No one is prepared for an attack directly at the UEHQ. But prepared or not, it’s coming. What will Inaho do to get everyone out of this mess? This is the episode before the first season finale. Will it be soon when Inaho messes up? Let’s find out!

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When we last left Aldnoah.Zero, the landing castle was on its descent. Well the Russians in the UE headquarters have realized now that it’s coming. The commander gets everyone to abandon the surface and head to the underground base. Everyone panics and is jolted as the huge landing castle hits the ground with a crash.

The UE forces immediately fire upon the Landing Craft, but it’s a futile effort that Saazbaum laughs at. He launches his own attack, which decimates the UE Force outer defenses with missiles that burrow into the bunkers to do even more devastation. He launches his own Cataphract and Slaine watches with a mostly unreadable expression.

The UE Cats take position, but Saazbaum enters the fray and decimates them with his missiles. There is a 50% casualty rate. Rayet, who is still in prison, watches the fight as it unfolds. A UE Cat is sent flying through the wall of her cell.

A contingent of Vers soldiers exit a Sky carrier. Their commander tells them to find Princess Asseylum and shoot her on sight. Eddelrittuo and Asseylum are hidden in a destroyed conference room. Eddel wants them to leave, but Asseylum seems to be lost in her own world, wondering why they are attacking and if all was for naught. She yells at Eddelrittuo, the first time we’ve ever seen her angry. She apologizes and wonders if anyone can stop the Orbital Knights. She feels useless. I want to know what she’ll do next. I mean, will all these soldiers, men who have served the royal family for years, really kill the princess, possibly someone they admired? Perhaps. A good soldier is one who takes orders, not one who thinks, but I still wonder.

On the Deucalion, Magbaredge and Mizusuki work on resupplying the ship. They wonder what Vers was planning and how they plan to negotiate with the government if it’s destroyed. However, Marito tells them they weren’t planning to negotiate, just conquer and enslave the Terrans. They try to contact the princess, but it’s futile. The dead guy we saw earlier on the floor is probably the guy they were trying to get in touch with.

The Mustang group of the Duecalion is told to standby. Inaho gets in contact with Asseylum who tells him that she can stop the Landing Castle. The only two ways are for the vital signs of the person in charge to be interrupted, or for someone of the royal line to shut it down. Inaho decides to escort her to the Castle, but Yuki vehemently objects. She asks why he can say such crazy things. He says it’s logical, since she’s no longer helpful politically, she can be helpful in tactics. Yuki thinks its crazy and speaks of the deaths, but Inaho says that it’ll be just as bad, if not worse, if they do nothing; and they should go with whatever gives them the best chance of success. He says he’s going to do it and she grudgingly agrees to let him. He looks at the note of encouragement she left for him in episode one. He keeps it in his flight suit. So he does have some emotions. It gave us a bit of look into how much he loves and looks up to his sister. It makes him a little more human.

Asseylum realizes that she’s now turning on her own people to stop the war. Eddelrittuo interjects that not everyone wants war, just these crazy radicals, but Asseylum has assumed this as her responsibility to take care of. I think thanks a little melodramatic, but in intense situations (like war) I feel people might feel a bit like that.

Saazbaum flies over the base, looking at all the destruction. He finds something and smiles. He then relays the message that he found a ship, perhaps the Deucalion, and that the princess may be on board. Slaine takes off in one of the Sky Carriers. Asseylum takes off to another part of the base in a military jeep.

The Deucalion is ready to launch. As they keep track of Asseylum’s position, they fall under attack by the infantrymen. They return fire and Captain Magbaredge asks about launching the Cats. Calm says they’ve been put up, but she asks for a launch. He yells about time.

Slaine is apparently looking for Asseylum. However, Asseylum and Eddelrittuo launch the car over the heads of the infantry men to get to the Deucalion. The men give chase, climbing on the top of the ship. Magbaredge orders the ship to turn, which knocks the men off.

The Deucalion’s hatch opens to get the princess on board. However, the infantry men see and commence the attack with rocket launchers. However, Slaine hears and heads down. The girls continue through the hail of fire, and Rayet, in the Cat that probably crashed into her cell, covers them. Asseylum climbs on the roof of the jeep and Calm gets her on board. Eddelrittuo drives off in the jeep.

With the Princess in hand, the Deucalion takes off. However, when trying to reach the control tower to open the gate, they can’t connect to them. They realize that they’ve lost the control tower. So they ready missiles to blast their way through the gates. They fire through and destroy the main gates, allowing the Deucalion to get out of the UEHQ. Slaine gets to where they are and realizes that the ship was the one from the island, but he was too late.

Eddelrittuo and Rayet are heading down a hallway when they run into a Vers Cataphract. Rayet tells Eddel to reverse and get away and that she will buy her some time.

As the Deucalion flies higher, we see the Cat group with oxygen masks. The plan is explained through flashbacks. They will flight high into the sky to avoid the attacks from the castle and then they will drop the Cats into a free fall onto the castle. They’ll get through it by dropping decoys to disguise their landing.

The decoys are launched. They don’t even know if it will work, but they can’t know until they try. Those of the landing party that make it will continue on. Yuki argues against him going in the first assault wave, but Inaho tells her that he’s the one with the most experience fighting Vers Armaments.

Marito launches the decoys and they are taken out, and flares are fired after the decoys explde. Yuki tells the Mustangs to use their own judgement because they may not be able to communicate well. She gives them all the signal to jump. The group jumps, with Inko praying to not get hit. Mustang 33 tells her she’s more likely to get hit if she gets scared. He tells her to be proud, but is interrupted when he’s hit. Because fuck subtlety.

Inaho heads in closer, giving his plan to free fall behind the decoys and debris until the last second and decelerating. He tells the others to follow the orange of his Cat as a beacon. He does just that, waiting until the last moment to decelerate and immediately fire upon the anti-air cannons.

The Castle’s force panics as they notice that the Cat has made it so close. He continues to take out the turrets as he lands, stopping himself with a flourish. He opens his extra parts that he was talking about in the previous episode and launches a barrage of missiles from his leg additions. He destroys all the anti-air turrets and tells the others it’s secure. Yuki asks him to not be so reckless and he explains basically that he did it for her, which horrifies and shocks her. However, he suddenly realizes that they can talk clearly, thinking that’s odd.

Up on the Deucalion, we see the princess in a flight suit in a cataphract. They launch her after the others secured the landing. She looks at her charm from Slaine nervously as she heads to the jump position. They tell whoever the pilot is to protect her, no matter what. However, Saazbaum gets in front of them, silently. They both fire on each other, the Deucalion taking more damage. He seems angry that they took the name Deucalion, but maybe it will stay his hand a little? But he is not a fan it turns out. He shoots it out of the sky.

The attack commences on the top of the Castle. Another Cat is lost, much to the shock of the rest of the Mustang Unit.

The bridge is in ruins and most of the crew have lost their seats. They are falling and much of the ship has been terribly damaged. Magbarage looks at her partially unconscious crew. She tells them to take the remaining power to steer them into probably a crash landing on the Landing Castle. She plans to take the fight directly to them.

The Mustang Unit wonders where the princess is. Inko however sees the Deucalion falling and they all look in surprise at what’s happening. The Unit moves out of the way as the Deucalion crashes into the Castle. Everyone is shock and probably wondering who survived that.

That was an intense action packed episode just like I wanted. The whole things was an attack and an escape and a counterattack. It was exactly what an adrenaline junkie would ask for. After having a couple of calmer episodes, this was a good wake up call to remind you that the action in the show is just as good as the intrigue and plot twists. And I thought it was a well-paced  and well thought out episode. We get the tense moments where people are left and we aren’t sure what happens to them. What about Rayet and Eddelrittuo? Or the unconscious crew of the Deucalion? What happens to them? And who survived the crash? This is the Urobutcher! Anyone could go!

I am still worried that nothing will happen to Inaho and he’ll just stay a heroic boring piece of plastic for the whole show. Admittedly he has a little bit of good stuff, mostly the stuff with the note his sister left him that he’s apparently kept all this time. That was sweet. But otherwise he’s still a bit of a Gary Stu. I’m hoping, really hoping, that in the next episode her royally fucks up and it ends with him destroying or killing someone, or his plan kills a friend. Something to make him, and us, of course, to realize he isn’t perfect. It’s a nerve-wracking next episode for me, because I think at least one major character will die. I just have a feeling in my bones… who will it be?

Wanna discuss the episode with me? I want to know, who do you think will die next episode? Will it be Eddelrittuo? How about Calm? Maybe Rayet? Inko? Yuki? Magbaredge? I don’t know. But I may try a poll with this one. Make it a dismal, dismal game of guessing which character will die. Sort of like Thanksgiving at my Grandmother’s. Good times… good times… RIP Dad… it was your time according to Grandma.

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