Well, Aldnoah is finally getting somewhere. I think this may be one of my favorite episodes so far, and not just because of the fan service. I’m always interested in motivation and back stories, and there was plenty of that in this episode. Hi, I’m JustintheThief; Here’s my review!

Slaine opens his eyes, in a soft bed and covered in bandages. Someone asks him how he is. It’s Count Saazbaum. He tells Slaine that he killed Cruhteo as a way to repay Slaine’s father. Apparently, Saazbaum was part of the vanguard that went to Earth during the Heaven’s Fall incident. He was wounded and Slaine’s father nursed him back to health and helped him. He commended Slaine for his devotion to the princess and never revealing her whereabouts. He then explains that Cruhteo was no rebel, and that he was the one who ordered the princess murdered.

Yuki is doing some practice drills with Inko. Calm comes up and watches their progress, commenting that she’s good. Yuki seems to agree and asks if he wants to practice as well. He asks if there might be an opening in the future, to which she responds soberly that this is war. Rayet walks up to them as well, asking for a go. Calm talks about games, but Rayet isn’t paying attention to him.

She, instead, is looking sidelong at Inaho, who is showing an interested Asseylum and an absolutely bored Eddelrittuo the Cataphract he uses. Calm mentions that though he doesn’t like the Martians, he has to admit that he’d never know who was a Martian and who was Terran without being told. It seems to make Rayet think.

Yuki comments on wishing Inaho had told him that he liked someone. This gets Inko’s attention, who squawks over the intercom, asking what she meant. Yuki mentions marriage, and Inko comes out of her Cat, worried. Calm says he’s being usual, but Yuki says she knows exactly how he works, as his sister, and he’s totally happy with Asseylum.

Calm and Inko rush over to where Asseylum and Inaho are. Rayet asks Yuki if she can use the simulator. She then asks Yuki if she can really tell when someone is lying. Yuki assures her that she can, though seems to offset this with thinking that Rayet is in love with Inaho as well. However, I’ve come to think that Yuki is much more brilliant than she acts. I think she knows exactly what Rayet was talking about, and just tried to distract her from that. I’m pushing for Yuki to be my favorite character in the show, I think.

Mizusaki and Captain Magbaredge are discussing the Landing Castles. Before communications were lost, 26 of the 37 castles had landed. More possibly have landed since then. Mizusaki proposed flying low through less urban areas to make it to where they needed to go. Magbaredge then acts like a bitch (like she does to Mizusaki, whom I quite like, every episode) and comments on why men don’t like her. She tells her she has to take risks to find the right person. She then leaves, telling her that the plan is safe and sound. Mizusaki believes she disapproves. Because that’s what you want in a commander trying to protect a princess who could stop the war. Reckless disregard for danger…

Rayet completes one of the simulations well and wants to go again at a harder level. Yuki relents and gives her another enemy. It starts fine, but the enemy she was up against was Trillram’s Cataphract, the same cataphract that killed her father. Rayet freezes. She panics and just fires blindly until she’s killed. Yuki doesn’t seem to realize, believing she jumped to high in the difficulty while Rayet tries to regain her composure.

Dr. Yagarai then comes in, asking how Yuki’s arm is doing. He then asks about borrowing the simulator. Yuki questions him wanting to train, but instead he says it’s for therapy. It then cuts to Marito, who is talking to his friend’s dog tags. He mentions his surprise at finding out the Captain was his sister. He commends both of them for bravery and determination.

Rayet is sitting in the mess hall by herself, looking at a picture of her and her father and remembering his death. Asseylum (who, I must say, is looking sexy in her uniform) and Eddelrittuo come up, asking if they can join her. She gives her grudging approval. Rayet asks if the uniform is an optical illusion too, but she apparently got offered a uniform by Nina, who only wanted to help so she could wear the dress.

Two young girls come up to the princess. They give her paper cranes, which she accepts graciously. The shit pouring from Eddelrittuo’s mouth is soundly ignored, to her chagrin.

Rayet asks why she revealed herself when so many people hate the Martians. She calls her crazy, which causes Eddelrittuo to flare up angrily. But Rayet ignores her, leaving the table and telling the princess “I thought you were like me.” Asseylum seems shocked and concerned.

Marito and Dr. Yagarai are working. Marito has some eyepiece on. He’s apparently reconstructed the Heaven’s Fall incident on the simulation, and they will try to work on his PTSD by having him relive it over and over. Marito makes jokes about the graphics, but when the Martian Craft is seen, he reacts.

We see Humeray goggling at the craft before them. Neither of them have ever seen anything like this. Marito was a platoon commander, and ordered is tanks to fire, but they began flying in the air and crashing to the ground. Marito watches as his platoon is destroyed, flying, with their attacks having no effect.

Even their tank is thrown. A bloodied Marito comes out, yelling for Humeray, but Humeray’s legs have been pinned by the crash. Marito tries to free him, but the tank ignites and Marito watches as his friend is consumed. Humeray begs Marito to kill him, which Marito does. He then jumps off the tank, which explodes. He watches the Cataphract continue to destroy everything and he cries and screams.

Dr. Yagarai calls to Marito, who is panicking, trying to calm him down. Marito calms himself and makes light of the situation. However, Yagarai calls him on it. It’s not the battlefield that has scarred him. It was killing his friend.

Now Captain Magbaredge is looking at her phone, at a picture of her and her brother from long ago. It then cuts to Rayet in the shower (Hubba hubba) who is thinking about why she survived and why her father didn’t. And how Asseylum can be so calm in the face of everything. She falls to her knees, crying.

Saazbaum and Slaine are at a table. Saazbaum tells Slaine to eat. They are apparently having chicken, which Saazbaum comments is a luxury. Slaine assures him it isn’t, as it’s been processed and isn’t fresh. But Saazbaum comments that they survive on less, and even though their technology is superior, the culture of Vers is vastly outstripped by the richness of Earth. He gives that as a reason as to why Vers should take over Earth.

Slaine wishes Saazbaum to leave the princess out of this mess, but she is the sacrifice so he said. He also doesn’t seem keen on the royalty. He is angry about them sending the Knights to earth 15 years ago, where so many of them died, nearly including Saazbaum. He claims they will pay for that in blood.

Angered, Slaine grabs his knife and holds it at Saazbaum’s throat. He tells him not to kill the princess. However, Saazbaum blames the royal family for keeping the feudal system around and keeping the masses orderly through propaganda against the Earth. Saazbaum angrily grabs the knife for a reveal. His betrothed was killed during Heaven’s Fall. He tells Slaine in no uncertain terms that regardless of the debt he owes his father, he will kill Slaine if he gets in the way of this war, his vengeance.

We come back to the shower. Rayet is still there and in comes Asseylum. Eddelrittuo forgot clothes and goes to get some for the princess. Rayet seems to have lost her mind, and goes into the princess’s stall, strangling her with her good luck charm. As Asseylum falls to the floor, Rayet seems to come back to herself, horrified by what she’s done.

Inaho meets Eddelrittuo on her way back to the princess, when the ship begins rocking. On the bridge, they say the systems are failing and the ship is falling out of the sky. We see the Aldnoah drive go dark. Is that the end? Is Asseylum dead? It’s the Urobutcher, so possibly? But I doubt it. Not yet at least. But I guess we will see.

Man, they just know how to do it in this show huh? They just reel me in and I have to know about the next episode. I mean, what about Asseylum? Can they really kill her off? What about Inaho and Rayet? What will they do if she’s dead? Will Eddelrittuo go on a massive killing spree at the death of her beloved mistress? I… I honestly hope that happens. That would be fucking awesome.

But the big one right now is, Aasldjgfwe9vn0[23f’;la;df’lm;oeirnpgo’dv!?! Freaking Saazbaum dropping a bomb like that in the end? He pretty much wants to destroy the Earth and the Aristocracy (seemingly, who knows though) because Heaven’s Fall killed his girl? Who the hell saw that coming? I certainly didn’t. And it actually makes him a little more human and a bit more relatable. I don’t think I can completely hate him anymore. Basically what I’m getting at is, I’m excited for the next episode.

Hey! What do you think’ll happen next? Is Asseylum dead now? Will Inaho become more than just a robot who can do no wrong? Will Magbaredge and Marito finally do the horizontal tango? Who knows? Maybe you do cause you’ve seen the next episode. Don’t spoil it for me! But seriously… let’s talk about it.

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