One more puzzle and deadly game in the episode of course. A continuation of the deadly game of chess Sphinx is playing with Five. Who will come out on top? What part will Lisa play? The story only promises teasing hints to answers. I love it.

I’m JustintheThief; Here’s my review.

We enter where we left off in the last episode, with Sphinx entering the compound and being found out by Five and her “terriber engrish”. The boys run off in different directions when Nine decides to send the “Knight to F6”.

The police get to the airport soon afterwards. The decide to split up to look for the bomb, but worry that there are just too few people to really help. Shibazaki says they’ll find a clue hidden somewhere. Glasses researcher (whose name I either missed, or has never been mentioned) points out the D4 sign that Five used. Shibazaki grins and says that he knows they are here.

Nine runs though the airport, searching for something. A couple gets frustrated at a map that refuses to say anything but D4. Nine runs up to it, mentioning that this is her next move, and that he will know where the bomb is if he can make the winning move.

Shibazaki and the others are discussing things with the security at the airport. Apparently he was instructed by the “Police” (Five and her terrible accent) to put up the images they sent them on their screens. He then becomes suspicious of the real police. As if the police asking for a favor like the one they are doing isn’t completely absurd. But of course, the group can’t really admit to being from the police since they aren’t technically supposed to be there, hence the uncomfortable looks, I suppose.

Twelve has gone in a different direction. However, he slips around the cameras and into the blind spots, much to the chagrin of several of Five’s men, one of which speaks english pretty damn well. Five gets them to give footage of Twelve to the airport police and have them find and stop him.

The game continues, though I’m not sure if the images of the chess board is them thinking ahead on the match, or the moves that they have made so far. Could go either way. However, Nine seems irritated by the fact that, Five seems to know exactly how they are playing, as E3 flashes across the screen.

Kinoshita (glasses researcher, I had to look it up) is confused and angry about what’s going on with the place and baffled at why the police would tell the airport to do something like this. Shibazaki has figured out that this is a game. Whoever planted the bomb is sending those messages to those trying to stop the bomb. The others are shocked by his theory seeming to be that the police set the bomb and that someone from the police prepared the Sphinx message. They come to the conclusion (which Shibazaki already has) that the messages are meant for Sphinx. Shibazaki thinks they should begin looking into the police a little closer.

We see Twelve using all things to his advantage to keep out of the eye of the cameras, including a guy moving boxes. However, he’s spotted by the security guards at the airport. He grins, seeming to think it a fun game, and runs off. Nine meanwhile goes to the next area and picks up a ringing phone. The voice on the other end says “Bd3”, which he commends as a good move.Nine comes out of a room wearing the uniform of one of the airport security guards and walks right past one.

Kinoshita, on a computer, calls Shibazaki, having figured out that the messages are chess moves, which seems to catch even Shibazaki off guard. An angry Hamura (but really, when is he not?) asks Shibazaki what it all means. Even Shibazaki seems irritated by him this time. Possibly because he doesn’t know himself.

Twelve calls Nine, asking how everything is going. Apparently it’s going exactly as planned. Twelve thinks it’s time for Lisa to make her grand entrance. He gives her a call and tells her to go to a locker next to counter 12. She seems nervous and he asks her if she wants out. She thinks for a moment and tells him she’ll do her best.

Nine is still running around the airport. Twelve enters a control room of some sort. He finds some cables and lines running to the ceiling. It’s probably the way that Five is getting all her information and video feeds. This is apparently what he’s been searching for. Lisa, looking nervous, comes out of a hallway and places a “No Entry” sign by a hallway and runs off. She is then in a bathroom, holding what looks like a flare. She mentions being nervous.

Nine is still on the run. Twelve hooks up some sort of contraption made of a control box and what looks like an iPod to the wires that Five is using. He grins and we see the iPod thing is recording. The police are curious about a police truck entering the airport. I was confused for a second, then they showed the truck that Five and her group are using and it makes sense now.

Five, watching Nine, says N captures F4, commending him for being as good as she remembers. Nh4 is her next move. Thinking about it he’s shocked. A1=Q. Checkmate. I’m thinking it was his checkmate, but will they really be able to win that easily?

Lisa sets off the flare and runs off terrified. Passerby begin seeing the smoke from the bathroom and probably begin to panic. The fire alarm goes off and Five sends airport police to check it out. She thinks of something and checks camera 15. She sees Lisa, in a worried panic, and makes the connection. She contacts Clarence, probably to tell him to find her.

The police are looking for the truck now. Shibazaki mentions it’s got to be somewhere it won’t look out-of-place. He starts running off, as if he’s thought of something. Something seems off to Five and she finally sees that the times on the video feeds are off. They’ve tampered with the camera. She runs out of the truck with a gun, but is stopped by Nine, who is holding a gun to the back of her head. She seems startled.

She tries to act casual, greeting him as if he was an old friend. She mentions she should have noticed sooner, as her men seemingly are working on a way to extract her from the situation. They used the fire alarm distraction to switch the time back five minutes so she wouldn’t know where he was.

He says the checkmate move was where the bomb was, and Five surmises that Twelve is heading there now to stop the bomb. However, she also knows about Lisa and says she’s surprised they made a friend, though that gives them another weakness. Nine seems to realize what she’s talking about as we see Lisa being taken by Clarence and Five mentions that she’ll have the best view of the fireworks.

While Nine is still figuring out what to do, the airport police show up and begin firing at Nine. He makes his escape. They make to follow, but Five stops them, saying she didn’t give them permission to stop him or open fire.

The police hear the gunfire, Shibazaki wondering what’s going on. Nine and Shibazaki pass each other, and Shibazaki seems to recognize him, but he gets called away. Nine finds Twelve, who is in a panic, unable to find the bomb. They get a phone call. It’s Lisa. She’s terrified and on a moving plan. Sphinx are shocked, and Twelve ask why she’s on a plane. She explains that Clarence forced her on it, and with her is the bomb.

They realize that the reason they didn’t find the bomb is because the bomb is moving and coming towards where the bomb is supposed to be. The plane is moving on its own and they realize that she’s controlling the plane remotely from the control tower. Twelve is furious. Five says this is the final level and wonders if they can beat it.

Twelve turns to Nine, asking what they can do. He thinks hard, obviously in a worried panic. He says that if they cause a commotion, the people will be evacuated. Shocked and angry, Twelve asks about Lisa, who’s on the plane. Twelve looks as him, amazed and a bit sympathetically. He then mentions that there is one that they could try.

We see the countdown of the clock at 10 minutes as Nine calls Shibazaki. He thinks back at their passing and wonders how Sphinx 1 got his number. But he quickly explains about the bomb and the fact that the only way to stop it would be to get to the control tower, which, due to the SAT, they can’t be close. Shibazaki says they’re using them, but then is told they both have an interest in stopping the bomb. The bomb is shown again at 5 minutes.

Lisa is still panicking on the plane, but gets a call from Twelve. The police try to muscle their way through the control tower. The SAT won’t let them through and a shouting brawl ensues. Twelve tells Lisa to do exactly what he tells her. and that it’s going to be alright. She has the blankets out and begins tying them together.

The police are still trying to push their way through to the control tower. Shibazaki makes it through. Lisa opens a top hatch on the plane and sees Nine and Twelve on cart. But unfortunately the plan shifts and she falls out. But she’s tied the blankets to herself like a rope and is fine as the boys try to get to her.

Shibazaki gets to the top of the control tower. Five seems shocked. He pulls a gun and points it in the face of one of the men in the tower. He tells them to do exactly as he says.

48 seconds left. Sphinx tries to get underneath Lisa to catch her, but she can’t untie the blankets. Twelve tells her they have no time.

Back in the Tower, Shibazaki is doing something as Five looks on angrily. She calls him a dog and is angry with him for interrupting her plans. Lisa manages to untie the blankets and falls onto Twelve, knocking them both over.

Shibazaki gets them to turn the plane around and it races in the other direction. Twelve and Lisa are inside the truck now as Nine drives it quickly in the opposite direction. Five tells Shibazaki that he will pay for what he’s done. The plane explodes, but at a distance and no one is hurt.

The men who been in the control tower panic and try to run off. Shibazaki looks down and sees Sphinx 1, in full get up, in a vehicle, drive off. He tries to run down to get him, but the panicked men get in his way. He watches as Sphinx gets away. Five is back in the Truck again, where she holds Lisa’s ID. She kisses it, telling them they won’t get away again.

Once again, another exciting episode of Zankyou no Terror. This one had tons of danger for our protagonists this time, which made it exciting. Now they are being pursued by Five, and it seems, will continue to be pursued. I like Five a lot. She’s crazy, ruthless, and there is still a ton we don’t know about her and her past with Nine and Twelve. I really want to know what her obsession is with Nine. And how has she gotten the FBI, if it is indeed the FBI, to work with her? Just because she’s a genius? Is that where they were at, some place for breeding geniuses? Makes a bit of sense.

And I also liked the growth of terroristic protagonists this episode. We see that Nine can be shaken and that he does care about Twelve, and to an extent, Lisa. Twelve himself seems to have feelings for Lisa, as evidenced by his panic at her danger, and I want to see that explored a little. And then Lisa herself went from a whiny helpless girl, to someone who can step up and do something she was scared of. It was totally great.

I love this show and the next episode I assume to be stellar. I want them to go back to their terrorizing a bit. I love the stuff that they do.

How about you guys? What did you think about this episode? Do you agree with the growth of the characters? How about the villain in Five? And who in this crazy story do you root for? I root for both Sphinx and Shibazaki, even though that seems like a problem. But it’s ok. I have many other problems. Like my insatiable appetite for murder. Also, my weird love of bocci ball, and my distaste for anything that has bean sprouts in it. So let me know in the comments!