Where did they find this hero?! This man among men! This hero of Harem Protagonists! It’s like just off the first episode he dodged like five classic harem pitfalls like they were nothing. Truly a good anime.

Side Note: ZAQ did a freaking awesome job with opening theme. That woman is going places or rather she’s already there

So we start off with our protagonist Arata Kasuga moving through some void and trying to reach out to this girl.


Arata you have to reach her!


Hmm…That’s I would like to start my mornings.


Aren’t you happy that you get to cup a feel in the morning? Now you want breakfast too? Greedy bro. Just Greedy.

So after a little breakfast and a little quippage about how Hijiri’s chest has gotten bigger, we’re directed at this cute little picture on the wall.



But Hijiri gets all embarassed and takes it down but Arata’s already got it as his cellphone wallpaper!


Aw he’s got a iPhone! Lucky.

So they leave out and we get to overhear Arata, talking about how Hijiri is actually his childhood friend and cousin not his true blood sister. Good. We all know that she’s going to be part of the harem and having the boring reveal that they aren’t blood related done right at the beginning saves time.

I like that.

While walking to school, Arata sees this girl who tells him to awaken before it’s too late.

Too hot. Nick, my man. If you’re not watching Trinity Seven come on now. We’ve found another inheritor of the will of Nishikino Maki-sama!

So after that we get some casual stuff with Arata being in school and listening to a boring lecture. However Arata notices that the sun is black.


Reminds me of Day of the Black Sun in Avatar the Last Airbender…anyway.

During lunch, Arata goes up to the roof to eat and Hijiri joins him.

Side Note: How does every student in most if not all school based anime have access to the roof? We got a legit explanation in Isshuukan Friends but nothing here. Hmm…I’ll let it go

So while they eat Arata asks if Hijiri has noticed the black sun to which she comments that the sun has always been black.

Snapshot_9 Snapshot_10

Damn he’s smart. I wouldn’t have even remembered that. I guess that’s why she wanted to take it down. That’s one pitfall dodged. He’s not stupid.

So with the jig being up, Hijiri reveals herself to be well…not Hijiri. I’m not sure what she is. It’s said that she’s a mere shadow form of the girl he knows as Hijiri.

After that bullets fly and a shot seperates Arata and fake Hijiri.

And I thought that this hot chick just inherited Maki’s will. She’s got Aoi Sakurai’s will chilling out in there.

So this girl is Lilith Asami. And she explains how everything is not as it appears. With that Arata remembers what happened three days ago…

Turns out everyone was absorbed by that black sun including Hijiri who gave Arata a little book called a grimoire which he then used to make a wish that he got his life back. It was granted and his memories were erased like it never even happened.

So Lilith gives him two options: give up the grimoire and she’ll erase his memories or keep it and die.


Now that’s Shonen logic! The third option is always there. So Arata is going to be become a mage at Royal Biblia Academy!

So it’s basically from there, Arata’s first day at Biblia Academy.

He gets shown around the school by Lilith who turns out to be a teacher at the academy she’s the same age as him. Wow 16 year old teacher. That’s new.

So when he does that traditional transfer student introduction thing we get someone that asks some questions.


Now that’s just strangely weird to ask on the first day and right in the middle of class. What’s your thoughts Arata?

Snapshot_25 Snapshot_27

See he’s a hero beyond harem heroes! He’s a super harem hero!

Also Selina asks if it’s true that he created an entire world by himself something only a demon lord class can do?

And what does Arata do?


And look at all the celebration! You can see it in their faces and Selina runs around the entire school, spreading the news! I see a newshound type.

So after that Lilith and Arata go up to the principal’s office. He explains everything about the Academy and congratulates him on being a badass on his first day.

So Arata asks if it’s possible to get Hijiri back after everything that happened. The principal says that magic opens up all doors and Lilith adds if one studies and is diligent in their studies…

Fuck that! Where’s the shortcut?!

Snapshot_29 BzYC2-RCEAEFLWR

So looks like this 7 girls which Lilith and our newshound Selina are members are going to be the key to saving Hijiri from whatever fate she’s in.

Side Note: The Hijiri we saw in the episode is merely a manifestation of the grimoire that Arata now possesses. She can look Hijiri and even copy her personality and mannerisms but she’s not the same person

So after that Arata and Lilith walk through the halls where Arata notices something off about the ceiling.


She just totally stole that trick from Naruto…you know when they were actually stealthy and hid in the shadows instead doing massive battles.

Anyway Levy is skilled in all arts.


Hmmm…how skilled are you in that last one?


Lilith totally has that main heroine and harem nanny reaction to that one.

So Levy points out the window and shows two more members of Trinity Seven, Akio Fudo and Mira Yamana.


So turns out that girls in this world excel at magic because it’s the power of the mind and the emotions and of course girls feel emotions much more than guys do. Most of the time anyway.

Throw me in a tearjerker movie and I’m either sleeping, writing while you’re not paying attention, or trying to run away.

Anyway Levy comments that Lilith isn’t usually all Tsundere like this so it might be that she likes him.

So after that Arata takes a bath and we see this.


She’s in the men’s bath! And all casual with being naked right in front of a guy. But I have to give it to Arata. He didn’t freak out right at the beginning…still freaked out but hey he waited.

Isn’t she supposed to the ‘EEK’ thing and throw things and call him Baka?


Wow that was feeble.

So Arata runs right out of the bath and runs right into Lilith. Strangely he didn’t literally run into her and land on top of her naked like your typical harem.

So Arata says that Hijiri’s in the bath to which Lilith says they merely look alike and Arina is another member of Trinity Seven.

So as the episode ends Arata wonders just how important the Trinity Seven are going to be to him.

However what really ends the episode is Lilith noticing he isn’t wearing any pants!


So let me give the score first then go over a lot of some stuff. I’m giving episode 1 of Trinity Seven a 10/10! I couldn’t find anything wrong with it if I watched twenty times. Perfect pacing, good art, excellent voice acting, good comedy, well done characters, and a excellent tsundere redhead!

So to what I want to say. I came out of school late and took the later bus to get to the library. Once I got there, I downloaded Amagi Brilliant Park(Another great one), Akatsuki no Yona(Haven’t watched it yet), and of course Trinity Seven.

So then I logged into Twitter and saw that Trinity Seven was trending. It got me curious. Why was it trending? I’ve only seen a few anime trend on Twitter, mostly SAO, Naruto, and Attack on Titan.

Now I see why! If Trinity Seven keeps this up, they’ll be an awesome anime! I can’t wait until the next episode! The hype is real. I’m so happy that I’m reviewing this anime.

So my next anime I should be reviewing is ShiroBako and it’s only going to be appearing on my main blog. I’m legit scared. Then again everyone is. No one wants to watch another Glasslip.

Let’s hope it’s good.
So until next review,
Later Days

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