For anyone who runs a blog or site, getting lots of views is something you want. It means people are taking the time to visit what you’ve created, read what you’ve written, and if they like it they leave a comment and keep coming back to read more. Anime review blogs are pretty popular these days, in fact if you type in ‘anime review blog’ you’ll come up with 15.7 million results on Google. But even among all those millions of blogs and sites out there, if the one you run gets 50k views, that’s pretty impressive.

What really strikes me as being even more impressive though, is that I started Anime Corps on April 1st of this year, and here we are now in October, only 6 (or 7 depending on how you count) months later and we’ve reached 50k views. Just wow. I’m really happy to see so many views in such a short time and going ahead into the future, I’m sure before the end of next year we’ll have reached or maybe even passed 100k views.

But as amazing as this is, I think what I really should be saying is thank you. Thank you to all the awesome people across the globe, from so many different countries, for making this possible. Thank you for being with me through the high points and the low points too and thank you for not giving up on me for being slow with posting reviews. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes so I could correct them, thank you for offering suggestions to improve my writing and the blog in general. But most importantly thank you for reading what we post here.

When I started this blog I had no idea I’d have a team of writers and an editor nor was I expecting people to e-mail me for help on starting their own blogs. I wasn’t expecting all this to happen, but it’s the surprises like this that really make blogging in general so much fun and something I really do enjoy.

Looking ahead to the future I hope you plan on sticking with Anime Corps as you’ve done so far this long, and I hope you continue reading and enjoying the reviews that we post here. We’ve got plenty more reviews as this season has only just begun and I’m eagerly looking forward to watching and writing about new episodes as they come out.

So from everyone here at Anime Corps, we’d like to say thank you for stopping by and we look forward to see you again!

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