Amaburi is back again quite soon. I’d forgotten that this airs on Thursday’s, so I’ll have to keep that in mind for next week. Anyways, let’s take a look at how this ep went.

Here’s my review!


With the ability to read minds, Seiya is having fun as he waits for the train to take him to school. I loved the part when he calls out that kid who was studying, haha for some reason that just slayed me. However fun this may be, Isuzu informs him that the power can only be used once per person. She of course tricks him by getting him to read her mind (telling him this vital info telepathically) but now Seiya can never read her mind again. Wow, head gamer.

After the OP (which I really do like) we’re back in Amaburi with Latifa and Moffle. Turns out Moffle is Latifa’s uncle, how that works… I don’t even want to think about. They chat a bit, talking about Seiya and if he really is the right guy for the job. Interestingly enough, Moffle mentions that he hopes Isuzu and Seiya don’t end up going down the wrong path, clearly hinting at something that we have yet to know. It’s evident that there are secrets that Moffle knows and isn’t willing to share at the moment, hopefully we’ll learn more about this later.

Following this we have a quite violent scene with two kids as they assault two mascots of Amaburi while their mother stands by and watches. Still think kids are sweet and innocent now? Well no, they’re very much not. Also notice the kicks the girl is doing? Holy crap… like seriously where the hell did she learn that? Afterwards, we see the same two mascots trying to recover from that beating, only to end up fighting each other, man you guys. Moffle arrives and they chat it up a bit, the conversation being about Seiya once again. The Fairies also show up too; Muse, Koboil, Salama, Sylphy as they’re on their way to the theater for their performance. Yeah it’s confirmed that Sylphy is a total airhead.

Seiya and Isuzu are en-route to Amaburi, Seiya still has so many questions about Maple Land; we also learn about Animus, which is crystallized “fun” that guests bring with them when they visit Amaburi. So without this Animus, the Maple Land folks can’t keep living, thus why they need to get 250k people in the next three month or they all die. Now the stakes are higher as this is a life or death situation.

The scene between the Amagi Development group and Isuzu/Seiya was actually pretty good as it sheds light on why they are so desperate to attract visitors. Not only are their lives on the line, but they risk losing the park itself. Obviously money isn’t flowing in like it needs to be, so things aren’t looking in tip top shape. We also meet, who will probably be the antagonist of the anime, Takaya Kurisu. In all honesty though, he’s not exactly a “bad guy” as he’s only doing his job. Amaburi has failed to get visitors in the past 4 years and things just aren’t going well. We also find out that Seiya isn’t just good looks, but he’s quick with math too, beating Kurisu at a large equation. That’s the sort of thing Kurisu notices and offers Seiya a spot in Amagi Development; Seiya declines that though. Just a side note, but Seiya mentions the “Fermi Problem”, something that I looked up. According to what I found, it’s something used in physics to achieve “a fast, rough estimate of quantity which is either difficult or impossible to measure directly.” Not being good at math myself I read on but it wasn’t sinking in that much. By the way I got that from here.

Seiya isn’t impressed with any of this though. He’s quite annoyed that he’s been dragged into this mess and just wants to leave and not have anything to do with it. Leaving Isuzu in the office, Seiya leaves the park and goes to the bus stop where he runs into Takaya Kurisu. Kurisu this time asks Seiya if he’s the once famous child actor Kodama Seiya, but even when he denies it, Kurisu is convinced it’s him. The two exchange a few more words, Kurisu warning that if he hangs around with losers (referring to Amaburi) he’ll end up like them. Kurisu leaves Seiya there at the bust stop, chewing on those last words; these words really sting Seiya as he ends up going back.

Okay, this is my favorite scene, this whole speech sequence here. So briefly, Latifa is addressing the Amaburi folk, who are all Maple Landers, that the park will be closed down in 3 months time. Everyone pretty much knew this though (except maybe Sylphy) but hearing the bad news confirmed is like rubbing salt in the wounds. The crowd doesn’t take the news well, one mascot, Sharky, making a big scene and just causing everyone, including Latifa and Isuzu more hardship in delivering this news. Although this is supposed to be a rather serious scene, I can’t help but laugh at the fact these are mascots acting so seriously. When you step back and look at it, it cracks me up watching them be like this.

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Seiya makes his entrance and goes on to lay them out, totally taking the wind from their sails and telling them straight up that their whole operation is terrible and Kurisu was right in saying only fools would spend money at Amaburi. He continues to burn them down, telling them how worthless and useless they all are, not sparing anyone. Moffle is on the verge of killing him on the spot, but Latifa lets him go on. Now standing atop the group, Seiya finishes his speech by saying in 3 months he’s going to bring a miracle to the park and make sure it doesn’t close.

We later find out Seiya’s reason for coming in guns blazing. It was all an act, seeing if they actually do take their job seriously, then his words will have the motivating effect needed to get them doing something right for once. Now acting like the manager he was chosen to be, Seiya begins by spending the night at the park, going over files and records, planning his first move. After a night out drinking with his buddies, Moffle and gang arrive next morning to find the park closed with a notice that it’s cleaning day. And so it begins.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 02 [EEA5B675].mkv_snapshot_21.59_[2014.10.12_14.17.35]

Following up ep 1, Amaburi is still impressing me. I’m enjoying it a lot and I’m really looking forward to where KyoAni goes with this “slapstick drama” of an anime. Now that Seiya has finally accepted to help them, I’m interested to see what other radical approaches he’ll take to reforming the park to bring in the guests and money to help it survive.

So if you’re planning on sticking with this one, how did you enjoy ep 2? What are your thoughts on how the story might progress? Got a favorite character yet? Let me know in the comments below!

I like her uniform, she looks really good in it.
I like her uniform, she looks really good in it.

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Wow, wow, hold on wait! Who is this fine looking cutie and when will we see some more of her?
Wow, wow, hold on, wait! Who is this fine looking cutie and when will we see some more of her?
This guy knows what he wants.
This guy knows what he wants.
Bonus full size Isuzu pic because she's too fine to pass up not having another pic of her. Plus, she looks really good in her uniform.
Bonus full size Isuzu pic because she’s too fine to pass up not having another pic of her. Plus, she looks really good in her uniform.

That’ll bring us to a close for ep 2 now. I think KyoAni might have returned to something I like, but it’s still early in the game. There are 11 eps left and anything could happen still. So just looking ahead to the ep 3 review, I’m thinking of having it out on Friday, as this is a Thursday anime. Vivid is pretty quick with subbing this one, which is good, so if I can watch it on Thursday, get some thoughts down and such, I can put in the time the following day and get it posted. Sounds like a plan!

Speaking of the next ep, here’s what you can expect!

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 02 [EEA5B675].mkv_snapshot_24.09_[2014.10.12_14.18.17]

I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pics!

Another marvelous pic by, yes you guessed it: kazenokaze. This guy makes some of the top pics on Pixiv. Always amazing. Here's the link.
Another marvelous pic by, yes you guessed it: kazenokaze. This guy makes some of the top pics on Pixiv. Always amazing. Here’s the link.
Another favorite artist of mine. They've also always got some great pics. Long arm Maki being among the best. Here's a link.
Another favorite artist of mine. They’ve also always got some great pics. Long arm Maki being among the best. Here’s a link.

And the link for the full size Isuzu pic is courtesy of Danbooru.

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