Another Aldnoah Episode. And it’s a bit slower than the last episode in my opinion. Maybe not slower, just not as much info and still not fights. but I understand it was necessary. The next couple episodes are set up to be amazing.

My name is JustintheThief; Here’s my review.

The ship crashes to the ground. Inaho asks Eddelrittuo if she is alright. The Captain says she thinks the Aldnoah Drive shut down. Eddelrittuo says that no one can shut down the drive as long as Asseylum lives. Inaho seems to get the message, and urgently asks where she is.

In the bridge, the damage seems minimal due to how low they were flying and the icy ground cushioned the fall. Mizusaki gets a Cataphract perimeter around the ship and asks about the Captain, who conveniently calls her and asks her to send a medic.

Inaho checks the princess’s pulse and breathing, but finds nothing. He tells Eddelrittuo to find towels and dry her off. He is going to use a defibrillator to start her heart again. Which, by the way, is ridiculous. You don’t use a defibrillator to restart a heart, you use it to calm a heart down from erratic beating. It calms the heart down, technically stopping it so it can restart itself. It doesn’t restart it. CPR is what is used to start it.

They use the defibrillator and it does nothing (because that’s not what it’s used for), and Inaho begins doing CPR. Magbaredge comments on how calm he is, and Inaho replies he had to learn it in school. He also doesn’t let her take over as he gets tired, and tells Eddelrittuo she can’t do it because she’s too light. But after a moment, we see the Princess move and after a convulsion, she begins breathing again.

After a moment, Inaho asks her why she collapsed. Asseylum suddenly remembers what happened. But Rayet takes Magbaredge’s gun and holds them up. When the Doc, Marito and Yuki arrives, she fires into the air and tells them to leave, which they do. When Inaho asks her why, she says it’s because she’s a Martian. The others looked shocked. This time, Asseylum asks why.

She tells them that it was her father that assassinated her at the parade. However, though they promised him riches and nobility, he was killed to destroy any witnesses. She panics because she’s no longer a Martian, and she isn’t from Earth. So she has nowhere to go. She believes Martians can’t be trusted, and yet Asseylum revealed herself. Now she’s angry because they accepted Seylum, but doesn’t think anyone could accept her. She blames everything, the war, her current situation, and her father’s death on the fact that Asseylum came to earth.

Asseylum apologizes for everything and tries to stand, needing Inaho’s help to stay standing. She apologizes for trying to help, when all she wanted was to come to earth, which just made relations worse. She walks towards Rayet, who doesn’t like that and continually backs up, even though she has a gun. Eventually Asseylum falls in a kneeling position, apologizing over and over. Rayet asks why she’s crying and sad for what she’s done when her father tried to kill her and she plans to kill her now. She fires three shots.

Yuki, Marito and the Doc come back in, but she’s just fired around her. She calls her stupid and tells her to shut up. She’s very mature when she’s in a homicidal mood… She then holds the gun up to her own head, planning to kill herself. She wonders what she was doing there anyways. But before she can pull the trigger, Inaho grabs the gun and disarms her, throwing her to the floor and taking the gun. She asks what he’s doing. He tells her automatics can’t fire with the slide open, so he opened it when he disarmed her to prevent her from harming herself accidentally while he disarmed her.

Inaho tells her he doesn’t hate her, and she hates his enemies and has fought beside them since the beginning. He hands her the gun back and helps her up, telling her he at least doesn’t think she’s an enemy. She hands back the captain her weapon and is put under arrest. She’s led out by Yuki.

Asseylum is in the hospital looking at her necklace. The Doc asks about martian craftsmanship, but she tells him it was given to her as an Earth good luck charm. The captain enters and asks how she’s doing. Dr. Yagarai says she’s fine, but he recommends rest, though the captain says she can’t do that. Asseylum, knowing that means the Aldnoah, gets up immediately to help out.

The Doctor gives the captain a disc, which he says is a breach of his doctor-patient confidentiality, but it’s Marito’s Medical files. He says it will help her understand and that it is also his “Prescription for her.” Marito is seen sitting by the cataphract, alone.

Yuki goes to visit Rayet in the Brig. Rayet thanks her, saying that the brig is better than where she’s slept until now. Unless she means with perhaps other girls, Like Asseylum, or before when she was with her father, I don’t know.

Asseylum goes back to the Aldnoah drive and restarts it. The bridge is glad the power is back and they lift off again. We then hear Marito voice over some images. He says that Rayet’s father tried to kill the princess, and then was killed by Martians. Then she, a martian tried to kill the princess. And yet, he killed his best friend. He asks how Humeray feels about being shot by his own side. We watch as Rayet lays in the brig. Then Magbaredge watches a video of Marito crying, his medical report. Marito himself is sitting, drinking by a Cataphract.

Slaine is also imprisoned at Count Saazbaum’s floating castle. He shows pictures to Slaine of Tanegashima. He asks about the ship that he saw and if it had an Aldnoah Drive, but Slaine clams up to keep the princess’s secret safe. He then shows him pictures of a cataphract, asking about it, though Slaine seems confused. He tells Slaine the Cat is called Deucalion and it belonged to his betrothed. It had the ability to control gravity.

Saazbaum tells him that since Vers is basically a wasteland, and as the population and demand grows, they can’t keep up and the world falls farther into poverty. He believes that it was a foolish endeavor to try to make Mars livable.

He then talks of the second emperor, Asseylum’s father, who tried to start an industrial revolution, helping the rich while ignoring the cries of the masses. He then turned the masses against Earth, whom he blamed for their problems. He said they with their sovereignty and trying to rule from afar was their downfall. Saazbaum said he hated that they blamed the people of earth. And they began to think themselves superior and the people of earth as subhuman.

They began to think of an invasion and massed their forces on the moon at the hyper gate. He and Orlane were the scouting party and found the earth forces woefully pathetic. However, during the invasion, the hyper gate exploded and parts of the moon fell on Tanegashima, Saazbaum escaped but Orlane was unable to because the distortions left by the destruction of the hyper gate rendered her ship’s ability useless. He escaped and she died in the destruction. Saazbaum leaves after telling Slaine he promises to put Orlane’s spirit to rest. Slaine calls after him as he leaves.

The Deucalion finally makes it to headquarters in Russia. The Russians can’t believe what they’re seeing and are forced to admit they must have Asseylum on board. They land easily and Mizusaki comments on how they are finally done, though Magbaredge says for now. They may keep the Deucalion and who knows how that will go in the future. Will they have to fight Vers?

Dr. Yagarai and Yuki talk about the base. It is 600 feet underground and built to withstand a nuclear strike. The place can hold many refugees and can hold supplies enough for three years. But she says the math is wrong. The Doc asks if it’s because of too many refugees, but Yuki says it’s the opposite. There are too few. Not many made it.

Inaho, Calm, Inko and Nina are looking around the base. Calm mentions the fact that there are extra Areions, and asks why he keeps using his Sleipnir. Inaho says that the thicker armor has never helped in the battles they’ve had, and he’s just more used to it. Inko and Nina want the professional soldiers to take care of it, but Inaho mentions being backup. He’s looking up conformal power assists, which seem to be parts for the Cataphracts to make them stronger.

We see Inaho going to the Aldnoah Drive room. Asseylum shows up and thanks him again for saving her life. He again tells her that it’s war and he didn’t do it for her specifically. She smiles and tells him he’s a good person, which seems to surprise him. She asks if he’ll still be her friend after the war is over. He says he will be.

She leaves to go speak to the people of Earth and Vers. She makes the announcement that she is alive and unharmed. She says the people of earth have done nothing to her and the assassination was put into place by the Orbital Knights, who only wanted war. It’s seen by Saazbaum, whose expression is unreadable.

Slaine is taken, in handcuffs to the Tharsis, Count Cruhteo’s Cataphract. Slaine notices it’s offline, which means Cruhteo must be dead (kinda sad). Saazbaum tells Slaine it was wasted on him, and releases him, calling his debt to his father paid. He also tells Slaine that the announcement made by Asseylum won’t be heard because of men he has stationed on EU HQ. He gives Slaine the Tharsis and tells him he can either fight with them, or escape to Earth. Slaine looks on in disbelief.

Saazbaum, again in his command room, tells his Landing Castle to land in Russia, where the UE headquarters are.

Well, there’s more Aldnoah for you. Thankfully, Asseylum is still alive, but I didn’t see Rayet trying to kill her again or herself. And Inaho again being a badass and taking her weapon from her. But I do agree with many that Inaho is a little too good. I mean, He’s done barely anything wrong, and I would have thought by now he would have had some flaws shown. Sure, his personality leaves something to be desired, and he isn’t perfect, but it’s a little too close to perfect to be believable. But maybe It’s all a set up. I’d love to see in the last episode of this season Inaho just royally fuck up and perhaps a lot of people are killed or put into serious danger. While sad, what a cliffhanger, leaving us with a broken Inaho. Now that would be a good season ending.

This episode gave away less info than the last one, and honestly I’m hoping for another battle episode, too. Not much has happened this episode and I don’t want it to be bogged down. Not that I didn’t like the scene where Rayet holds everyone up, nor when we see more about the Viscountess Orlane. But mostly it was what I expected. I saw them resuscitating Asseylum, the ship making it to HQ and the broadcast. I was sure it was going to be blocked or stopped somehow and that something interesting would go down between Slaine and Saazbaum. Though I wasn’t expecting him to receive the Tharsis. So lots of unexpected turnouts, but still not a ton of things. But this, I think is a setup episode for the end of this season. The next episodes promise to be epic!

Questions or comments? Come on. Leave some for me! Sorry this one is short, but I have my girlfriend here and she wants to make out. Later single guys! (And she’s super hot. Seriously. Ballerina.)

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