Another mind bending episode of Zankyou no Terror. We find out more about the boy’s past in the episode, and Lisa looks sad. So nothing new there. But still, it’s a great episode. Just, seriously great.

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The episode opens and we see Lisa, asleep on the couch while some weird ass music plays. We then see the boys of Sphinx standing on the roof again, watching the feathers flying upwards, Twelve with a smile, Nine stoically. I worried momentarily that would be the entire episode. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded.

We see a news report of the bombing at the airport, where no casualties were reported and Sphinx was rumored to be involved. The policemen who went to the airport were getting a lecture from their superior who told them to stand down. He suspends all of them for three months and takes them off the case. Shibazaki takes full responsibility and is given indefinite suspension. He tells the head that he saw Sphinx and believed the bombing to not be their doing. After some baiting he doesn’t take, Shibazaki leaves his badge and walks out of the office.

Shibazaki goes to the head of the First Division. He thinks Shibazaki got off easy. We’re told that Five was apparently supposed to be a nuclear physicist, but Shibazaki never believed it and believes the bombing to be her work. Apparently the first division head worked to get some info and found she was from the ISA, the US Intelligence Support Activity, which is a special ops unit. After asking why a spy would be after plutonium, the head tells Shibazaki it may be worse than they believe.

Lisa wakes up to a note telling her not to take one step outside.

Shibazaki goes to see a girl, presumably his daughter, since she asked about Mom. It seems he may be a bit estranged from his wife. Or possibly divorced. I guess the girl could be his younger sister though. Who knows? Anyways, she’s studying in school in the science and engineering department and he asks her if it would be possible for someone to turn plutonium into a bomb. She tells him he’d need special equipment, and it probably couldn’t be done by amateurs. She said they’d first have to deal with the radiation they’d be exposed to when dealing with stuff like that. She asks if it’s bad, and he deflects the conversation towards the weakness of the barley tea.

Back to the kitchen, Lisa is again trying to make food, in spite of her previous failed attempts. She is making curry and we watch as she pours what appears to be strawberry flavored pocky into the broth. The doorbell rings and she goes to the door, armed with the ladle. The deliveryman there says she’s been sent a package. She opens the envelope, and reads the word bomb in english. After a moment, she realizes what it is.

Nine and Twelve have gone grocery shopping. Nine tells Twelve that they’re going to move out of their place since now that Lisa has been seen, it will be easy for them to track her down. Twelve complains that he really liked the roof up there. They are shocked to see Lisa running like a maniac out of the building, when the place explodes. It really was a bomb. They stare at the burning ruin in shock.

Clarence reprimands Five for going too far, presumably with the bomb. Their orders were to secure the object (The plutonium I suppose) and that was it. Though this seems like it’s not what Five’s plan is. And why would the American Government be ok with them nearly blowing up an airport? That seems ridiculous. But Five assures him that the Plutonium isn’t in their house and the government only cares as long as she gets results. Clarence asks her to be careful, as there is only so much he can do to keep the police in the dark. Five suddenly cramps up after he leaves, holding a hand to her head in much the same way that Nine does. Does she get the visions or the memories too?  We don’t see it, but she says that “It’s not funny at all.”

Nine and Twelve have a secondary hideout in an old arcade. Twelve likes it because he can play the retro games. Nine seems to blame Lisa for the previous trouble. Lisa slumps sadly and apologizes. I wonder what’s in the duffel bag? Did she pack up her shit BEFORE the bomb went off? If so, she’s nuts. Twelve looks on, seemingly worried.

Shibazaki is now in the National Archives of Japan building, reading. He reads about bombs being places by a group called the Rising Peace academy. They seem to have a fascination with another character from greek mythos, Athena. He then heads to his friend in archives, who has donuts. He asks him casually about the son of an official of the Ministry of Health injured someone. It was settled out of court. Shibazaki asks him to get the info for him, and then asks for a donut.

Twelve and Nine are talking about moving their plan forward, as they didn’t reckon on Five showing up. Twelve seems worried about using whatever it is they are talking about, though. He somberly tells Nine that he thinks that maybe they should stop doing what they are doing. Lisa is listening to them from a stairwell.

Shibazaki is talking to a member of the Rising Peace Academy. He tells him that ten years ago there was a project called Project Athena whose goal was to educate gifted children. However, for some reason, there is no public record on the details of the project. Members of the Rising Peace Academy were the leaders of the project. The man tells him that he knows nothing about the project though. He then asks the man about his son and shows him a picture of the young man still doing the things he was arrested for. The blackmail seems to work after he tells the man he’s probably going to get fired and doesn’t care about keeping up appearances.

Nine seems taken aback by the news of stopping. He asks Twelve if he’s scared, or if he wants to stop because of Lisa. He makes him think back to how they were raised, and says there are things they have to do. He then tells her that one wrong step and Lisa would have been killed by that bomb. He doesn’t seem to want to get her more involved. Apparently, Nine is actually concerned about her safety in spite of his rough exterior. Twelve agrees, but seems reluctant about something.

Hamura finds Shibazaki after his meeting with the guy from the Rising Peace Academy. Shibazaki warns him he’ll get fired if he keeps investigating with him. However, Hamura assures him he’ll be fine. Even if he’s fired, his family owns a grocery store.  Shibazaki tells him that the group interviewed all the Orphanages in the country, found all the gifted children and rounded them up. Now he’s going to find all the orphanages and talk to them.

The go to a lot of different Orphanages and even someone who took the test. However, they find little information regarding the test, and even less on who and where the ones who passed were taken. But someone did still have the business card of one of them me who came to do the interview. He calls Kinoshita and asks him to look into the Aoki guy on the business card in the Ministry of Health and Welfare. He tells him he’ll get in big trouble if he gets caught, but Shibazaki tells him many people will die if he doesn’t do this. Kinoshita looks in on his son and pregnant wife and tells Shibazaki he’ll call him back later.

Twelve picks up a piece of paper, looking confused. We then see Lisa walking on the street with a duffel bag. Obviously it’s a note about leaving. She tells them “Sorry for always causing trouble. Goodbye.” She eventually starts running, crying as she does so. We see Five in her room, singing London Bridge is Falling Down. On her computer are video feeds of Lisa running away. Five grins.

Shibazaki and Hamura are drinking at a bar. Shibazaki asks about the boy they interviewed who said he liked Sphinx. Hamura tells him a lot of you people like them, in spite of them being criminals. Shibazaki remembers a time when he was young when teenagers threw rocks at the riot police. He tells Hamura in a previous time, Sphinx might not have been considered terrorists at all. I assume he means they’d be revolutionaries and lauded for their efforts. It’s an interesting thought, and not much to say about in this day and age.

Lisa is approached by someone while sitting by herself in a park. Kinoshita calls Shibazaki back, having found the address. He also tells Shibazaki than others involved with the Athena plan included Pharmaceutical companies, Neuroscience Research Institutes, and State-of-the-Art Medical Institutions. Shibazaki seem surprised as Hamura writes it all down. They are told the project was scrapped seven years ago. He tells them he has one more important detail, and Shibazaki seems to figure it out before he’s even told. Though we aren’t told, so bummer… but suspense and mystery, I guess.

Lisa wakes up in Five’s apartment. Five has her handcuffed and is painting her nails. After Lisa panics upon waking up, Five berates her for the condition of her nails. She then starts telling her that she knows everything about her. She even knows she left the boys so she wouldn’t make trouble for them. But she tells Lisa she wants to help them, which perks her up. But Five tells her what they plan to do next will put them beyond redemption.

Five wants Lisa to tell her why she joined with them. Lisa tells about their meeting and about her choosing to become an accomplice, to which Five says she should have chosen to die. She picks on her for her intelligence, and when Lisa says she doesn’t care what happens to her and wants to two of them left along, Five tells her she doesn’t care if Lisa lives or dies. And she asks if Twelve and Nine really have a future anyways.

Twelve is going out to look for Lisa. Nine tells him to stop, that she may have gone to the police, but Twelve doesn’t believe she would do that. He gets a text from Lisa’s phone. They are pictures of the captured Lisa. Nine realizes immediately it’s Five. Twelve runs off to get her, but Nine warns him it’s a trap. He says he knows that already. Nine tells him it won’t work like it did in the past and they don’t have time, but Twelve interrupts him. He tells him he’s going because he doesn’t have time. Nine asks him to please not go. Twelve seems uncertain, but he apologizes sadly and leaves as Nine watches him go.

Woo, another episode done of Zankyou no Terror. The show is getting very close to being finished, I believe, and I don’t know where it’s going yet. The climax will come soon, and I feel it’s heading that way.

We’ve started getting answers. We now know the boys and Five were a part of the Athena Project. We know they were intelligent orphans. And we assume that they had things done to them in the project, what with the pharmaceutical and medical backers they found out they had. So will we find out the boys have superpowers or something? Probably not. But the ominous “we don’t have time” at the end makes me think that whatever was done to them may be killing them. Perhaps they’re all going to die soon? I don’t know. Perhaps what they don’t have time to do is stop someone else.

And now what has happened to Lisa? She grew a bit of a spine, wanting to protect the boys from Five, but she’s in the hands of Five, who is shown to be more than a bit crazy. And the pictures were hard to see, but what has Five done to her? And what is Twelve going to do to find her? And What about Nine? Apparently there’s a plan to be set into motion. Will they still be able to do it? I guess we will find out next episode.

Oh, and for some reason, I couldn’t find the Kaylith version of this review, so I used another version. AE subs? It wasn’t too bad.

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