Sorry for the going dark! It was a crazy weekend with moving and AWA! But I’m back and rarin’ to review! Finally watching the end of Zankyou. Let’s see how it is!

This is JustintheTheif; and here is my review!

The episode begins with Nine walking into a police station and turning himself in! The woman at the desk seems confused at first, but after he puts on his mask, she screams and the police draw on him. He lifts his hands in surrender, placing them calmly behind his head.

The police seem to be in chaos with a member of Sphinx just turning himself in like it was no big deal. Even Clarence gets a call. He says he understands. But he’s looking after Five, who is in the hospital. He says things are still unclear. Nine sits in the interrogation room, patiently. The chief is told that he refuses to talk until he gets Shibazaki. He won’t talk to anyone else.

Finally out of the ferris wheel, Twelve and Lisa are by the ocean, Lisa looking worried and Twelve depressed. The Chief told Nine that Shibazaki was suspended and that he will hear him out in his place. He asks him several questions about why he is doing what he is doing. But all Nine says is that he set the timer for a Nuclear Bomb before he came. If they’ll agree to his demand, he will tell them where it is.

Shibazaki is at his home. Perhaps with his wife? It’s a bit unclear. He tells her that he saw Haruka the other day, and she wishes to have been told. She tells him he’s acting weird today. She then sees a suspicious man watching them. It’s Hamura. He tells Shibazaki that he wants to come with him to see Miyama. He allows him to come, but tells him to go buy him cigarettes for good luck. He claims to always smoke before doing something important. Is it a ploy to get him to leave, or the truth? Find out!

The Chief is in a conference. We find out what Nine wants is a press conference with all the media outlets. If they give him that, he’ll tell them where the bomb is. They thinks it’s too risky to negotiate with terrorists, but the chief says he’ll take responsibility for the whole thing. After all, they’ve always kept their word, and this is the first time they’ve ever made demands.

Five wakes up in the hospital. Shibazaki goes to the Miyama residence. He’s initially refused entry, but he tells them he’s come on behalf of 26 missing children. He’s told to hold on for a moment. We then see Hamura looking for the cigarettes. It’s the eight shop that doesn’t have the brand he’s looking for. The gate opens for Shibazaki.

He’s led through the house to a bedroom, where there is an old man in bed. The man asks if he’s willing to pay the consequences of coming there. Shibazaki agrees, and the old man tells him he has a matter 15 years ago to settle with him as well. He gets his servant to leave.

Clarence is talking to a conscious Five. He tells her he doesn’t know the details, but that someone turned himself in. Five tries to stand, but collapses after a moment. Clarence tells her  that they’re worried about her condition and she need to be examined again, because of how unusual her symptoms are. She shrugs him off, saying she won’t let anyone else have Nine.

The old man tells Shibazaki about the fall of Japan since WWI. He claims they’ve never gotten their independence back. Project Athena was supposed to do that, by making people who were smarter and better than any other. Though the project failed, he claimed the children gave their lives for the good of the country. Shibazaki calls him on his bull, saying he deprived those kids of life for their own benefits. He tells him Sphinx plans to destroy those who made them with their own weapon.

In a car, Clarence tells Five that they need the weapon that Sphinx stole. What the FBI was looking for is proof that Japan had made such a weapon to be used, so they need to find it. She is sleeping, but he hopes she didn’t forget the goal.

Shibazaki is still talking to the old man, who’s impressed that he got that far, but tells him it’s all futile. There’s nothing that he, as one man, can do. But Shibazaki says that he won’t stop, no matter what. However, the manservant comes in, and tells the old man that Sphinx turned himself in. Shibazaki is shocked.

The new reports tell of Nine turning himself in and holding a press conference to explain everything. Lisa runs back to Twelve, telling him what happened. He looks shocked for a moment, but he gets his old humor back by pointing to somewhere in the distance and asking Lisa if she’d like to go there.

They seems to be at an amusement park, and Twelve leads Lisa around.

Shibazaki pleads with Kurahashi (The chief) to let him talk to Nine, but he refuses. The chief says that only a select few are allowed to talk to him anyways and he can’t allow him to get to him, regardless of Shibazaki being the best person to talk to him. He asks Shibazaki to let him handle it. However, as he leaves, he mentions that Nine was very specific about where the conference was to be held. Shibazaki warns Kurahashi that people will be trying to get to him, and tells him not to let them have him. He slides a card over to Shibazaki with the address where the conference is to be held. The two smile at each other, Kurahashi telling Shibazaki that he found it on the floor.

The group of suspended officers meet in the parking garage. Hamura has the cigarettes. They talk about the possibility of the conference being a trap and why Nine would turn himself in. Hamura decides to go, and sees Shibazaki, whom he gives the cigarettes to. Hamura asks him about Miyama, and he tells that while he wants justice, he wants to see how Sphinx handle the situation.

Clarence is talking to one of the heads of the police station. He wants Nine for the US government and threatens, slyly, Japan, since they’d rather help a terrorist than the US government. He awaits a favorable response. Five thinks he’s wasting time, and has a plan to use an unidentified force to take Nine.

At the park, Twelve comments on a cute stuff animal and gives it to Lisa. Lisa mentions the press conference and Twelve becomes serious again. He tells her it doesn’t involve him anymore, and that he betrayed his best friend. But Lisa calls him stupid, telling him that she liked it when he came to rescue her, so she thinks that Nine would feel the same.

The metropolitan highway is closed off to probably transport Nine. Twelve is in the park, throwing a key in the air and catching it. Shibazaki and Hamura bluff their way into the conference with Hamura’s police badge.

The guard for Nine is large, with helicopters, SWAT and police. Five checks and traces all vehicles that left the police station. A large truck barrels through a police car, obviously trying to get to Nine. The truck containing Nine hits something that stops the car. The men in the vehicles break into the back of the van and … no one’s there. Five reasons out which vehicles are decoys and chooses the one most likely to contain Nine.

It seems however, the chief, who is taking Nine to the conference himself, finds out. Five herself heads to the location. However, Nine just seems to know when she’s close. Closing in on the van, Five shoots out the tires, causing the van to swerve. She tries to shoot out the windshield as the officers try to keep the van going. She either injures or kills the driver. And a motorcycle enters the fray. Twelve has come.

He swerves in front of Five’s car, trying to keep her away from the vehicle. The Chief tries in vain to gain control, but they crash into a wall and the van skids to a halt. Nine unbuckles himself and works on getting out of the car.

Twelve is still trying to keep Five away, but she fires at him and tries to run him over with the car. However, he has tricks up his sleeve as he throws a grenade at the car. However, the explosion may have put him off-balance because he falls with the bike and flies back. The car fares no better, skidding and running into the safety railing.

Nine has managed to get out of the car, though he is still in handcuffs. Twelve is on the asphalt and seems pretty badly hurt, though the extent of his injuries are uncertain. However, he loses consciousness quickly.

Clarence and Five exit the car, both seemingly no worse for the wear. However, Clarence draws his weapon and points it at Five, telling her she is dismissed. She doesn’t take this well and shoots Clarence through the car. He falls, probably dead. She takes off after Nine.

Nine is now running through the streets, and as he sees the vehicle bearing down on him, he turns and fires on it, finally hitting the windshield and causing it to spin, which he dives out of the way to avoid. But Five survived. However, she seems to be fading. She holds a gun to Nine’s head and tells him that she was jealous she could never beat him, and wanted to, but doesn’t have time now. She kisses him and tells him goodbye, and she’d be the first to go. As the police or backup arrives, she starts a fire with the leaking gas from the car and burns to death. Nine is shocked, as would we all at our crazy ex-girlfriend doing this in front of us.

Back at the conference, Shibazaki wonders what happened to the conference. We see a mechanism go off, and a balloon rise out of a building, taking a package with it. An automatic message comes from Sphinx 1. He tells everyone due to the fact that the didn’t make it to the conference, he has released the bomb and there is nothing anyone can do about it. He takes off his mask on air and smiles, telling them all farewell.

This was an AWESOME episode. The thing I love about Zankyou no Terror is that they constantly strive to make each episode more interesting. They don’t have to necessarily make it better. It just has to be another good episode where you further the plot a little. It’s kind of like the opposite of LOST. But this one we learn a little more about everything. We find that the reason for the Athena project wasn’t some grand evil villain style, take over the world thing. It was a bunch of Narcissists wanting to make their country better through terrible means.

The big twist of the episode, I think, was the Five ending. She didn’t kill Nine or make love to him or whatever we all thought she would do to him (Dress him up as a Mime and force him to recite script of Love, Actually with her, was my guess.), instead, maybe at the last minute, decides to spare him and tell her she was jealous of him and kill herself. And Nine even seems to care a little.

I felt it was an episode of choices, choices that are still being made. What will happen next with Nine? Will he try to stop the bomb? What about Twelve? He came back, what will happen to him? Will he and Nine be able to still be friends? And what will Lisa and Shibazaki do this next episode? Who knows. I don’t, which is why I’m going to watch the next episode.

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