Action, adventure, excitement, Sakurai’s ass, Iida’s ass, gun fights, speeding trains, a hostage crisis, could this finally be the most excitement that we’ll see in Rail Wars? Well… yeah actually it will be.

Here’s my review.

Hot on the rails of last week’s ep, Rail Wars! is back with it’s latest and second to last episode. This week we get some action in small bursts but overall it’s just another pretty standard ep. Once again I’m baffled at how Takayama and now Sakurai are resistant to tazers, like wow; didn’t help that when Iwaizumi tazed the attacking guy, he was down and out in seconds. Yeah,  how the hell does that work?

Man that Sakurai ass shot we get right off the bat too, those are some fine buns there. It had to be said. So yeah they clear up the attacking guy thing pretty quick and get the one mohawk guy tied up and put away with the other guy. But wait, what about Haruka though, she’s still not with them. After a quick search around her room they soon discover that yes indeed Haruka has been kidnapped by the bad guys. A phone call confirms any thoughts of this as the usual demand is made by the kidnapper: the prince in exchange for Haruka. We also see Haruka lying unconscious in that big silver suitcase we saw that guy pulling around in the previous ep. Damn, either Haruka’s quite small (well I mean in general, not her boobs) or that suitcase is really fucking huge to fit a person in there.

If the Sakurai ass shot wasn’t enough, then Iida counters with her own ass shot, very similar to last week when we see Sakurai walking around the platform chasing that suspicious guy. Not sure which one is the better of the two, but they both are pretty good. She’s also talking on the phone during this scene, if you were listening to that, as she’s telling Takayama to search carefully for Haruka, that backup will be a while, and that making reckless moves might end up in Haruka being killed, which no one wants. Oh yeah another quality moment here, when Takayama is on the phone to Iida, notice in the slightly further away shot, he’s not even holding the phone up to his head, then when it cuts to a closer shot, he’s holding it up to his head.

After a random shower scene where we get to see Sasshou nearly naked, we’re back with the rest of the gang as they’ve now got a plan to get Haruka back. Right off the bat I thought this was a strange idea as all the bad guys know what the prince looks like, so having Takayama suddenly dress up as him seemed kinda strange. Plus, the prince was much shorter, so the clothing didn’t even fit properly.

After a quick engine switch they’re back on their way again, the plan to rescue Haruka being put into motion. The next stop is to drop off the captured bad guys (the bald and mohawk dudes) and they also drop off the prince too, dressed as Takayama. Now it’s time to make the ‘trade’ and rescue Haruka.

Following the instructions of the kidnapper, they go to the front of the train where she’s being held. When the bad guy steps out he suddenly realizes that Takayama is very much not the prince but before he can do anything, Sakurai shoots the gun out of his hand with her own gun. I clearly remember her saying she was going to shoot to kill, so I was expecting a head shot or something, but I guess not. They subdue the attacker and rescue Haruka, job well done. But something’s not right, the train is going too fast. Uh ho…

Now we’ve got another problem: a runaway train. After a quick look around, lever pulling and button pushing they determine that the train will not be stopping. To stop the train they need to get to the second engine, but there is one guy camping in there with what looks like a suppressed MAC-10, but as it’s so poorly drawn, it could actually be something else. I like how Sakurai asks if they have any tear gas here, as if she’s actually in a game where you could just do something like that. After deciding to shoot the signal flare to give them the cover needed to rush the gunman, Sakurai finally puts her sharp shooting skills to the use here. Another chance for her to pick off the bad guy though as she had a clear head shot lined up. But I guess this isn’t the anime to do things like that. Sakurai also hurts her leg in the process here too.

The remainder of the ep is just them slowing the train down by uncoupling the engines from the other cars, Takayama and Sakurai having a personal moment there where I thought they actually might kiss, but Hitomi Gonou shows up with three engines to overtake them and slow the unstoppable train down. Sadly they didn’t actually show this happening as that would’ve been pretty awesome to see, but no they don’t have that.

Takayama and Sakurai have seemed to drawn closer now, this ep making some progress in the relationship front, but as there is only one ep left now, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to go anywhere amazing. So while this was a more action heavy ep than normal, it was hindered by some quality moments and it just felt pretty standard at the end. Rail Wars! hasn’t done anything outright amazing, so everything just feels so ordinary and standard.

So yeah, it’s just another ep really, nothing special really. Next week is the finale, the long awaited finale then it’s over. I’m just looking forward to this one to be over so I don’t have to review it again. Let’s take a look at a few screen shots now.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 11 [D38C0D21].mkv_snapshot_02.58_[2014.09.13_15.32.10] [FFF] Rail Wars! - 11 [D38C0D21].mkv_snapshot_04.30_[2014.09.13_15.34.29] [FFF] Rail Wars! - 11 [D38C0D21].mkv_snapshot_04.41_[2014.09.13_15.34.55]

And there you have it, Rail Wars! ep 11. We’re nearly finished with this one, just one more ep next week and one more review. I’ll be happy once this one is over and done with. So if you’ve stayed on this ride till the end, how have you enjoyed it thus far? It’s been disappointing for me as I was really hoping it would be at least a little better than this; but oh well, everything can’t be Love Live amazing I guess.

Up next it’s the beginning of the end for Hanayamata in ep 11; I’ll aim to have that review out… actually I’m not sure. I may be going out of town on Wednesday, so if I work quick I might be able to get it posted by late Tuesday night. If not then expect that review Thursday when I get home from class.

I’d also like to have a special thank you and shout out once again to Joe for letting me use the gifs. Be sure to check out his review of Rail Wars! ep 11 on his blog and follow him on Twitter too! Thanks once again!

Here’s what to expect in next week’s final Rail Wars! ep.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 11 [D38C0D21].mkv_snapshot_24.09_[2014.09.13_16.14.50]I’ll cya in the next post!

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