How do you climb higher from the top? You be Zankyou no Terror, that’s what. Man, this show just never disappoints me and I always want to see the next episode. We are getting towards the end and it is getting intense.

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Nine heads out of their hideout and locks everything up. As he leaves, he tosses the key into a nearby drain. We see Twelve racing to find Lisa. Twelve continues on through the rain, looking dejected and sad.

Hamura and Shibazaki get to the Aoki house. Hamura wants to get everything out of him. An old man answers the door. Shibazaki introduces himself and tries to get Hamura to be polite. The man turns and grumpily tells them to follow him inside.

In between we see Nine setting something up. He has gas canisters and a phone attached to a small grinder. Maybe it’s a new bomb of some sort they are working on? But what it’s for in an old warehouse, who knows?

Hamura and Shibazaki wait in the living room for the old man. He finally comes back with some green tea. He tells them he rarely gets visitors ever since his wife died. Shibazaki asks him about Project Athena. He said he had known someone like them would come to find him. He tells them about the Minister of Health who died three years ago. It was said he wanted those who participated persecuted. I believe he was insinuating that those who interfered were dealt with by the organization. Shibazaki tells Hamura to leave as he pulls out his notebook. But Hamura refuses and after a nervous moment, puts down his recorder and turns it on.

Old Man Aoki asks them if they know about Savant Syndrome? Shibazaki knows. Aoki tells them it’s where a person has one exceptional skill, such as memorization or calculation or something, though usually to the detriment of many other things, often an inability to communicate. He states that if someone could be brought to the Savant state artificially, a person could do great things.

He says they started the project after a pharmaceutical company discovered the drug after doing research on brain function in the 90’s. The 26 children they tested were their test subjects. Hamura gets angrier and angrier at his pronouncements. Shibazaki keeps a close eye on him.

The place they kept the children was called the Settlement. The drug only worked with children 5 and under. Many of the children had their minds and bodies broken by the drug. Hamura loses it, calling it inhumane and wanting to know how he can speak of these atrocities with a straight face. Shibazaki puts him back in line.

Aoki tells him that the project failed in the end. Seven years previously it was stopped by the US government who found out about it. Shibazaki asks him why he is telling them this now. Aoki says that he would have taken all he knew to the grave if they hadn’t come. He doesn’t seem to care about the impending vengeance. He mentions being old and unhealthy anyways.

Shibazaki asks about the children. Aoki says only one survived through the whole thing and was taken in by the US government. Obviously Five. And he mentioned that 8 years ago, two of the children started a fire, took down the security system and make a run for it, escaping the facility. Shibazaki asks for their names, but Aoki says they were all referred to by numbers, those two being Nine and Twelve. He says they’d be around 17 years old now. He mentions that he hopes the boys are alive, though says they probably don’t have long to live. Why is that? It seems like maybe the drugs shorten their lifespan? Is that what they’re saying? I’ve gotten that feeling in other episodes where this sort of thing is brought up.

Hamura gets mad and knocks over his drink, asking Aoki how he can say that about these children, especially after all that the people did to them. He calls him inhuman. Aoki agrees, calling himself a pawn moved where he was told. Shibazaki compares him to those in Auschwitz who said the same thing. It sparks a reaction, and Shibazaki asks who the leader was, the hand that drove the pawns. Aoki gives them the name Dr. Mamiya.

Shibazaki looks shocked. Hamura is also startled. We see someone jumping off a building and then the blood-splatter and chalk line where he fell. If you remember from earlier, Shibazaki apparently pushed too far in a suicide case he didn’t think was a suicide and was moved from being a detective. And apparently he was also the politician who took Shibazaki’s job. I think we found the case.

As Nine works on whatever the next part of their plan is, Twelve gets to what looks like an abandoned amusement park. It’s raining and he heedlessly rushes in. He’s noticed, but Five tells her men to hold off taking him, as he still has some sort of role to play.

Twelve goes to the large ferris wheel and sees Lisa inside on of the compartments. He’s startled to find her handcuffed to the ride, a bomb vest strapped to her. She’s panicking, and Twelve tells her to calm down, which I imagine would be hard. The Ride then turns on, and the timer on the vest starts, counting down from eight and a half minutes. Twelve angrily realizes the set up, and Five finds some enjoyment out of his misery.

Twelve calms down and begins to work on the vest. He’s shocked by how many plastic explosives are on her, but he does his best to keep Lisa calm. Five suddenly seems to get one of the headache/visions. Twelve pulls out his bomb tools and carefully takes care of one of the explosives. But it took nearly two minutes to do that one, and there are still many left still attached. We see him start to panic, but he goes back to the disarming.

Clarence admonishes Five for the trap. He tells her not even a pro could dismantle all the charges in the vest in the time they gave them. He tells her his death will also not further their cause in getting whatever they are looking for (The plutonium?). He wonders if she even remembers what they are doing, but she interrupts him, telling him to shut up. He seems shocked and maybe a little angry.

Twelve has made headway, but he’s still got many more to go. With only around five and a half minutes left, Lisa groans in fear. Twelve only glances at her and continues working. With tears in her eyes, she apologizes again. She says it’s her fault they’re in this predicament, and that things would have been ok if she hadn’t left or if she had just stayed away from them. But Twelve takes her face in his hands and tells her it isn’t her fault and that it’s alright. He takes the blame.

He tells her he shouldn’t have saved her, or even approached her in the first place. He knew that this would happen, but he didn’t. He looks up at her seriously and says “I…” and trails off. He may have been about to say that he loves her. He may have and we just weren’t supposed to hear it. But Lisa, crying, looks out at the moon.

She turns back and tells him to go and that she’ll be fine. After all, he can escape at this point. He tells her he can’t do that, but she tells him that she believes Nine really needs him. He says nothing, but continues working. He’s beginning to panic now, and he knows that he can’t defuse all the bombs in time to save her. But a phone rings on Lisa’s vest, and startled, Twelve answers it.

It’s Five. She tells him she will make a deal. She wants to know where the bomb they are hiding is. It turns out it wasn’t plutonium, but a new type of nuclear bomb that Japan was developing in secret. She tells him she’ll disarm the bomb if he’ll tell her where it is. The clock ticks over to less than a minute. She baits him. She wants the bomb. She calls him a traitor and tells him that Nine will never forgive him. He can either save the girl, or they die as lovers. She goes to hang up and in obvious panic, Twelve tells her. It’s at the school. Locker D12. The ride shuts off and so does the bomb. Five calls him a good boy and hangs up.

Police cars are sent out to the school to take the bomb. We see Nine getting into the locker to get the bomb. He hears and sees the cop cars and knows that Twelve told. In the Ferris Wheel, Lisa watches Twelve, who is on the ground, overcome.

The police surround and infiltrate the school. They lose sight of Nine as he makes his escape. He’s seen and fired at, but he manages to escape. Five faints. Nine runs off into the night.

That one was quite the action packed little story at the end for Zankyou. The best part was probably that we finally got some answers. We found out a little that everything is connected. Shibazaki was fired because of the guy he investigated who killed was a part of the organization who made Nine and Twelve. We find that Twelve is willing to betray Nine for Lisa, whom he might be in love with. We also discover that the boys didn’t steal plutonium, but a nuclear bomb!!! And we found out the origin stories of what happened to Five Nine and Twelve, and that the three of them are the only survivors.

The best part of the episode was the standoff between Five and Twelve in regards to the bomb. The emotions were real and very serious. We might have found that Twelve is in love and is willing to do anything for it. And the bomb disposal part was pretty damn intense. I’m freaking excited for the next episode!

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