In the previous episode of Aldnoah, we saw Slaine getting beaten up by Inaho because he doesn’t trust him. Where will that go from here? Somewhere good I hope. Let’s see what happens.

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Now we get the other side of the fight. We see the group including Marito, Magbaredge, Asseylum, and Nina finding the Aldnoah Battleship. They go down to check it out and the captain asks them all to check out how well supplied the ship is. She finds a sign mentioning the ships name is Duecalion. Mizusaki asks why such an awesome ship wasn’t used in battle. All things seem fine, but they can’t find the fuel gauge. Magbaredge realizes why the ship wasn’t used. It runs on Aldnoah.

Asseylum enters the room, and when Tsumugi grabs her hand, telling her the area is off-limits to civilians, she apologizes and flips him over her shoulder. Mizusaki pulls her gun, but Asseylum tells them not to be alarmed and transforms into her real self. The others are shocked and Magbaredge realizes who she is. Asseylum calmly walks over to the drive and activates it.

We once again see the flashback where the princess meets Slaine for the first time. We see it more from his point of view though, his passing out, and her pulling the water from his lungs.

Then we see him being tortured by electricity by Cruhteo, who wants him to talk, asking why he went to the island. He refuses to talk and Saazbaum tells him that it is enough. Cruhteo says there’s no reason to show mercy to a lesser being, but Saazbaum counters that they’ll learn nothing if he dies. He wants to know why he went to the island and why he would risk himself to see the Emperor. Someone else comes onto the video feed, saying they found Femieanne’s Hellas destroyed on the island.

In anger Cruhteo pulls a gun on Slaine, demanding to know who killed Femianne. He says nothing and Saazbaum tells him to wait. Cruhteo shoves the gun into Slaine’s mouth, saying if he answers, the end will be quick. After his silence, he tells him to suffer, and the electricity starts again.

Calm and Inko are looking around the control room of the battleship. Inko wonders how it flies and Nina says it’s because of the Aldnoah. Calm asks if it works like a normal ship. She seems offended, and tells him that it was fixed so it controls like a ship she knows how to pilot. She then tells him to get back to work. He wonders where Inaho is, who is told he is with the officers and the Martians.

We see the Magbaredge and Mizusaki talking with Asseylum, Eddelrittuo, Inaho, and Rayet. Asseylum informs them that the Knights are the ones who set up her assassination. The officers find this hard to believe, but they promise to get Asseylum to the UE  headquarters in Russia safely. Magbaredge then asks why Inaho and Rayet didn’t tell them about her. Rayet says she isn’t a soldier and doesn’t report to them, and Inaho says he elected not to. There was no guarantee that the assassins weren’t on the ship. Rayet says she doesn’t care what happens and she hates the Martians. She leaves angrily.

Back to Slaine and the torture. Cruhteo remarks on the older torture techniques and how effective they are. They begin beating Slaine with a rod. He asks Cruhteo if he’s still loyal to Asseylum, and Cruhteo continues the beating.

Marito is in the hospital. He says he feels terrible, but the doc says that the medicine must be working. He is amazed that just coming back to the island caused a relapse and wishes for alcohol, but the doctor cheerfully tells him no.

Back to a flashback, we see a young Slaine telling a young Asseylum about earth. They talk about birds. He tells her that even though the earth was hurt during Heaven’s Fall, nature is reclaiming what humans took. However, it makes Asseylum sad, who wishes they could all live together. Slaine, obviously wanting to please her, tells her that with hard work they certainly can.

Back to the beating. He again brings up the Princess. Cruhteo says he’s on her side and will punish the Terrans for what they did to her. Slaine says sadly that he knew that Cruhteo wasn’t for the princess. He just wanted a reason to go to war. He trampled her dreams of peace. Angrily, Cruhteo begins savagely beating him with a whip. Even the other officers seem uncomfortable by this development.

Inaho and Asseylum are walking. He tries to be polite, but Asseylum wishes him to talk to her formally, though Eddelrittuo is a bitch about it. Calm rushes up to them angrily demanding to know where the Martians are. Asseylum introduces herself and assures him she doesn’t want war. He blushes and wishes her well, while Inko and Nina look on like he’s an idiot (which he is).

They remind him that he said that all Martians are enemies, but he, in an effort to impress the princess, tells them they’re wrong and Martians can be good people too. Inaho doesn’t back him up, and Asseylum looks at him confused. Eddelrittuo states there’s no trusting Terrans. Rayet watches them from afar.

Inaho and Asseylum head to the deck of the ship, where she thanks him for saving her life multiple times. He says he didn’t do it for her, but was drafted. He had to do it to save his life. She smiles and thanks him anyways.

He mentions that the Martian he met, Slaine, was looking for her. He tells her some of their enemies believe her to still be alive, and he tells her to be careful. She removes the charm she got from Slaine in the first episode and shows it to Inaho. She tells him it belongs to her friend who gave it to her for protection while she was on earth. She tells him the more he told her about earth, the more she wanted to see it, and the more she wanted Mars to be at peace with Earth. She turns and sees a bird for the first time. Inaho watches with her.

While being beaten, Slaine remembers Asseylum saving his life. He now believes this to be saving her life. He won’t tell anyone she’s alive and he will find her and protect her from Martians and Terrans. The images go from Asseylum and Inaho playing on the ship, to the past, to the present.

Cruhteo is still whipping Slaine. He tells Slaine that the princess must be rolling in her grave for trusting him. Another of his men comes in and tells him they found the remains of another Cataphract. It’s the Deucalion, and it’s Aldnoah drive was removed. But he isn’t worried because the Terrans can’t use Aldnoah.

Slaine starts laughing. He obviously knows they have Asseylum, who can operate the Aldnoah. Cruhteo asks what’s funny, and he says it’s nothing. He orders Slaine killed, despite Saazbaum telling him no. Cruhteo demands to know why he was laughing. He asks if an Aldnoah slew Hellas. Slaine says these are his just desserts for what he did to the earth and the memory of Asseylum. But Cruhteo says that it’s impossible. No one from Earth can control the Aldnoah.

A ship takes off from one of the Castles. Cruhteo seems to realize the impossible. He asks if the princess is alive and well. In anger of his silence, he punches Slaine so hard it knocks him out of his shackles. Slaine asks what he would do if she were alive? Send more assassins?

Cruhteo asks what he means. Slaine asks if it was him who sent the assassins to kill the princess. He heard Trillram say that if she didn’t die, his family name would be disgraced. Surprised, Cruhteo says that Slaine told him he saw Trillram’s final moments in a Meteor Bombardment. But Slaine says that he shot him. Slaine tells him that the princess will take his ambitions and destroy them.

Cruhteo seems baffled that the princess could be alive. But he comes to the conclusion that would be why Slaine did what he did. He learned the truth and went to find her. He didn’t tell anyone because he was afraid of traitors and risked capture and death from the Martians to keep her safe. He kneels beside the boy and lifts him, commending him on his unwavering loyalty. It seems Cruhteo is a douche, but he is not a villain. He commands him men to treat Slaine. He swears vengeance on those who wish to harm the princess, as he is loyal to her too.

He informs his men to contact Earth. They will offer and armistice and ask for their help to locate the princess. However, something is heading their way. The ship. He thinks it’s a bombardment, but upon landing, realizes it is Count Saazbaum’s Cataphract. It begins destroying the castle. Cruhteo realizes that Saazbaum is the mastermind. It may have killed him with a weapon, but it is hard to tell. These kind of people come back sometimes. Saazbaum takes Slaine and leaves with him.

Man, Aldnoah, more revelations. I think the best is that Cruhteo isn’t actually a villain. There needed to be more sympathetic Martians. And I did think Cruhteo was an interesting character. I wonder if he’s actually dead? What do you guys think? I think he’s probably still alive. One, because we need more sympathetic Martians. Two, we didn’t actually see him die. We saw carnage, but he could have escaped. I thought he died the first time it pulled back and showed Saazbaum hit the Castle, but he was alive. I don’t know, I hope he survives.

I also like that this was a more explanatory episode. I love the fighting, don’t get me wrong, but there are so many questions and things I want to see that it’s good to have a breather episode. All fighting tends to make a story dull in my opinion. Aldnoah.Zero has done a good job keeping things interesting and fun, with action, drama, a bit of comedy thrown in. It’s a fun show and I always want to know what’s going to happen next.


So, how did this episode compare? Do you think Cruhteo is dead? What will happen to Slaine now? Will Inaho and Asseylum do it and make Slaine ridiculously jealous? All these questions and more I wish to discuss. Now I just need someone to discuss them with. Any takers?

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