Zankyou no Terror. What can I say? You know what, I won’t say anything. I love this show. Let it speak for itself.

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In a black car, Five is singing the nursery rhyme, London Bridges. Her bodyguard says he’s never seen her in such a good move. She talks about loving playing this game, that to have fun, there has to be a loser to utterly defeat. She says she must catch Nine. Nine himself washes off the grime from the bomb.


Lisa is doing the Laundry, probably, all she can do, and amazed at a large burn hole in one of Nine’s shirts.

The police are again speaking, talking that this was the biggest bomb yet. Though there were no casualties, 72 people were injured. They also don’t know how the cell phone interference factored into the whole thing. In a final announcement, The Chief explained they’d be receiving assistance from the FBI’s counter terrorism division. No one seems overly happy about this.

Once again we see the dream sequence of young Nine running and the girl we now know to be five tripping. There’s the light again, and she laughs and explodes, blowing up everything. Nine wakes up and Twelve seems concerned, asking if he needs more sleep. But he’s worried about what five is going to do.

Where ever they are from, Nine and Twelve ran away. Five could have come, but now she’s just here to play games with the two of them. Lisa, overhearing all this, volunteers to help, though Nine flatly refuses. She persists and Nine asks what she can do. She admits she can’t use bombs or kill people. He shows her images of the last explosion, especially of the injured. She looks uncomfortable. He tells her this is what she’s doing. Twelve says the explosion wasn’t their fault, but Nine tells her to stay out of their way. Lisa looks on the verge of tears.


Shibazaki talks frankly to the chief. He says the FBI isn’t there to help, but to take over.  But they can’t do anything. He even asks about why he was summoned from the last meeting. The chief explains that he met with the higher-ups and the FBI. He was told they were helping with the Sphinx case. He asks why they’d be helping with a Japanese domestic incident. He tells them without details that he knows about the plutonium theft, and they believe that these bombers are the same.

Five pipes up that they have definitive proof. The chief asks, so they can catch the culprits, but five just laughs. She berates them for leaking info and for giving Sphinx full reign. She calls them incompetent and leaves.


Twelve is on the roof, looking at leaves or feathers that seem to be floating up to the sky. Some sort of hallucination or vision?

The Chief explains to Shibazaki that Five is a member of the US Nuclear Emergency Support Team. And apparently it is official. Shibazaki worries that they know that it was plutonium that was stolen from the facility. He also reasons that they will use whatever means necessary, dangerous or not, to capture Sphinx. And he worries that Sphinx might do something drastic as a result.

Lisa is looking out off the rooftop. She hears Twelve behind her, telling her that her voice is pale yellow in color. He apparently has synesthesia, which is an affliction. Specifically, he has Chromesthesia, where someone associates sound with colors. In this case, voices. He tells her its odd because he rarely sees a voice that color. He seems to be trying to cheer her up, but she thinks they are better off without her. However, Twelve tells her that Nine doesn’t really hate her, and that he’s just Sadistic. She laughs, commenting on how close they are and how well they know each other from being together for too long.

Another Sphinx riddle is reported, but the plug is pulled immediately when Twelve mentions that they have a copycat. Neither seem impressed, though Nine seems to think it is Five.

The police are looking at the clue as well. Both figure the clue, which references Caesar is actually in reference to the Caesar Cypher, which uses two alphabets, with one shifted slightly so they align with different letters. The talk about Arab is turning the letters into Roman Numerals. There isn’t a key, so they use a three-letter shift, which is the default. It turns out the numbers are coordinates, to Haneda International airport, which was one of Sphinx’s targets. The police alert the Airport. The bomb is set to go off at 8pm.

Another text message shows up. This one only saying Von Voyage. One of the police mentions that it’s spelled wrong. But Shibazaki tells him no, it’s correct. Twelve seems to think it’s pretty believable. I’m not 100% but i think it’s a reference to Volatile Organic Nitrogen, but I’m not sure. Can anyone confirm that? But Nine says it’s probably a message meaning that she has seen through everything.

The police and the FBI are working together, with the FBI telling the police that any communications need to be directed through them. They seem to agree with these terms. He goes to check out the reconnaissance set up. He tells Five that he’s sure they know it’s a trap, but she is just as sure that they will come to see her.


The two discuss what should be done. Whether the bomb is real or not, whether or not they need to go or not, how they should enter the airport, ect. They’re worried about the bomb’s location, as now that it’s tourist season, the airport is packed. Hundreds could potentially die. Twelve questions her sanity, and Nine doesn’t disagree. He just loads a gun and remarks on the insanity of the situation.

Shibazaki just sits there, not getting ready. When Hamura asks what’s wrong, he tells him that he’s unsure the new riddle is really Sphinx. It doesn’t have any of the hallmarks of their previous riddles. Hamura is ready to go, but the chief enters and tells them all to stand down. The FBI and Bomb squad will handle it. All those orders were handed down from the Superintendent-General. So no one should act. Everyone seems shocked and angry by this. Shibazaki stands to leave, and he mentions he’s going to get some food.

Nine and Twelve work on their plan. Nine mentions it’s probably set up so they’ll be watched and Five will know when they arrive. Twelve suggests they use Lisa as an unfamiliar face. A trump card if you will. She picks this inopportune time to drop everything she’s holding while trying to cook dinner. Twelve doesn’t seem to want to.

Hamura catches up with Shibazaki, and tells him basically he knows that he’s going to try something they were told not to, and wants in on it. Three other members of the team show up as well, all there to help.

Twelve is still arguing for Lisa to help. She tells Nine that even though she isn’t really ready for the terroristic stuff, she really want to help them. He sighs and says that they need to arrive in different ways and they’ll let her know what to do. Twelve gives her a thumbs up in affirmation.

Twelve mentions that they are terrorists, so why are they stopping the bomb. Three groups, The Police, Lisa, and Sphinx all converge onto the Airport. Nine and Twelve sneak in as Airport employees, but Five, with her huge network, finds them swiftly.

After changing, she finds them again, and shows on one of the televisions the airport compound. She places a grid over it. They realize that it’s a chessboard. Twelve mentions that she may want to finish the previous game they were playing.  She makes the first move as D4. Twelve surmises that the winning play will determine where the bomb is. Nine thinks about moves, and decides on Knight to F6. The two run off in different directions, as Five mutters about the game beginning.


Zankyou has not yet disappointed me with an episode and this one really ups the ante. With a big overarching two-part episode, we are getting the feel of Five and what she is capable of. And what she is capable of is quite terrifying. Setting up a bomb scare, probably with an actual bomb is well past the disturbed line and well into crazy. But it gives some urgency to the mission that two TERRORISTS are trying to STOP a bomb from killing hundreds of people. And that it’s based around a game of chess makes it excited. I want to see how moving the pieces affects the game.

I’m also curious how Lisa will be worked into the plan. I feel like she’s going to be used as a sort of trump card that Five doesn’t know about. A kink in the plans if you will. And how Shibazaki and the other police officers effect the game. The next episode promises to be both revealing and very promising. Also, may I say, there are often confusing, though striking moments in the series. Such as the floating feathers scene with Twelve. Just a thought.


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