Akame ga Kill has been the least of my shows this season. It’s been very up and down for me this season. Nick was telling me that this episode was really where the show seemed to get kicked into high gear. Let’s see if he’s right.

I’m JustintheThief; Here’s my review!

So, once again, we start off with a dream… wait, no we don’t. No dream sequence to start the episode (Though the haziness of the dream sequences is still present, just with opium smoke). Leone and Tatsumi are currently working a job in the capital’s Red Light District. Tatsumi feels uncomfortable, which Leone finds cute. She transforms into her Beast Relic and the hunt begins. She grabs Tatsumi, and carries him as she leaps and runs across the buildings, much to Tatsumi’s annoyance, then terror.

The two are hidden in the roof of the area and watch a group of drugged prostitutes. Their pimps/drug dealers enter, who are apparently gaining their services through keeping them high. One of the girls is writhing, laughing on the floor. They say she’s gone. She reaches up, asking for more drugs, but is beaten until unconscious. They talk of getting more whores off the street.

Tatsumi is angry at these men, calling them scum, but Leone is somber. She tells Tatsumi that she knew the girl who was hit. They were together in the slums. She stands and says the men are dead, that now it’s personal. However, I have a fundamental problem with this. Aren’t assassins supposed to be cold, calculating killers? You can’t be calculating when angry or hunting for revenge. Perhaps, it’s just from all the movies and TV about this, but I know that anger and hate doesn’t help you focus, or fight at your peak, as it’s a distraction and causes you to do irrational and hasty things. So the fact that she’s emotional makes her a poor assassin. Just saying…

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So we go back to the Drug Pimps, one of whom is just coppin’ a feel of a busty hooker. They discuss Tybil and expanding their drug empire, where the roof caves in from the two assassins standing on it, like roofs are wont to do. However, isn’t the point of assassination to kill quietly? Whatever, too late for me to complain about that at this point. There is a fast and violent fight, and most of the men lay dead. One of the leaders pulls a gun, but Tatsumi gets to him first and cuts him cleanly in half. The Boss tries to make a getaway, but he’s grabbed by the throat by Leone, who after listening to his pleading, punches him hard enough in the stomach to leave a hole.

After the whole situation, Tatsumi voices his concern about the girls in the brothel. Leone gives a callous answer, but mentions a doctor that she knows who would help. She stays callous even after Tatsumi calls her a nice person at heart. Leone then seductively tells Tatsumi that he can be cute, and licks his ear. He freaks out, like male mains are wont to do, and she tells him she was marking him as her own for when he’s older. She wonders how the others missions are going.

We see Mine and Sheele making a getaway, apparently after having dealt with Tybil, who was being discussed by the others. However, someone is waiting for them in the trees and pounces on them. It’s Seryu Ubiquitous. She’s very obviously insane. Like, from the last episode to this one, how is there such a marked difference in how she acts? It’s honestly kind of jarring. And now we have an episode long fight…

We learn (a bit suddenly) about Seryu’s past, in that her father was killed in the line of duty, and of course, Captain Ogre. Mine, who has had enough, strikes first with her relic. However, all it does is get blocked by Seryu’s relic, Coro. She tells the hurricane of teeth and fat to attack, but he gets sliced by Sheele’s scissor relic, most of his face missing. But he gets back up and heals almost instantly. Mine shoots him to send him away and mentions that living relics have  a core somewhere on their bodies. Unless you destroy that, it regenerates.

It grows muscular arms, and I agree with Mine that it’s gross. Sheele somehow blocks the barrage, and Seryu calls for back-up. Realizing they are in more danger, Mine shoots an even stronger shot at Coro, which destroys a good portion of its head. But it regenerates again. Seryu taunts them, but Sheele comes at her from the side, telling her that regardless, relics are but tools. Cut down the wielder, and the relic becomes useless.

Sheele uses Extase, and a bright glowing erupts from her scissors. She fights pretty equally with Seryu, whom she admits is strong. Coro tries to help, but is kept busy by Mine and Pumpkin (which is a stupid name for a gun).

The fight between Sheele and Seryu seems to come to a close when Seryu trips, and Sheele cuts off both of her arms. Sheele goes in for the kill, but an even madder look passes over Seryu’s face (if that’s possible, which it turns out, it is) and a gun appears where her arm was. A body modification. She shoots at Sheele, but to her shock and the laws of physics, Sheele blocked the shot. She cuts off the guns from her arms, More blood.

But she has another card up her sleeve. She calls “Berserker” and Coro grows bigger, with more muscles teeth and hair (as if he didn’t look awkward and ugly enough). He roars and Sheele and Mine cover their ears. Coro grabs Mine and begins crushing her, breaking one of her arms. But Sheele cuts off Coro’s arm before Mine is turned into a fine powder.

She’s then shot through the chest because Seryu has a GODDAMN GUN IMPLANTED INTO HER MOUTH! I can’t even… She’s the ripped in half by the jaws of Coro, which is pretty shocking. Mine grabs her gun and tries to kill Seryu, but she can barely move her arm AND the backup arrives. It looks like Mine is also about to die. But Sheele is somehow still alive and uses Extase again, blinding everyone but Mine. Does it only work on enemies and doesn’t effect allies? I don’t know.

Sheele tells Mine to run, and giver her a sad smile. Mine, in tears, rushes off. Sheele admits that she’s glad she could be useful in the end. She thinks back over her time with Night Raid as Seryu screams for Coro to finish her. She even tells Tatsumi that she’s sorry that she can’t comfort him anymore. As she’s eaten by Coro. It’s actually quite jarring. Her blade hits the ground. It begins raining.

We watch Coro eating the rest of Sheele’s arm, and Seryu laughs that she’s done it. She seems a bit confused by the villains helping each other. The rest of the guard watches her in horrified shock. She holds up her mostly gone limbs and tells her father (you know, who is dead) that she defeated one of the villains. Her canines are huge as she laughs like a creepy ass child.

The entirety of Night Raid stands in the rain as Mine gives her report, because that’s how sad reports have to be. Akame seems shocked, Bulat is angry, Lubbock cries, Leone is stone-faced, and the Boss looks away at the ground. Tatsumi is horrified by the news. And like we all knew he would, he loses his shit.

He shakes Mine, asking who did it, but she refuses to answer. The Boss asks what he is planning to do. He talks of avenging her. Najenda tells him it’s stupid to rush out without a plan. He says he doesn’t care and wants to do something, but a hard punch sends him flying. It was Bulat. He tells Tatsumi angrily that he’s embarrassing himself. That this is just how it is sometimes. Tatsumi looks away. Bulat’s fist is clenched and blood begins dripping from it.

Mine, lost in her own world, knows that Seryu was only doing her duty, but she killed her friend. She vows angrily that she will be the one to kill Seryu. Najenda tells them all that the death wasn’t in vain. Now the empire knows that they need relic users to defeat them. The coming days will be full of those who will be after them with Relics. Tatsumi seems to have pulled himself together.

We find him again by his friend’s graves, thinking of Sheele and how she held him. For a moment, he thinks that Sheele is near him, but he doesn’t find her. He seems to come to the conclusion, she’s dead, but still near him as he looks to the sky.

On a dragon thing rides Esdeath, as she looks over the Capital, welcoming it back.

Sigh… I have so many problems with this show. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is certainly a step up from most of the previous episodes, but there were plenty of things I didn’t like about it. First of all, I didn’t think this was an appropriate time to kill of Sheele. I know you need a turnaround and a way to really pull someone into the story and deliver some feels, but I felt it was too rushed. We just really met Sheele in the previous episode. Not enough time to really get a feel for her. Give us a couple more episodes where she’s prominent and featured, she doesn’t have to be the focus, I just want to see her more. It just seemed forced and awkward to kill her here. Sure, I was sad, I did like Sheele, but I didn’t like her enough yet that I felt what I think the series thought I should. I’m not saying they shouldn’t kill her off. There was surely a good reason. But I felt like it could have been much better and more emotional.

Also, Seryu Ubiquitous, apart from having a terrible name, I feel like she’s a kind of terrible character. She’s jarring and fanatical and obsessive, which are fun traits in a character, especially a villain, but I felt her change from the previous episode, where she’s seen as friendly, but a bit off, though certainly angry with Night Raid, to this unfathomable and obsessive psycho was too much of a leap. It should have been brought on slowly, introduced her over a few episodes as we see well into the depths of her madness, THEN have her fight and kill Sheele. That’d give us more time with both characters. Instead, it just feels rushed and forced, and I don’t like my feelings pulled in that particular way.

But parts of the episode are good. Though Tatsumi annoys me a lot, he reacts as a real person would when someone he cared about died. I thought the end with the characters talking about Sheele’s death together was probably the best part of the episode. It felt more real than most anything else in the show, and gave some insight into several characters, and not the blatant, “This is this character’s  trope personality” that they’ve done previously, just glimpses. It was nice.

Overall it wasn’t a bad episode, but I felt it was rushed, and so far the whole show has felt like that to me. I just don’t know if I’ll continue reviewing this show. We will see.

What do you guys think? How was the episode? Do you think, like me, that it was a bit rushed and forced? Or do you think differently? I’d love to hear some opinions of why you think I’m wrong. Give me a reason to want to finish watching this show. Can you do it? Are you up for the challenge person reading this now? Are you? I see you there, eating Pringles… Don’t look away. You changed the tab to something else, but I know you know I’m still here… watching… waiting…

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