tokens
Expert 27 Tokens

That leads to this:

9.6 Expert Plays x 27 tokens per Expert Play = 259.2 tokens

So now you have hefty amount of tokens so you play the Hard version of the song.

259.2 tokens / 45 per Hard Event Play = 5.76 Hard Event Plays

And you can play it about 5 times in one day.

And this is how much Event points you can get.

5.76 Hard Event Play x 230 points average per Hard Event Play = 1324.8

And plus the Event points you got from doing the songs.

1324.8 + 259.2 = 1584 Event points

These numbers are consistent through all normal Events and the average cap for getting the Event Card is around 15,000 I believe.

I think that you should be getting the card around the 6th or the 7th day of the event. Mostly because we aren’t even counting the times that you level up.

So now you’ve gotten your SR Maki, Eli, or which ever card you like. I bet you want to idolize it too. Of course you do.

So I’ll be telling you how to get the full power of those lovely little cards.

Note: This will be put into my own words from a Guide on Reddit that I will link below.

Love Live Guide

1. Be ready to spend some Love Gems.

Now there are calculators and Event Cutoff Predictors for both the English and Japanese versions. The Japanese version is better because it’s done more events. However the English does okay.

That being said, you’ll need to be willing to use at least 10-12 Love gems for Tier 2(One more Event Card to Idolize) and 15-17 Love Gems for Tier 1(Two more Event cards)

2. Don’t Look at the Ladder Rank until two days before the end of the event.

Looking at the ladder is only going to make you panic. Take your time and follow the guide above to a tee. Also the main reason if not looking until this point is with two days left, the Event Predictor is going to be far more accurate so you can work towards a visible goal now. So you need to play and use your Love Gems accordingly.

3. Check every two hours on the last two days to make sure that you’re at least 1200 points above the cutoff

Now this point you should be in the tier you want but now you have to fight to stay there. Especially in the last 30 minutes before the end.

4. Run down those Love Gems to stay 1200 ahead of the game.

Why? Because according to those dudes at Reddit, the cutoff has never jumped more than 1200 points during the last 30 minutes so you’ll be safe.

I’ll even show you the breakdown:

7 25 LP songs = 7 x 27 tokens = 189 tokens
180 tokens = 1 4x Hard Play = Max 932 event points
932 + 189 = 1121 event points

So you see. You’ll be safe.

So that should be it. If you follow this guide, you have a high if not guaranteed SR Event Card in your possession.

Granted because I don’t have a cellphone with a hotspot or consistant internet, I’ll be pumping out more Love Gems than you guys.

I hope this guide helped you get the SR of your dreams!

Also check out these cards from the next few Events. I’m defintely aiming for that Cool Maki there!

Until another guide,
Later Days

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