Splashing from the swimming pool to the amusement park KyoAni is back with it’s latest anime, Amagi Brilliant Park. Is this the anime that’ll make me fall in love with KyoAni again? Let’s find out.

Here’s my review!

Wasting no time whatsoever, Amagi Brilliant Park launches right into a scene with our lovely main girl Isuzu Sento asking MC Seiya Kanie out on a date to the amusement park. What’s different about this seemingly normal situation, is that Isuzu is pointing a flintlock at Seiya’s head. Okay, this is a bit forceful. Just making sure to cover the basics, Seiya asks if he refuses to go to the park, she’ll kill him; for a moment there I thought Isuzu actually shot him point blank in the head, but no, she only hit the wall to the right of his head.

Cue the OP now.

The OP is pretty awesome actually, I like it. Lots of color, slick visuals, classic KyoAni stuff here. Okay then, on with the ep!

I look so cool.

Seiya Kanie looking at himself in the reflection of the store window, lol that was mint! He’s so full of himself like that, but it’s hilarious to watch. Seyia’s admiring is quickly put to an end when the lovely Isuzu Sento suddenly appears on the other side of the glass, apparently she was reading a magazine, Amagi Walker, as she was waiting for him. From the moment I saw her, Isuzu Sento was already looking like the girl I’d like the most in Amaburi (shortened name I’ll be using for now on) and the more the ep goes on, the more I like Isuzu Sento. Maybe it’s the fact she carries a rifle, two actually, with her or her personality or her nice body but she’s a character I really like already, and that’s saying a lot because we see some other very cute girls later on in this ep.

So after being held once again at gun point (we also learn that Isuzu was wearing light blue stripes; standard equipment) they’re both off to Amaburi, the old, dilapidated, rundown Detroit-esque amusement park. No offense to anyone in Detroit by the way. After almost getting off at the wrong stop, the one for the love hotel, Isuzu and Seiya arrive at the park and it’s just as rundown, old, dilapidated and Detroit-esque like you’d expect.

The majority of the rest of the ep is spent in the park, Isuzu giving Seiya (and us) a full overview of the place. We see lots of attractions, different rides, games, booths, food stalls, random people, as well as some of the staff working there. Honestly I’ll admit I was a bit bored at times with this ep, felt like we really did spent a whole day at Amaburi getting to see everything, so I did want something else to happen by the end. Like I mentioned though, there are some very cute girls we meet along the way during their tour. Stopping by the Elementario we meet the four fairies who perform there.

So by the end of the day, after going on the Flower Adventure, walked past the Music Theater, shot water guns at mice in the Candy Shop, fought Moffle as well, taken a ride on the roller coaster, and the Coffee Cups, the day is over. We then get in interesting stuff now. We learn that Seiya was actually a pretty famous child actor (which explains his good looks) until he quit 5 years ago. Why did he quit? Well that’s a question I’m sure we all want to know the answer to. Isuzu knew about who he really was though, thus why she brought him in the first place, but it isn’t until they meet the park’s manager do things start getting even more interesting.

Flashbacks aside, Latifa Fleuranza, the park’s manager, turns out to be a fairy from a magical world called Maple Land (Canada maybe…?); she tasks him with bring the new manager of Amaburi and bringing in 250,000 people in the next 3 month or the place will close down. A very large number of people to by anyone standards, and a very tough task to perform as well. To prove to Seiya that she really is from a magical world, Latifa kisses him, granting him magical powers, but also sending him unconscious too. Waking up back at his home the next morning, he’s surprised to see Isuzu getting changed in the bathroom.

Oh, hello there.


[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 01 [3AEAF3B3].mkv_snapshot_20.51_[2014.10.09_23.01.40]

Wow KyoAni, we got to see Isuzu’s ass here! Like for real! Nice ass too, but yeah there is actual Isuzu ass in this ep. Pics don’t lie.


We end the ep finding out that Isuzu has powers too, as we learn she keeps those rifles under her skirt in a very Mami Tomoe type fashion. I hope you all know who Mami Tomoe is, if not, well… look her up someday. Seiya also finds out he has a magic power too, that being reading people’s minds. Hmm, I’m sure that’ll be good in the coming eps. Anyways that’s the end of the ep and we’re left with the ED.


So that brings us to an end of Amaburi ep 1. I’ve gotta say that yes KyoAni is back and so far I’m enjoying what I’m seeing. It’s got lots to build on still, but I think this will be the anime that’ll make me love KyoAni again. Let’s take a look at a few screen shots now!


[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 01 [3AEAF3B3].mkv_snapshot_19.56_[2014.10.09_23.01.15]

So there is ep 1 of Amagi Brilliant Park! I’m enjoying it so far and I hope you’ll give it a chance and come to love KyoAni all over again too. I’ll aim for a Friday release for now on with this one as Vivid has it out Thursday night, but the ep 2 review might not be out till the weekend. Here’s a look at what to expect in the very near future.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 01 [3AEAF3B3].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2014.10.09_23.17.26]

I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pics!

A sexy look at those light blue striped panties that kid got to feast his eyes on Here's the Pixiv Link too!
A sexy look at those light blue striped panties that kid got to feast his eyes on Here’s the Pixiv Link too!
As always, kazenokaze has more lovely artwork. Here's the Pixiv Link for even more!
As always, kazenokaze has more lovely artwork. Here’s the Pixiv Link for even more!

Links for the gifs. Link 1, Link 2 Link 3, Link 4

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