Wow, can you believe it? Two good Rail Wars! eps in a row? What’s happening?!

Here’s my review.

Last week we ended with Sakurai, Haruka and Iwaizumi flying through the air as the train car the gang was is took a turn for the worst. Of course Sakurai is the girl to land with her boobs on Takayama’s head, but thankfully that wasn’t made into a huge deal like a situation like that usually is.

So pretty much this week not much happens aside from more fun in the tunnels. K4 are still en-route to deliver the precious cargo so it’s mostly just them going through tunnel after tunnel, still going fast and trying to slow down so they don’t crash. They use some tricks to get the car to slow down, thanks to Haruka’s knowledge, but in the end the car still crashes after everyone bales at the station. Honestly if you want to be serious about it, it’s a boring ep as it’s just one long scene pretty much, but considering that there is once again very little, if any excessive boob/ass shots (I counted only 1 ass shot in the entire ep) so that’s a huge improvement from the norm.

The overall situation K4 are in is a pretty interesting one, that’s probably why I like this 2 ep arc the most. Delivering organs literally means you’re carrying someones life in your hands and if you fail to get it to them, they will die. It’s a very real situation they’re in, a landslide takes out the track and they’ve got this organ to deliver, so in terms of making the setting realistic I think they did a pretty good job. For that reason and the fact there are very little boob/ass shots in these eps make them probably my favorites so far.

No, I’m not saying I don’t like the boobs and ass in this anime, but I actually like a story with what I watch. If I want boobs I can watch fucking hentai (which may or may not have more story at times); point is I like things with a story/plot/whatever the fuck you want to call it, and these two eps had the most of that so far.

But there are things that happen with the characters in this ep too. The while Sakurai/Haruka/Takayama love triangle seems to have calmed down a lot, but Noa and Sasshou are still out there, Sasshou probably having the best chance out of them all. Noa by the way, is only mentioned in this ep as they gang are en-route to her concert at the end of the ep, meh I wanted to see her perform once again.

So in the end this was a good ep by my books, not a series saving ep, but just something good. I wish I could say the same for Glasslip (I have yet to watch the latest ep as I write this review) but this is definitely a turn for the better. Will Rail Wars! be able to continue this trend of good eps? Probably not, but if only 2 out of the 12 eps are good, that’s a hell of a lot more than Glasslip.

So there you have it, Rail Wars! ep 9. If you’ve stuck with this one for this long, how did you enjoy these past two eps? Love it? Hate it? Who’s your fav character so far? What are you thoughts on the final few eps? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next I’ll have the weekly look at Glasslip, ep 9, and see if it’ll be the last one I’m reviewing. Also, reviews by Justin will still be posted, don’t worry. He’s just a bit behind with things, but they’ll be up soon.

Here’s what we can expect next week from Rail Wars!

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 09 [061BB2AA].mkv_snapshot_24.04_[2014.08.29_15.41.37]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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More official artwork. Click for screen breaking full size.

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