This will be a two-parter review of Akame ga Kill episodes 7 and 8 (See: Really long). I haven’t liked it much, so I may drop it after this episode. Can it make a comeback and wow me here? Or will it continue to disappoint me like I disappointed my father by being unable to bat a dunk into the Endzone (I can sport!). Let’s find out.

This is JustintheThief; Here’s my review.

Esdeath has returned to the capital. The reward to her was 10,000 gold pieces, which she will give to her soldiers. Her elite soldiers, it seems, are shown with her, of which there are three, including an old dude with a mustache (awesome), the forgettable one (meh), and  lion-esque pupil-less guy (much less awesome). She says she will get rid of Night Raid and is asked by the emperor what she wants in return. She says she wishes to fall in love. After rejecting the prime minister because he’s a fat ass (basically) she says she’ll find some one who meets her criteria and let him know. I’m watching the episode as I’m reviewing, so I don’t know for sure, but the way this is heading, I’m betting it’ll be Tatsumi.

Mine has trouble eating due to her injuries, and Akame helps her out, though grudgingly on Mine’s part. Tatsumi marvels at Akame’s calm even after the events of Sheele’s death. He has found out that the killer was Seryu, and doesn’t seem to know what to do about it.

The Prime Minister and Esdeath walk through the courtyard, talking about her strange infatuation with love. The Prime Minister seems to get it, as she’s only human, where Esdeath chalks it up to animalistic instincts. But she will focus on Night Raid for the time being, which the Prime Minister has ideas about. She directs her soldiers to do something not specified. They seem ready to do anything for her at the drop of a hat.

Tatsumi gets up to warm himself up in the middle of the night. He finds Akame making an offering of the dead to Sheele. He is amazed by her composure and how used she is to these things. She absolutely flips out, grabbing his shirt and crying. She tells him she just saw a friend die, and how used to that can someone really be. Startled by this revelation, Tatsumi punches himself in the face (for some reason) so he can “switch gears” and be more composed, working towards their goal of a better kingdom.

Tatsumi begins training harder than ever with Akame. Bulat joins in the fray, punching Tatsumi and reprimanding him to pay attention to his surroundings. He then volunteers to spar with Tatsumi, taunting him about how his determination won’t make him better. The fight continues.

An armed caravan drives through the street, a girl and her father are riding. He is apparently a sort of political leader going to rally revolutionaries against the current prime minister. His daughter is his body-guard. They are then stopped by three figures, who we see are the elite soldiers under Esdeath. The daughter and her men charge, but Lion dude cuts them down with a sweep of his blade. The girl is wounded, the uninteresting one, who may be a girl or a child, takes her away to SKIN HER ALIVE! Yes, I know. Interesting Mustache apologizes to the Old man, seeming not to really care about him dying, but he is absolutely loyal to Esdeath and will do what she says. So he decapitated him with his bare hands. The Man/Girl returns, done with the deed, and the others have thrown flyers all over the place. As they leave, we see the flyers. It’s pronouncing the deaths were done by Night Raid… who would buy that? We are assassins, creatures of darkness and secret ninja death… also we tell everyone it was us with autographs every time we kill someone. Brilliant….

Najenda gathers all of Night Raid together for a meeting. She tells Leone that she wants her to spy on Esdeath’s movements now that she’s back. Leone takes this to mean she can kill her if she has a chance. Najenda tells the group that a strong group of relic wielder have been killing political leaders and their guards and claiming it to be the work of Night Raid. Tatsumi brings up that point that that’s a stupid idea, but apparently, because of how strong the guards were, they know the killers need to be strong, so Night Raid would be the first choice of people strong enough to take these people out. Apparently people are stupid.

But Tatsumi makes a speech about how they can’t just let others falsely accuse them of crimes. Even though they’re criminals… but I understand this one. The others agree with him, and they decide to stop them. So Najenda sends them in pairs to guard the next two officials.

Bulat and Tatsumi are sent to a giant luxury liner called The Ryuusen. Tatsumi goggles at its size, as it’s much like a giant fortress. He knows that’s where they must wait for the impostors. Bulat is nowhere to be seen.

Akame and Lubbock watch from the shadows of trees as they guard an official on a relief mission. Lubbock is impressed that they seem to care. And Akame likes the good they are doing, but watching them give away rice makes her hungry. She chomps on Lubbock’s hand as he gives her some food. They continue to watch warily, Akame’s thoughts drifting to what could happen to Bulat and Tatsumi should they run into the enemy.

Tatsumi relaxes at a party, sure that the official can’t be assassinated, but Bulat hits him. Invisible, he tells Tatsumi to keep his guard up, just in case. The two bicker for a moment, and Tatsumi comments on the abilities of the Armor, which helped them sneak onto the ship. Bulat claims it is his partner.

Previously, his commander was set up for a wrongdoing he didn’t commit. Bulat was also captured and branded a criminal. However, the defense for the case fell through and the two were imprisoned or punished, though Bulat made his escape with the armor. Also, the general kind of looks and sounds like the Old Mustachioed elite guy who works for Esdeath. Maybe not, but who knows. This story angers Tatsumi, like everything does, but they are interrupted when the invisibility on the armor starts to give out. Tatsumi says he’ll watch the other deck, while Bulat checks below while his armor recharges. Tatsumi heads into the ship to look around. He hears flute music.

Leone is stalking Esdeath, like she said, and wants to kill her, but her primal instincts stop her. Her heightened senses knowing there is a trap, angrily, she retreats. Esdeath senses her move away, and is disappointed, but her food distracts her quickly.

The girl/boy and Mustache are sitting together, with Boy/Girl playing the flute. They talk of how everyone must be down now. Downstairs, all the patrons except Tatsumi have fallen unconscious to the floor. Tatsumi decides to go outside to try to rid himself of the flute’s sound. However he can still hear it, and is attacked by someone.

The Lion/pupil-less guy finds him and challenges him to a fight, wanting to gain experience (have we suddenly started watching D&D games?). Tatsumi attacks, but the opponent is much stronger than he. He then splits the Axe in half to two cleavers (where did the Axe haft go?) and throws them like boomerangs (I’m assuming magic, because that doesn’t work aerodynamically). Tatsumi is slashed on the stomach and face, but decides to charge ahead, hoping to catch the man off guard and use his own weapons against him.

However, Bulat punches him out of the way from nowhere. He reprimands Tatsumi for being careless and not noticing his opponent was playing right into his hands. The fighter seems startled, then angry at the interruption. But he’s surprised and impressed that Bulat injured himself to stave off the effects of the flute. Bulat introduces himself as “Handsome” because of course he does. We find out this guy is Diadara of the Three Beasts. He tells Tatsumi to watch the Fight.

Bulat calls out his armor, Incursio, and right after, all three of the elites attack at once. But Bulat dodges the attacks, takes out the two attacking him from behind, and slices Diadara in half, killing him (probably). He then tells Tatsumi that’s what he meant about being mindful of his surroundings. He boasts about being Bulat the “100 man slayer,” but a voice rings out, saying it was 128 men. Mustache is back on his feet, and it is indeed Bulat’s old officer, Who is very unfortunately named General Liver. The battle continues in the next episode. Probably with Bulat’s death.

So this is a two parter, so ONWARD!

General Liver tells Bulat he is a general no more, but Esdeath’s servant after she saved him. Tatsumi shows a moment of brilliance and realized this is the guy from his bro’s story. The two have a moment where Bulat says if they had been on the same side, they could have celebrated with a drink, but because they are enemies, he must kill is old general. Liver feels the same and shows his Relic, which causes water to shoot out of the barrels around them.

His relic is the Black Marlin, made of an Aquatic Danger Beast that could control water, Liver can control any liquids nearby him. We also find out that Esdeath can create ice from nothing, which does indeed put her power on a whole other level.

The Boy/girl attempts to play the flute again, but this time Tatsumi attacks him. They fight on par for a moment, both wounded, but the Tatsumi is slower and he’s knocked over. They begin fighting again, Tatsumi commenting that though he’s fast, Akame is much faster. This angers him and they comment that the two of them are on more even footing.

Bulat and Liver have a very hard pressed battle. Liver creates dragons out of the water to attack Bulat and the ship, who attacks the serpent head on so that it doesn’t cause any casualties on the ship. However, this puts him in the air and he’s unable to dodge the next attack, water spears from Liver. Bulat yells so hard the mask of his armor breaks off. Liver manages to wax eloquently for a full minute before starting his next attack, which is meant to kill Bulat, who is, amazingly, still falling. We see Bulat disappear behind the torrent of the Water Dragon’s  Divine Conquest.

But to Liver’s amazement, he survives, and nearly takes out Liver, had Boy/Girl not gotten in the way again. He’s knocked back but Liver is again on the defensive. Tatsumi apologizes for being unable to hold him off any longer, but Bulat congratulates him for holding him off for that long without a Relic. But Bulat’s armor vanishes, which happens when it takes too much damage. Liver appears ready to attack again, but Bulat retorts that his ears are bleeding. He did too much, and his Relic is also at its limit.

Liver asks Bulat to join them, as he’s strong enough to rise to Second-in-Command, but Bulat refuses to go back to the Empire. Liver argues that they fight for Esdeath, who saved him, but he still refuses. The Boy/girl seems ready to use the flute, and Tatsumi gets to his feet, though injured to watch the fight.  So they decide to fight it out with swords instead. But Liver injects himself with a steroid or adrenaline shot that ups his strength to make him stronger. Tatsumi yells unhelpful advice and Bulat seems eager to fight.

The two draw weapons and attack, agile and fast to Tatsumi’s amazement due to their current injuries. The fight is furious, but Bulat quickly gains the upper hand after the two yell at each other. Bulat breaks Liver’s sword and strikes a blow. However, in a twist, Liver uses a secret technique, using his own blood as a weapon. Bulat manages to block a lot of the blood blades, but gets struck by several. Liver is surprised that he survived it. Bulat explains to Tatsumi that he realized blood is a liquid and managed to block the technique with the split second of warning.

A dying Liver tells Bulat why he joined Esdeath. He idolized her, after she told him he could still fight and be useful after his disgrace. He may have even fallen in love with her. That was something that I thought may have happened. However. it turned out that the strength booster he injected into himself wasn’t just an enhancement. It was also a deadly poison, one now coursing through Bulat’s veins! Liver dies of his wounds soon after. Tatsumi tries to help Bulat, but he can barely move. And it turns out the trump card was the boy with the flute.

The flute can also increase his strength as well as put to sleep others. So he and Tatsumi must fight, and Tatsumi is wounded and was already beaten once. But Bulat bequeath Incursio upon him, telling him to believe in his fighting spirit and inner strength. Though it could easily kill him, Tatsumi takes on the challenge and dons the armor, which was made of a Dragon Danger Beast and the armor is still alive. It changes to mold to what Tatsumi needs and the armor accepts him.

He takes on the beefed up guy and they throw all their power into a hit. But after a moment, Tatsumi takes him by force and slams him against the wall so hard, blood flies everywhere, killing him. He falls to the ground. Bulat watches, amazed at how strong he is, and hoping one day he surpasses him in power. His eyes drift shut as Tatsumi runs towards him. Tatsumi asks Bulat if it’s ok to cry now, as he bawls over his bro’s dead form.

Finally we see a pile of dead bodies and a girl sitting atop it. Some people tell her that they’re going back to the capital. She stands up, her name is Kurome… where have we heard that before. She looks out at the sun and wonders if she’ll see her sister… Akame… I get it now! Lets see some sister on sister action! But not like that! Fighting, I mean!

Alright, again, not a bad two parter, but there were some thing I just didn’t like about the episodes. I am not sure why. Perhaps it’s just that I feel like I’ve just seen stuff like this before. The characters don’t feel fresh to me. Tatsumi is just like a dozen other shonen characters, Kind of an idiot, and dense, but will talent and willpower and luck that helps him defeat stronger opponents. And a lot of the others are tropes as well. The emotionless girl with a warm affectionate personality. The strong, busty, loudmouthed one, The practical one who turns out to be a huge pervert. It’s all there.

The episodes weren’t bad, though, I can’t stress that enough. The fight scenes were excellent, and when Bulat just straight up murdered Diadara, I was like “Dude, shit got real. They didn’t play around with that.” And the interaction with Akame having her breakdown was also wonderfully done. And anytime Esdeath is on-screen, I’m generally drawn to whatever she’s doing. And Bulat, I’ve begun to like more, then they jerked my heart with his death.

And that’s a problem in and of itself. We just had a major character die TWO EPISODES AGO! Why did we need to reiterate that again? It was too soon, and we still don’t know a ton about Bulat. Like Sheele, we learned about his past, like the episode before he died, and it’s was a minute and a half flashback. And I guess Bulat had to die for Tatsumi to get his armor and for it to mean something, but it would mean more to me if I knew more about Bulat to begin with.

Things I know about Bulat: He’s gay, He was once in the Empire’s military, his relic is a dragon-made armor called Incursio. That’s pretty much it. Also, he’s gay, did I mention that? (and to be sure, I’m not bashing anyone’s sexual orientation, I just think they made too many jokes there.) We just didn’t know enough about him, or I didn’t to really be effected. And I kind of saw it coming. And the fights themselves were fine. And Tatsumi got a Relic… Yay! We knew he would. And he got it in a tragic way… Awww. I’m just not very impressed by what has happened so far. So I think I’m going to — Hey, what are you doing?

No, stop that, stop that right now, put that down! Stop typ-

No, you stop, give it to me!

Give it!

No, I don’t like it, I’m just going to drop–

Don’t you dare drop it. Let me have it!

I don’t even know– what in the world are you doing with that bust of William Howard Taft– OH SWEET JES– *loud smack and something hitting the floor*

(Silence except for heavy breathing)

(Feet leaving, then returning quickly)

Rrrrtt! (sound of tape)

*drag, drag drag*

(something heavy being opened)


(The sound of something falling into water)

Well that’s enough of that. Hi, I’m Chris Marsh; Here’s MY review!

I actually do agree with Justin. Basically, I felt like Balut’s character was only there to give Tatsumi the power ranger armor and to motivate him to train further. I think his death felt forced and a little rushed, which is the same thing I felt about Sheele. They both died way too quickly for me to really develop an attachment to them. Therefore, I didn’t really feel anything when they died. 

Overall, I feel that Akame ga Kill doesn’t have a good feel for itself. There are all these cute girls and “funny” moments thrown in, and then it just switches gears and tries gets dark. I don’t appreciate the constant tonal shifts and it prevents me from getting really invested, I think. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Akame ga Kill seems like it’s in a video game. It’s got everything from legendary loot to monster hunting. It just seems so game-y to me and is laced with common anime tropes.

I think it’s an underwhelming series so far, considering it’s pre-air hype from manga readers. It could definitely do better, and I hope that it will. I plan to review it and give a fair take on the series as an unbiased non-manga reader. And I let Justin drop it and take a nap… permanently… Mwahahahahahahaha!

Comments? Questions? Startled Concern? Zealous Arousal? Are you wondering if this is Chris writing or Justin? Could it be both? Or neither? Maybe I’m a ghost! And maybe ghosts speak to you if you talk to them. It wouldn’t hurt to try. Ask something about… I don’t know… Akame ga Kill episodes 7-8, just off the top of my head. Talk about it. Maybe whoever is typing this will answer…

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