Hiya folks!  My name’s Marshy, and I’ll be taking over the Akame ga Kill reviews from here on out.  I like long walks on the beach, cute anime girls, and a lot of other stuff that’s not important right now.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get right down to reviewing these episodes.

Not a whole lot happened in these episodes, so I’m making them a package deal.  Three big things happened in episode nine, and those are: 1) We’re introduced to the Jaegers, 2) We get a little more information on Esdeath, and 3) Tatsumi gets taken by Esdeath.  The introduction of the Jaegers is the biggest thing to happen here, and from the get go we see a big resemblance.  The Jaegers are obviously a parallel to our heroes at Night Raid, or at least Wave and Tatsumi are very similar characters.  They could probably even be swapped with each other with minimal changes in the series.

This episode starts out with Tatsumi finding motivation in the death of Bulat, and training hard so that he can fully utilize Incursio.  Soon, the scene cuts to Wave and here we immediately recognize that he is a parallel to Tatsumi.  They’re both honest, good-natured, country folk that are introduced into the series by coming to the capital looking to work for the military.  Though, Wave already has a job and with a very prestigious new group in the military under Esdeath.  This group is the Jaegers, as I’ve been mentioning for a while.  The other members of the Jaegers are introduced gradually here, and one of these should stand out immediately.  The member I’m referring to is Kurome, Akame’s little sister that we’ve seen in previous episode.  She appears to be a mostly normal girl with a real sweet tooth.  Another notable member of the group is Seryu, who killed Sheele a few episodes back.  The other members of the group are mostly new characters, and their names are:  Bols, Dr. Stylish, and Run.

After our introduction to these characters, we cut to see Tatsumi meeting Lubbock at Night Raid’s secret base in the capital.  Here Lubbock and Leone share some information Esdeath, mostly that she’s a cold-blooded killer and is very strong.  They also discuss plans to enter Tatsumi in a tournament being held to determine the new user of Sheele’s Teigu.  Tatsumi seems to do very well in the tournament and draws the attention of General Esdeath, who immediately falls in love with him and takes him as her own.  She even suggests that they retire together in her room.

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Episode nine ends here, and now we get to start episode ten.  The episode starts off with a Jaeger mission of some sort, but the main point of the opening scene is to see Tatsumi and his new sweetheart sitting together and watching the fireworks.  They converse a little, which leads to our hero thinking he could maybe turn her to his side.  Immediately after, we’re treated to the scene of Esdeath showering and readying herself for her first night alone with Tatsumi.  Not long after her shower, Esdeath emerges dressed rather sexily in only a shirt and steals a kiss from her would-be lover.

Now comes the moment of truth where Tatsumi asks Esdeath to side with him and the rebellion…and the moment where he is promptly shut down.  Esdeath reveals that no matter how much she loves Tatsumi, she will not change her stance on the politics of the capital.  She even goes so far as to claim that she will change him to accept her ideals.  Their little argument is brought to an end soon and the two share the night together, with much reluctance from Tatsumi.

The next morning we learn that Tatsumi didn’t got hardly no sleep, but not for the reasons you might think.  Apparently Esdeath spooned poor Tatsumi all night like a giant hug pillow, and deprived him of his sleep.  Esdeath enters and reveals they’ll be going on a mission today to hunt danger beasts, and that he and Wave will be paired up for the first half of the mission.  The two converse during the mission and reveal that even they see their huge similarities with each other.

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After a short scene in which Tatsumi saves Wave, we see Tatsumi using Incursio to escape.  Wave realizes this and uses his own Teigu, which is very similar to Incursio, to pursue him.  He quickly catches up to Tatsumi, but doesn’t realize it to be him and only knows that Incursio belongs to Night Raid.  A brief fight ensues which results in an injured Tatsumi who is about to fall prey to a danger beast.  Before anything bad can happen, Akame appears out of thin air and saves the day.

She reveals that Night Raid has been watching over Tatsumi, and was waiting for the chance to jump in.  They escape together and the scene cuts to poor Wave being tortured for letting both Tatsumi and a Night Raid member escape.  Esdeath reveals that Tatsumi’s escape did not left her heartbroken, in fact she loves him now more than ever.  Shortly after, we see that Night Raid did not escape into the night and were followed by members of the Jaegers.

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Now it’s time for my thoughts on these episodes:

All in all, there wasn’t a lot of action.  We got to see that Tatsumi’s double has a suit of power ranger armor of his own and lots of Esdeath fanservice.  The Jaegers seem like interesting group though, even if I hate Seryu, the other characters seem to be pretty interesting.  I especially like the man with the mask, Bols, who seems like a genuinely nice character.  I’m also interested in Kurome, who I hope is more than the slightly more sadistic and cuter version of Akame.  The other new characters I don’t really have an opinion on, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of them.  All we can really do now, is look forward to next weeks episode.

See ya next time!

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