After it’s thrilling finale back in June, WIXOSS is back with it’s highly anticipated second season! I’ve been waiting for this to start and now that it has, man I am so hyped right now!

Before we begin, as this is the second season there are major spoilers for season 1. If you haven’t seen season 1 and plan on watching it at some point, I highly advise not reading my reviews as they’ll just spoil you about everything. That said, if you’ve seen season 1 and are ready for more card battling hell, then step right in, this is the place to be.

Here’s my review of the season opener!

Dark, foreboding, chilling, the list goes on, but ep 1 was already exhibiting signs of this and promising plenty more. What I loved so much about season 1 (which I’ll from now on refer to as ‘Selector Infected‘) was the atmosphere is created, the vibe it gave off each ep. Aside from the captivating plot, it was that uneasy feeling I got while watching that I loved so much. Jumping back in with Selector Spread, that vibe is there again and this time maybe even more so.

The ep opens with a dark setting, two LRIG’s battling. Iona and Tama. While Tama puts up a good fight, Iona cuts her down with ease. During this sequence, Iona is narrating, talking about wishes and how she’ll make Ruuko’s wish come true, but even so, she’s wondering why Ruuko is still crying. If you remember back in the finale of season 1, Ruuko and Iona battled and during that battle Iona became an Eternal Girl; her wish was to be a LRIG for a player stronger than her, that ended up being Ruuko. But now that Iona is her LRIG, what about Tama? Currently she’s MIA, obviously she’ll return at some point, but right now Ruuko just wants to know where she’s gone, in hopes to get her back somehow.

We’re back with Ruuko at her house now. Some time has passed since the events of season 1, and she’s looking and acting much more energetic. Today she’s got plans to meet up with her friend Hitoe and just hang out for the day. As she leaves to go meet up with Hitoe, there is yet another instance of the new building that’s being built, and the thought of it suddenly changing the area. Said building makes a few appearances in this ep, usually in scenes with Ruuko at home. As the story moves forward we’ll be getting more insight into this as it’s going to be a central part to the story.

Up next we’ve got the new OP, which I’m already in love with. It’s really slick, the song is catchy and we also see a few new characters in it, along with some returning faces as well. Also did you notice the one girl sitting at the computer, when she stood up? Anyways for the first little bit it’s just Ruuko and Hitoe hanging out, doing some shopping and just enjoying a day off from school. Yuzuki is also with them, not in person but in card form. As we remember back to season 1 where she got her wish (to win over the love of her twin brother, in an incest type of way too) so that happened but the catch was she didn’t get to have that wish, but her LRIG, Hanayo, did. They switched places and now Yuzuki is a LRIG while Hanayo has taken over Yuzuki’s body in the real world to fulfill that wish. I feel bad for Yuzuki actually as she was (still is for now) my favorite character, then seeing her getting cheated out of her wish, damn that sucks.

As Ruuko and Hitoe are shown walking around, looking at things and such, we keep cutting back to another person as they’re en-route to somewhere. I knew exactly who this person is, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Interestingly enough, Ruuko and Hitoe end up at an outdoor festival aptly named “Girls Meets Girls Festival”. If you don’t believe me then look at the screenshots, pics don’t lie. Hitoe and Yuzuki notice that Ruuko is also quite lively today, given all that’s happened. Attention is on the bag Ruuko has with her, which we know has her LRIG inside of it. As much as Ruuko is trying to not let things like this bother her, she happens to notice a white hair scrunchie also for sale, something that makes her remember Tama and how she was going to buy one for her.

After some more shopping, the girls are taking a walk through the nearby park, Ruuko thirsty and wanting something to drink. A very keen eye will notice this, but at that moment when Ruuko says she’s thirsty, two girls walk across the screen, and you’ll notice they’re holding WIXOSS boxes. I noticed that right away and knew that something big was going to happen very soon.

As Ruuko and Hitoe go for drinks, which end up being ice cream, Ruuko notices a girl that looks like Iona walk past. Chasing after her, Ruuko suddenly finds herself right in the middle of the Girls WIXOSS Battle event. Interestingly enough, Ruuko asks if there are any Selectors there, Yuzuki not sensing any though. As the leave the area the mystery girl that was running around finally shows her face, and it being Chiyori, a girl Yuzuki battled once in season 1. Since then we haven’t seen Chiyori again but now she’s back and I have a feeling she’ll be much more of a central character this time around. Of course Chiyori is there for only one reason, that is to battle.

After taking her to a quiet area, a back alley, Ruuko and Hitoe try to explain to her why they won’t battle and the horrific truth behind the battles. Not sure if she’s actually playing dumb or just really dumb, but Chiyori can’t wrap her head around the revelation, nor can her LRIG, Eldora.

What happens next actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Iona calls out to Ruuko. Oh man… in that moment, it reinforced the reason I love this anime. Running away from Hitoe and Chiyori, Ruuko and Iona have possibly their first conversation in a long time. Iona mentions that the only way to end up seeing Tama again is to keep battling and winning, thus moving closer to that goal; and the only way to do that is to accept Iona as her LRIG and be prepared to walk over as many people as it takes in the process. Ruuko can’t do that though, especially after learning what happens to the girls whose wishes don’t come true, so Iona poses her the question: why did Ruuko bring her if she wasn’t going to battle? Deep down inside her, Ruuko wants to battle, she wants to have that feeling again, the one she craved before. Hitoe finally catches up with Ruuko now, realizing that the desire to battle is still in Ruuko. As much as Hitoe and Yuzuki try to warn her, Ruuko wants to see Tama again and even though she doesn’t want to battle, she knows it’s the only way.

We end the ep in a chilling fashion, Iona vowing to change Ruuko into the battle hungry person she refuses to accept. Iona’s wish was to keep battling by becoming the LRIG of a person stronger than she was, so now it’s time that happens. We also see the real world Iona, or now Ulith, walking around briefly. The ep ends there with the new ED, which is also quite good too. In the preview for ep 2 we see the return of Akira, the bitch from season 1, as well as Ulith (Iona) making her official season 2 debut. I’m sure we’ll also see Hanayo (Yuzuki) and Kazuki making an appearance as well since we haven’t checked in on them in a while.

So ep 1 impressions, wow it’s so good to be watching WIXOSS again. I love the atmosphere it has and season 2 has delivered that once again. I’ve seen some complain about this being mostly a recap ep, but I see no issue with that. It’s been a few months since we’ve last seen WIXOSS, the summer anime occupying much of our current thoughts, so having a recap to start off a second season is totally fine. Would I call this a filler ep? By no means. There is plenty to take away from the season opener and it’s just a stepping stone for what is coming down the pipe as we dive back into the dark and terrifying world of WIXOSS. Already I’m giving this one a 9/10 on MAL, and I’m sure by the end it’s going to be a 10/10.

Alright then, that’s enough of me talking; what did you think of the season 2 premier ep? Are you excited that WIXOSS is back again as well? What are your thoughts about how things will progress in this season? Let me know in the comments below!

So that’s going to bring the ep 1 review to a close now. I hope you’re just as excited for this season as I am! So in terms of when I’ll have these reviews out, I’m thinking Saturday seems good as Asenshi releases it Friday night. I might watch the FUNi release when it comes out and write my review, then just use the Asenshi release for the screen shots, but I’ll see how things go. Right then, I’m loving this off the start and it’s only going to get better as the weeks move on. Let’s take a look at what to expect for next week.

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 01 [17787284].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2014.10.04_16.51.09]

And with that, I’ll cya in the next post!

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