Yes the training camp ep, but we’re also moving into the final arc here too.

Here’s my review!

Wasting no time whatsoever, ep 10 starts off with Machi declaring she’s joined the Yosakoi Club and will make sure none of them slack off and have a repeat of what happened at their first outing. Wow, off to a flying start with this ep. I like how Hana instantly tries to take advantage of Machi joining by thinking that they can get a bigger club budget, an actual room and be able to use the roof for practice whenever they want. Ah Hana, you never cease to amuse me.

So now that they have to be serious about this whole thing now, Machi suggests that they actually buckle down and practice for the upcoming Hanairo Festival. To do this, Tami suggests they hold a training camp at a traditional hot spring inn that her family frequents. Yay, hot spring scene incoming! Hana and Naru are all down for this, seeing it as a nice trip out of town and seeing something new, however there is still lots of work to do.

Now with 5 people in the group, the choreography and music need to be changed to accommodate Machi. To be honest, I had never considered that, I just thought she’s join in and just pick up where everyone else is, well nope, it’s not like that at all. It makes sense though, having to change up things because of another person being added to the team, so yes this is something I’m glad they had in here.

In preparation for this, Hana says they should hold an after school meeting over at her place to discuss details and just get everything finalized. I liked this scene at Hana’s house as you get to see a bit into her personal life for a change, something we haven’t really seen too much of (well not yet at least) and we also meet her father too.

To make sure Machi is on the same page as everyone for the weekend training camp, they get Sally to film them so Machi can watch and practice the moves. Sally of course starts taking this to a new level as she tries to get some sexual angles of the girls, something that: A) won’t help Machi see the moves at all, and B) I’m pretty sure a teacher can’t do that and expect to keep her newly acquired job as a full time teacher. Whatever the case, Machi gets the recording to watch and go over the moves. The night before the trip, everyone is working hard: Hana with the choreography, Tami and Yaya on the music, and Naru on making the new logo for the team. Even Machi is up late working on perfecting the moves.

The scene on the train when they’re all headed to the inn is a really nice scene, probably one of my favorites in this ep. Hana bought narukos for Machi, matching ones like everyone else has, and just the look on Machi’s face as she holds them, it’s really heartwarming (at least I thought so) to see that as tough and serious as she outwardly my be, she’s really enjoying herself and is really happy about having narukos of her own.

Practice at the inn doesn’t go so well as they’re being quite noisy and end up having to practice outside in the heat. After going at it for a while, it’s evident Machi is struggling quite a lot with getting the moves down and insists they keep going, even though everyone else is pretty worn out. Machi is pretty stubborn about continuing, something that only Yaya is seen picking up on, I guess Naru and Hana were too fascinated with the bug bites on them.

The actual hot spring scene the follows isn’t that long nor that fan service heavy. Sure there are the usual jokes about boobs and such, which I’m sure we all have come to expect, but no boob grabbing this time. Guess they didn’t want to have the same thing that nearly every hot spring scene has. That’s fine though, I don’t mind. Machi, still being upset about not being able to master the yosakoi as fast as she wanted too, leaves the bath first to head back to the room. Naru, Yaya and Tami leave soon after, Hana taking a bit too long and steaming herself out in the process. Apparently stay in too long kinda messes with you and bad things can happen. Back in the room now, Machi asks a question I wasn’t really expecting: are they actually registered for the festival.

Blank looks around mean only one thing, no they aren’t. What’s worse, Machi shows them the webpage of the festival, big words saying registration has closed. The second half of the ep is another really good part of the ep too. With hopes of making it into the festival seemingly over, Machi is still practicing hard, this time by herself outside. Everyone is pretty depressed about the whole thing as it was something they all really wanted to do, so they’re just sitting around trying their best not to break out into tears.

Taking a walk around the place, Sally spots Machi practicing hard, trying to be as good as everyone else, so instead of letting her practice alone in the dark, Sally tells the rest of the girls about this and they’re quite impressed by this that they go out to join her. They’ve failed to register for the festival but they’re still having a good time and enjoying themselves; they even attract the other guests at the inn, who stop to watch them preform. It was neat to see that Machi actually knew the origins of yosakoi, something that I’m pretty sure no one else has mentioned ever.

And with that the ep ends, or does it?

If you were thinking “hmm, that seemed shorter than normal” well yes good on you for thinking that. The after credit scene is quite important too. Sally saves the day here as she’s called the yosakoi shop guy, Oofuna Masaru, who contacted the festival organizers and was able to get them a spot because another team dropped out.

We cut back to the school now as everyone is up on the rooftop, just finishing the routine when Naru gets the idea for the patches, this finally ties into the OP too. Yaya is a rose, Tami is a lily, Hana is a bluestar, Naru is a cherry blossom and Machi is a sunflower. With that knowledge, this pic makes so much more sense now.

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 02 [FDFCA585].mkv_snapshot_02.02_[2014.07.17_01.49.44]

But before we have next week’s preview, we’re left with the ominous scene of Hana’s mother at the airport. I can only imagine what’s going to happen next, but for sure this is the final arc we’ve entered.

Oh no...
Oh no…

Like the 9 weeks before this ep, Hanayamata has just gotten better and better. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, and while it may not be as yosakoi heavy as we thought it was going to be, I’m still really enjoying it for what it is. Sadly we’re only 2 weeks away from the end of this anime, so I’m sad that it’s ending, yet excited to see how it’s going to end.

Let’s take a look at a few screen shots.


[Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_00.59_[2014.09.12_01.32.09] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_03.58_[2014.09.12_01.47.21]

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_11.30_[2014.09.12_02.27.41] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_11.33_[2014.09.12_02.27.47] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_11.38_[2014.09.12_02.27.55]

RIP Hana
RIP Hana

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_18.29_[2014.09.12_02.50.19]

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_22.31_[2014.09.12_03.05.04] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_22.33_[2014.09.12_03.05.11] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_22.52_[2014.09.12_03.05.45]

So there you have it, Hanayamata ep 10! I hope you’ve been enjoying these reviews, I’m always having a great time writing them. I ask it each week, but if you’re watching Hanayamata, how do you like it? Fav character? Thoughts about what’s to come? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next I’ll have my usual look at Rail Wars!, ep 11 this week, so that means we’re nearly finished. I’ll have a post dealing with the fall anime that will be covered here coming probably next week at some point. Look forward to that as the fall season will offer some really awesome anime you should check out.

Right then, so for next week on Hanayamata, here’s what to expect!

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 10 [A33D6606].mkv_snapshot_23.49_[2014.09.12_03.07.22]

It’s a pool ep as well, so look forward to seeing the girls in sexy school swimsuits!

Until next time, I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pic!

Such a pretty pic of Machi here. Click for full size!
Such a pretty pic of Machi here. Click for full size!

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