Why it took to ep 9 I’m not sure, but it’s time to call it quits here.

And with that my run of P.A. Works latest anime comes to an end. All in all Glasslip failed in pretty much everything except animation and music. I should’ve realized this after ep 2 that it was only going to get worse and I should’ve just left, but I stayed on board and kept enduring. Looking back at it now all I can really say is this: why? There are so many things about this anime that I question, right down to the core of the plot.

From ep 1 we’re not given a story in the slightest bit nor do we feel that compelled to continue watching as we’re not really sure what it’s supposed to all be about. While ep 2 introduces us to some story it ultimately fails to expand on it and any attempt to just twists the plot more and more to the point where it’s just a bunch of random events with nothing tying them together.

After 9 eps I’ve had it. Well I had it like after ep 2, but I wanted to believe that P.A. Works still had it in them to make something good. Looks like I was wrong. If you stuck with me this far, thanks for enduring, but enough is enough and this has to end now. I’m dropping Glasslip in hopes that P.A. Works next anime, ShiroBako, will be better as it seems a lot more down to Earth. However no panty shots might be the downfall of it before it even starts.

So that’s gonna be the end of these reviews. No I won’t review this ep as it’s not worth talking about, but if you were wondering, yes Sachi loves Touko, and in a romantic way too.

Up next we’ll see the fall out of their first performance last week in Hanayamata ep 10. Expect that review out Tuesday or Wednesday along with some important info attached with it too.

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