Mechs, fighting, and an uneasy truce between Martians and Terrans. And a Terran who is thought to be a Martian. And not a truce between other Martians. It’s a fight, is what I’m saying. I’m not good at explanations. But it is great.

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We see what happens with Slaine during the last episode’s fight. When he escape, he holds hostage a Martian. He questions him about the Orange Cataphract. When the man refuses to answer well, he shoots him through the leg. awesome! The man tells him about the Orange Cat and that it was last seen on a ship heading South-Southwest. So Slaine escapes to find it because that’s where he last saw Princess Asseylum. He comes upon them just in time to save them from a Martian Cataphract.

Count Cruhteo, angry about Slaine’s actions, decides to go after him himself in his Tharsis. But Count Saazbaum stops him. He wishes to find out where Slaine is going, and should he know he’s being followed, he may change his destination. He asks Cruhteo what he thinks about Slaine sneaking into the Audience Chamber. Saazbaum says he thinks Slaine has accomplices, though he knows that Slaine went to see the Emperor. Why he doesn’t tell Cruhteo is odd (Cruhteo may be a bit of a dick, but he seems pretty honorable and didn’t want Asseylum dead), but he tells his at least that he will track Slaine from his ship.

The ship tries to determine Slaine’s motives for helping, but Inaho puts it best when he says “The Enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but he can still be useful.”

The female knight is angry of course, wondering what clan the Sky Carrier belongs to. She nearly attacks him with her Arm Missiles, and claims the island is Femieanne territory (is that her name? That’s a terrible name.) It seems she still has all the arms though. I thought at least one was destroyed. She sends them after Slaine now, who out maneuvers them, but the speed and force behind them knock him unconscious. He wakes up just as Inaho knocks away one of the arms. It destroys the fingers of one of the arms, and Femieanne gets angry.

Marito is still sitting in the cockpit of his Cat, seemingly unable to move as someone, possible Calm, shouts his name. He thinks back about the Heaven’s fall and his friend Humeray.

The group tries to hit the arms, but they are keeping well away from the ship now. Inaho asks for one of the well docks to be opened. Permission is granted. He leaps onto the dock to get closer to the missiles and shoots them off target. The people in the dock have to cover their ears from his firing. Though the princess stops for a second and gets the full shockwave with ears uncovered. Will it deafen her? Who knows? Could be an interesting predicament though.

The bridge manages to find a hidden dock, thanks to one of the arms colliding with the cliff wall. Captain Magbaredge gets a check of the ship, engine running, and hull taking on water, and tells them to head for the dock.

Inaho, after having a moment with Asseylum, jumps off the ship onto the dock wall that the ship struck and heads to the shore. He is followed by his sister Yuki and Inko. The ship gets safely into the hidden dock and fires at the ceiling, causing the entrance to collapse, trapping, but hiding them. The Yuki and Inko, as well as Slaine from above, wonder what Inaho is doing. Inaho plans to take out the Catphract.

On Sauzbaum’s castle, they come in range of Japan and plan to scan the area for Slaine’s stolen sky carrier. Sauzbaum thinks back about Slaine explaining that the Princess was alive, probably assuming that he’s going to her, but is interrupted by them finding the ship and finding out it is fighting the Hellas, Femieanne’s Cataphract.

The ship in the hidden dock grounds itself, and they plan to abandon ship. Calm opens the hatch to Marito’s Cat and finds him unconscious. The doctor helps lead everyone off the ship. Nina asks about the Mustang platoon, who she is terrified to find out that they’re using themselves as decoys to let them escape.

The arms are trying to get through the bedrock to get at the assault ship. However, they need impact, and for impact, they need distance. And as Inaho points out, with great distance, even the tiniest change in direction can put them way off course. He continues to keep the rockets away from the bedrock, while the others spot for him. Slaine keeps him safe from other attacks to him directly. He then wants to attack the Cat directly, which the others think is crazy, but he thinks it may be weaker than it looks and asks for Inko’s handgun.

Magbaredge gets confirmation that everyone has been evacuated, so she and the others start evacuating the crew. She salutes her warship. She asks about the Mustang platoon, but there’s no word. Mizusaki finds her. There seems to be a problem.

Asseylum looks worried, When asked about it by Eddelrittuo, she wonders if all this, the war, the death, this situation, is all because of her coming to Earth. Rayet says that it is her fault, and she’d better be careful around everyone, because ALL Martians are the enemy. The three listen as the Captain passes in a rage, and they follow her to find out what is wrong.

What they find is a Martian Cataphract in the dock. When asked about it, Marito answers. There were two meteors that hit the place. The first caused the bay, the second caused the crater where they stand. The Cat was the one that came to earth and destroyed all the forces of Earth. Marito has assumed it was destroyed by Heaven’s Fall. But instead, they find that Marito’s report on Heaven’s fall was hushed up to keep the Cat a secret so they could make it their own. Nina sees something, and the other look down, seemingly horrified.

Inaho signals Slaine, and the other asks what he’s doing. He tells them the Asura (cataphract, I assume) hasn’t attacked in a while, and he suspects that the only attack it has are its fists, so he’s bringing the attack to it. So Slaine comes down and Inaho jumps onto the landing pad.

Inaho opens the direct channel to talk to him. They only have a few shots left each. Yuki protests, but he blocks her out, which angers her. Slaine then tells him about the Hellas’ attacks. Inaho has figured out how to destroy them.

He then asks for the signals from Slaine’s stabilizers, telling him he can figure it out when Slaine says they use different systems. A fist comes at him, and when the hands open, Inaho fires at it, destroying the fist and confirming his suspicions. Femieanne is furious and launches two more missile arms.

Yuki and Inko decide to press forward to help. Though Inko initially protests, Yuki says that, though his stunts are crazy, the get results.

The next two fists close in and Inaho shoots one with a tow line, it seems. He tells Slaine to smash them together. As one hand opens, to rid itself of the line, it’s hit and is destroyed on impact. The other he shoots where it’s engines are, which can’t be armored and are thus vulnerable.

Two more head towards them, and Inaho instructs Slaine to get near the coast. He tells Yuki and Inko to fire at them as they pass, hitting the engines again and dropping the missiles to the ground. Femieanne is furious (and probably a bit crazy), calling the arms “her children.” Yuki and Inko plan to attack simultaneously.

However, before they can do anything. Femianne transforms into a sort of rocket and takes off. The others fire at it, but miss. It starts to turn and rocket for them, and they don’t have a gun big enough to harm it or knock it off course. Unfortunately Inaho and Slaine are too heavy to dodge. But Slaine gets away by stalling the engine to do a quick dive. But they can’t recover from it quickly and they can’t dodge again. They’re ready to fight back, but something hits the rocket from the side, knocking it away.

It’s rockets firing from the ground. After a few moments of rumbling a huge ship bursts out of the side of the cliff. It’s a Battleship, and it’s controlled by Princess Asseylum, in conjunction with the other apparently, and using her Aldnoah. Slaine is overjoyed, but Femianne is angry. She goes to attack the battleship, baffled at how it is moving without Aldnoah.

However, Inaho knocks out one of her engines from behind and she falls to the Earth again. The battleship then rams into the cataphract, crushing it. She’s still not destroyed and plans to keep attacking, but something hits her and the Cat explodes. We see Rayet in a Cat, who says “All Martians will pay for my father’s death!”

The others seem cheerful about the victory, though Captian Magbaredge looks suspiciously at the princess.

Slaine is happy the princess is alive, but Inaho questions how he knew? For all the Martians know, the princess was dead. Slaine demands to see her, but Inaho wants an answer. Slaine becomes angry and points a weapon at him, asking if he plans to use her. Inaho tells him it’s no business of his.

It seems like he fires at Inaho, but Inaho shoots one of his wings. Inaho jumps off the sky carrier and uses a line to grapple the ship and pulls the ship down, into the ocean. Slaine yells, asking if Inaho is his enemy. Inaho quietly tells him that Slaine is HIS enemy.

And just another great episode. It’s mostly a fighting episode, but that’s ok. The fight was good and this time it wasn’t just about Inaho kicking ass. Slaine and many of the others really showed their mettle. And the Princess taking over the new ship and Rayet handing out punishment like it was nothing… Classy ladies there. It was just a cool episode.

But obviously the best part was just the very end, with Slaine and Inaho talking to each other and Inaho taking out Slaine because he doesn’t trust him. What a twist. But he said at the beginning of the episode that Slaine wasn’t his friend, but someone he could use. He shows that he’s cold and ruthless, which takes him away from many trusting protagonists.  His flaws may just be that he doesn’t really trust others. He wants to do everything himself. Which is kind of perfect and will bite him in the ass later I’m sure. I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m sure Slaine isn’t killed and we will see him again, but I want to see the reactions next episode when everyone gets together again.

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