The next pick of mine for this fall season has started! Since I saw the PV months ago I was interested in this one and now that it’s finally started, I’m really enjoying it quite a lot. We’ve got an enjoyable opening ep, so let’s jump right in.

Here’s my review!

I knew going into this one that it’s not a P.A. Works anime, yet even so you get a very distinct P.A. Works vibe from this in terms of story, characters and general animation. Regardless of that, this is not a P.A. Works anime but rather by Studio 3Hz. Never heard of them before? Well don’t worry, I haven’t either, but so far I’ve got nothing to complain about after ep 1.

Sora no Method follows Nonoka Komiya and her father as they move back to the town she grew up in. Nonoka’s mother has sadly passed away prior to this so it’s just the two of them. As we see them driving to the town they’ll be living in once again, we cut over to a blue haired girl, Noel, laying on the floor of an abandoned observatory. Eyes opening she sits up, seemingly as if she’s sensed that Nonoka is coming. Could these two girls be on the fast track to an extraordinary encounter like our yosakoi dancing girls of last season? The rest of ep 1 is Nonoka adjusting to her new life in a new home, Noel is also there, but Nonoka’s memory is a bit fuzzy and it takes a bit before she fully remembers who Noel is and the promise they made to meet again. Honestly I’m surprised that Noel was able to keep her sanity waiting for years for Nonoka to return. I have to give her credit for that, easily not something everyone can do, but in anime pretty much anything is possible.

As far as ep 1 goes, Sora no Method not only introduces us to Nonoka and Noel, but we’re also introduced to this very large disc floating above the town. As to how and why it’s there, I’m guessing it has something to do with Noel and a wish made some years ago. But more on that in a bit. Other characters we meet soon off the start include Souta Mizusaka, seemingly the only guy in the anime that will have a central role, and Koharu Shiihara, a timid girl who works at some sort of souvenir shop for the large disc. Obviously it probably gets a lot of people coming to see it. For you trivia fans, Souta Mizusaka is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa, notably Ledo from Suisei no Gargantia; Koharu Shiihara is voiced by Haruka Yoshimura, while  Yoshimura hasn’t had many other roles, she did voice Kouko Kaminaga from Akuma no Riddle as well as Ema Yasuhara from the soon to begin Shirobako.

Now that I’ve started on the topic of voice actor(esses) the lead girl, Nonoka is voiced by Shiina Natsukawa, who hasn’t really done anything noteworthy in the past, Noel is voiced by Inori Minase whom we know as Chino from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? as well as Eddelrittuo from Aldnoah.Zero. Other characters that are introduced to us are Yuzuki Mizusaka a girl who seems to love backpacking quite a bit, she’s voice by the well know Aki Toyosaki by the way. Lastly we have Shione Togawa a girl with long black hair and a love for wearing headphones. Nice.  She’s voiced by Mikako Komatsu, another moderately well known name.

So things to talk about in this ep: Noel and the disc, her relationship with Nonoka, and what exactly this wish is. So from the top, Noel and the disc, I’m sure we all want to know about that. My theory ties into the wish all the characters made when they were kids; while it’s not mentioned what the wish was, it seems like the disc wasn’t there back in the day, so somehow something happened and Noel and the disc arrived. So I guess this means Noel is an alien. Well she wouldn’t be the first blue haired loli alien, I’m sure we all remember Erio Touwa from SHAFT’s Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Noel seems to be really close with Nonoka but none of the other characters, so I’m wondering if maybe the rest of them didn’t have enough faith in this wish or something but Nonoka kept believing, thus why Noel likes her so much. By the way I’m not saying they’re got some yuri relationship happening, I’m just saying they’re good close friends.

Going forward I think we’ll see some drama and feels happen, ep 1 already giving us some waterworks, but we could be in for feels as this progresses. Other things I noticed; the animation. Wow it’s really good, P.A. Works like actually. I’m wondering if some folks helped out Studio 3Hz with this because the characters have a very P.A. Works look to them and the scenery looks like something from a P.A. Works anime. I like it when an anime has nice animation, it adds another level of enjoyment to it as you like just looking at it from that point of view as well. Music wise we’ve got a pretty calming OST that anime of this type usually have, but I should mention that the ED is one I really liked. It’s by fhána, the same group who did the OP for Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (another anime you really should watch).

All in all ep 1 was a nice introduction to what looks like a series that will deliver. The story looks good, some sci-fi/drama stuff I’m guessing will happen int the coming eps (just not in a Glasslip type of way I hope), the animation is really good, the music is nice, I like the characters, it was just an all around positive first ep. I look forward to seeing where Sora no Method will go as I’m really wondering, as I’m sure we all are, about that disc in the sky and how/why/when it got there.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots from the premier ep.



[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.10_[2014.10.08_00.30.34]
I’m guessing her mother’s name is Kaori.
[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.16_[2014.10.08_00.30.46]
Sleeping hard.
[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2014.10.08_00.30.57]
I wonder how she got in.
[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.31_[2014.10.08_00.31.07]
[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_04.20_[2014.10.08_00.42.15] [HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_04.58_[2014.10.08_00.42.27]

Love this face!
Love this face!

[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_07.23_[2014.10.08_00.45.14]

So that’s it for Sora no Method ep 1; I enjoyed it quite a bit and I’m looking forward to more of this one. So looking at the release schedule for this one it will be a few days late, here’s why. I used the HS rip for this one which is out on Sunday, but as I like Kaylith’s releases I’ll be sticking with them from now on. They’re using the BS11 rip which airs a day or so after CR has it, so I’m guessing Wednesday will be when I’ll have the review up. Considering when Amagi Brilliant Park and Selector Spread WIXOSS come out, this actually works quite well, as I’ll have those two to work on over the weekend then this mid week. I’m currently working on a schedule for when all the reviews will be up by, but it’ll take a bit to get it right. I’ve also gotta talk with the other about it too, just make sure we’re all on the same page here.

Anyways back to this ep, I liked it and I look forward to more. If you watched ep 1 of Sora no Method, what are your thoughts on it so far? Like it? Hate it? Thoughts about what’s to come? Let’s talk about it in the comments below! So until next week, I’ll leave you with this preview.

[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.38_[2014.10.08_01.29.21]

I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pics!

Lovely art here. I really like this artist's work. Pixiv Link
Lovely art here. I really like this artist’s work. Pixiv Link
This is actually the end card for the ep.
This is actually the end card for the ep.
Classic kazenokaze work here, amazing like always. Pixiv Link
Classic kazenokaze work here, amazing like always. Pixiv Link

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