Here we are at the final episode of Zankyou no Terror. And let me tell you, it’s been quite a ride. I loved this show, and hope that you did as well. I’ve been behind in watching, I know, but hopefully you still enjoyed the review. I should be a bit better next season. Now, onto the review!

I’m JustintheThief; Here is my final Zanyou Review!

The panicked people of Tokyo are currently fleeing the city after the announcement of the atomic bomb that will explode in the city. The government declared a state of emergency and urges everyone to evacuate. Lisa waits and spots an injured Twelve. He collapses just as she runs to him.

Shibazaki is leaving the conference hall with Hamura. Hamura thinks this is their revenge on everyone, but Shibazaki seems to disagree. He points out that through all the attacks, Sphinx has taken pains to make sure people weren’t killed during any of their attacks. He believes their must be a message for them. He calls his daughter, Haruka, and asks if there’s a way for an atomic bomb to be detonated without killing anyone. After a moment she comes up with a High-altitude detonation. The detonation will be in the stratosphere, so the blast won’t kill anyone, but enough to cause serious power outages and other problems.

He then asks her how to get the bomb into the air. However, Hamura, looking out the window, comes up with the answer. A balloon. He goes to find his friend from Archives, whom he drags along with them.

Lisa appears to be trying to call a hospital or something, but with no luck. She has twelve on the ground in a park, with water bottles and a cloth over his face.

In the police station they are frantically looking for any sign of this balloon. Shibazaki’s friend even goes up to the roof to look. However, Kinoshita finds a live video feed of the balloon from a little while back. Shibazaki seems to recognize it. He realizes the detonation will be in the air. Nine walks through the streets of Tokyo, lost in thought.

The police find and begin tracking the balloon via satellite. They get in touch with the Air Defense Force to try to get the bomb. One of the scientist explains that the radiation will all be swept into space, however, the electromagnetic pulse that would happen as a result of the explosion would probably fry most of the electronics in Japan! Shibazaki wonders if Sphinx is trying to take them back to a more primitive age.

The chief gives the orders to shut down all active nuclear power plants. Shibazaki asks about planes. Those that don’t have EMP shielding will likely crash. However, probably none of the aircraft have that except for some of the US Forces in Japan. We see a closeup of the bomb. The clasps appear to be shaking… will it fall?

Twelve regains consciousness, much to the evident relief of Lisa. She hugs him, crying, and glad he’s ok. He seems speechless.

The Air Defense Force is dispatched and the chief gives the order for all aircraft in Japanese Airspace to land immediately. He’s told that the 250+ aircraft will take at least an hour and a half to get down. He roars to get it done in 30 minutes, as they have less than an hour till the bomb is supposed to go off.

Nine enters a building with a flashlight. He flips some switches to turn the power on his location. The Defense force finds the package. Nine heads to the top of a building. The aircraft around Japan begin landing. The Defense Force reaches their maximum altitude and must abort the mission. Lisa asks Twelve if Nine will really destroy everything. He explains that they never had anyone, no family, not even when they escaped. Almost all the planes have landed. Twelve explains no one ever cared about them. There are only seconds left until the detonation. Twelve thanks Lisa, glad that they met. Nine watches the clock. Lisa begins crying. She smiles, and the bomb detonates.

The explosion rips apart the sky as everyone watches. Lisa and Twelve hold hands. Everyone just stops to stare. It’s horrible and beautiful at the same time. The power quickly goes out over the city. Nine checks his watch to be sure. A lovely green light, like an aurora spreads across the sky as Nine watches, awestruck.

The EMP blast knocked out everything. We see the city, dead, with nothing moving. Everything is empty. Nine walks through a dilapidated building, greenery growing everywhere. There’s a white chess piece on the ground. It seems to be the old home the boys grew up in. He hammers in a piece of wood with a “5” carved into it. A marker for those who died.

He turns and sees Lisa and Twelve coming. They look awkwardly at one another. Twelve seems to start to apologize, but Nine interrupts him, asking if he threw the grenade during the car chase. Nine says only he would do something like that. He tells Twelve he owes him one. He smiles, and Twelve grinds back. Lisa is overjoyed.

It shows the three of them enjoying the day. Twelve gets the water to work. Nine finds a ball. Lisa puts flowers and prays over graves. The boys try to teach Lisa how to play soccer, though she is woefully bad at it. Nine has shielded a music player to listen to with some batteries. He shares with Lisa, the two listening contentedly until Twelve sprays both of them with water.

As the day ends, Shibazaki walks towards them. He realizes that this is what they wanted shown. It was all about Sphinx and the world wants to know why. Now that they have the voice, they can tell people what they know. They can never be silenced. They explain that Shibazaki is their Oedipus, the one to bring them in. He draws his gun on them, putting both of them under arrest. Twelve tells Shibazaki that Lisa is a hostage and to take care of her.

However, American Forces, their helicopters shielded from EMP, enter the scene, to the anger and surprise of everyone. Nine calmly raises his hand. He has a detonator that is connected to a bomb at a nuclear power plant. Unless the US withdraws, he will blow it up. However, the US needs to silence anyone who knows of their involvement in the Airport and Expressway incident. They’re told to carry out their duties, as nothing can be done about the bomb in the Power Plant anyways. They are given the order not to kill the detective. So they shoot Twelve.

It goes through his chest and he falls immediately to the shock of everyone. In a moment of rage and sadness, we finally see Nine at a breaking point. He screams and falls beside his best friend, tears pouring from his eyes. He is human at last. He stands, anger in his eyes, ready to press the switch. The US forces prepare to shoot him, but Shibazaki gets in the way. He wants to reason with him. He promises the angry young man that he will go and tell the world in court what they did and why they did it. Everyone will know. After a moment, Nine is sated and he tosses the switch to Shibazaki. He gets on of his headaches again, and seems to waver. He tells Shibazaki to remember that they lived.

One Year Later. We hear Lisa speaking. She was apparently in denial of everything for a while and was asked about the circumstances. Everything about what happened got out. Shibazaki did as he promised. We see Lisa visiting the grave, her hair longer now. She meets Shibazaki as he is on his way to see the graves as well. He tells her that she can always come talk to him if she needs to. His face seems less strained and haggard now. It’s a nice touch. She tells him that she asked Nine about the music he always listened to. It was “Music from a Cold Land.” Iceland. And in Iceland, Von, means hope. She leaves Shibazaki to his prayers. They part on the bridge in different directions. The feathers that Twelve always saw flying begin flying there too as the music plays and the credits roll. End Anime.

What an incredible ending to an incredible anime. This is the best show of the season, I think. Just incredible. Seriously, All joking aside, it’s very hard to put into words how good it all was. I thought everything was wrapped up nicely in the end. Yes, the ending was sadly bittersweet, as Sphinx, the terrorists, died. And you were sad to see them go. Everything seemed to wrap up, and everything put nicely into its place. They did a lot of research for the show and most of the science and stuff is very good. They even came around and gave us the meaning of VON from the first couple of episodes. Just great.

Let me just talk about the music for a second. Throughout the show, the music was amazing, but this last episode brought it all home. The passing over the dead city, the haunting piano music is just beautiful. And the fun and playful music while they play ball towards the end was just great. Better than any movie montage music I’ve ever seen. And then the natural beauty of that final song during the credits that smoothly gives over to the sounds of the birds and babbling brook. I am not ashamed to admit I teared up a bit over here.

Over the show we’ve seen the growth of all these main characters, even at the very end we get insights we never knew would be coming. The action and well thought out plot were all well-paced and made you ready to see the next episode to see what sort of things Sphinx would do next to show the world. And the surprisingly tender ending, where they wanted to show the world who they are and the problems that the people over the Athena Project had, it was just great. The death scenes at the end were just as tragically moving, from the heartbroken screams of Nine to the horrified looks of Shibazaki and Lisa. This show was stand up from beginning to end. Maybe I’m still just in awe of that final episode, but this one gets a 10/10 from me. It was just great.

Hey everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading the Zankyou reviews as much as I liked watching the show and writing it. Serious, this show goes down as probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. I think it has the potential to become a great classic one day.

I’m excited to still be working over here at Anime Corps with everyone and am just pleased as punch to be doing a couple more reviews next season (e.g. in a couple of days). So stick with me and lets watch some anime!!! If you want to talk about the last episode, please, do so. Or if you just want to give your thoughts on the show and tell me what you thought of it, I’d love to hear it. Come on.