Episodes 11 and 12 moved us forward quite a bit in the series.  We get the introduction of two new characters in Chelsea and Susanoo.  Chelsea is a super cute assassin with deceiving looks, as she’s had just as much as success as Akame.  Susanoo isn’t a person, but is instead the new Teigu of Najenda.  These characters are introduced when Night Raid’s super secret headquarters are under raid by an army of Stylish’s gimps.  Seriously, these guys are basically in full-on bondage attire.  Anyway, Night Raid is being raided (heh) and is having a bit of trouble with them, until these new characters fly in on a giant Manta Ray-like Danger Beast.  This is where Susanoo makes an appearance and shows us how effective he can be, wiping out a huge number of the Stylish crew.  Night Raid then takes down Stylish himself, who mutated into a Danger Beast. Shortly after, they fled the scene in fear of being attacked once again by the Jaegers.

The next episode takes off with them formally introducing the cute and mischievous Chelsea.  Right off the bat, I love her character because of how she teases Mine.  Najenda reveals that their plan is to “level up” in this episode.  Her saying that makes the video game comparisons even easier.  They demonstrate Susanoo’s skills, which obviously means he makes a giant house in minutes and cooks a lot of food.  In a world filled with giant flying Manta Rays and Power Ranger armor, why not?  Leone and Tatsumi spend some time grinding, and we immediately see the fruits of his labor.  Tatsumi levels up and unlocks the “Neuntote” skill!  The episode wraps up when Tatsumi uses Incursio’s invisibility to spy on Chelsea in the bath.

53936754779f91bc713df7bbfd57a12a bed5c2fe2937974c50afb5e80492b74c 46de9f55a87e03740d6454172fa7308dThese two episodes have actually gotten me excited for the upcoming arc.  The introduction of the two new characters have me looking forward to the inevitable showdown with the Jaegers.  Chelsea seems like an interesting character, and I look forward to seeing her develop more.  Tatsumi and the others are starting to feel a little more fleshed-out too, though I still have a hard time caring about them.  Despite hitting the halfway mark for the series, I feel like I can’t connect with any of the characters.  I know all the assassins care for each other, but I don’t actually feel it.  Maybe that will start to change soon, as the series is just now getting interesting.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the Jaegers, specifically Kurome and Esdeath.  I’m incredibly excited to witness more of their abilities firsthand, and to learn more about their back-stories and personalities.  Esdeath solidified herself as my favorite character this episode.  Seeing her actually distraught and saddened over Tatsumi’s disappearance, and hearing her say “I’ll accept no substitute” made me really interested in her.  Although I know she’s a cold-blooded and sadistic mass murderer, I found this side of hers as charming and cute. As for Kurome, I want to see her become something different than just “Akame, imouto form”.  Esdeath’s second-in-command, Run, also seems to be up to something.  Just what is it?  Is he spying for someone, or plotting to take command from Esdeath?  Whatever it is, I look forward to finding out.

All-in-all, I’m extremely excited for the upcoming episodes.  I think something big is coming, and that we might see the Jaegers and Night Raid finally go head-to-head.  The thought of our two Power Rangers, and the sisters, going at it makes the wait for next week’s episode that much longer.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill - 12 [4FDCF727].mkv_snapshot_23.36_[2014.09.23_02.13.38]

That’s all for now, here’s a bonus pic and see ya next time!