I love a good sci-fi for the sake of sci-fi. Reading, watching, writing, (animeing?) whatever. I love good sci-fi. And for a long time, I thought sci-fi with mech’s was a lost cause. However, Aldnoah has really restored my faith in the genre. Not completely, but with the knowledge it can be done well.

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We begin the episode with a long and pompous speech by the Emperor of Vers. He claims his granddaughter’s death taught them that Earth has grown cruel and above its station and as thus is declaring war on the Earth. Even some of the Martians seem startled by this news. The people of earth surely are, including Asseylum herself, as they prepare for the inevitable storm approaching.

However, in Count Cruhteo’s Castle, they are currently searching for Slaine. He tells his men to kill him on sight. However, surprisingly, Saazbaum stops him, as he is the son of Dr. Troyard (whom we still haven’t seen yet.) and he wants to talk to him about the Aldnoah research, and thus wants him taken alive. Slaine hears all this second-hand from a man he holds up at gunpoint. He also asks all he knows about the Orange Cataphract that fought Sir Vlad (Inaho).

As Inaho, Asseylum and the other students talk about the war and the previous armistice, Marito interjects with the reasoning that they’ve always been at war. The Old emperor spoke true when he declared that the princess died and showed  them all. Asseylum nearly reveals herself trying to defend what she was doing. Marito tells her that she was just the spark to ignite the powder keg, since this is what they’ve been wanting all along. Yuki comes in to announce that everyone need to come to the briefing room. Inaho gets told he needs to call her  Warrant Officer Kaizuka, since they are officially at war.

Captain Magbaredge tells the assembled group that they’ve all been drafted into the military. She expects them to all do their duties and do what they can in battle. It seemed odd to me on the first watch, but then I remembered everyone who goes to school gets military training, so this isn’t entirely unexpected. She then tells them all (including a shocked Marito) that they are going to repair and resupply at Tanegashima Base then probably head to UE (United Earth?) HQ (Headquarters, I know) in Russia. They are all dismissed.

They are all them taken to assess what each of them can do. We see the doctor offer his services, his name is Yagarai Souma. We then see Eddelrittuo giving the excuse that Saylum has been unable to have training or go to school due to illness. However, she tells the woman that she can pilot a cat. However, Eddelrittuo slipped up and called Seylum, princess. She has to make a dumb excuse that she finds her sister to be like a princess to her. The officer then sees Rayet standing to the side. Rayet says she was kept out of school for family reasons. We see Inaho get his pilots uniform. The officer tells Rayet that even if she can’t be on the front lines, she can volunteer to help protect the Earth from Martians. She looks shocked and uneasy at the thought.

We see Calm complaining to Inko and Inaho that he’s been made a mechanic. Inko reminds him that he flunked his piloting class. She tries to reassure him that he’s crucial, but all he wants to do is blast Martians. But Marito assures them that all the people who fought 15 years ago are dead. So all the new pilots are “virgins” just like they are. Calm and Inko blush, but Inaho claims that not all of them are. The other two look at him sideways, then relieved as he says that Marito was there 15 years ago. But he explains he might as well be. His report was hushed up. He tells them that even before the fragments of the moon hit Earth (They hit Tanegashima first) the Martians were already there. They were decimated by the Martian Cats, but the whole fight and battlefield was destroyed by the Heaven’s Fall incident. And since there was no proof, his report was written of as Lunatic ramblings.

Calm says that he was right though, the Martian Cataphracts are much more advanced than anything they have right now. Marito just shrugs and says that it doesn’t matter, since they don’t have the Aldnoah Drives. This puts Inaho thinking, as he gazes up at their Cataphracts.

We see Slaine, now boarding a Sky Carrier, but he is found. However, he manages to escape before anyone can do anything. Cruhteo, angry, wonders how long the boy will continue to be irksome to him.

Inaho, looking over his military grade Cat, realizes that, though it is stronger, due to the added weight, it won’t be as agile as his training unit. But he sighs, realizing he’ll have to get used to it. He looks over and sees the Princess sitting by herself, staring at the water and the sky.

As he walks over to her, she comments on how beautiful the blue sky is. She says the blue sky is unusual for her. She asks if he is studying the Cataphracts, but he laments that he doesn’t know how useful it will be in the long run due to them not having Aldnoah. He asks her what they are.

She explains that the Aldnoah is the ancient technology found on Mars that was put there by a previous, highly advanced civilization. Her grandfather was the first to find and activate the ancient tech. It then chose her father as its true user and wrote the activation sequence in his genes so that no one but his descendants (such as Asseylum) can use it. In exchange for fealty, he gave his Knights the Aldnoah and the activation factor, which they used to build the Castles and Cats. Now they aim to conquer the earth for its air and water they are blue due to refraction.

Then Inaho tells her she’s wrong. The sky isn’t blue due to refraction, but due to a process called Rayleigh Scattering, which basically is the scattering of light through particles even smaller than the wavelength of light. She says that Slaine told her that it was refraction, but he holds up his tablet, showing her the proof. For a moment, she blushes and looks like she’s going to cry, then stubborn defiance. It’s kind of adorable.

Nina then comes to volunteer her help in the control room. They banter for a moment and let her sit and control part of the ship’s controls. Another student asks about getting uniforms. A third looks at Nina’s skirted legs and decides that this way isn’t bad either though.

When asked why Tanegashima, XO Mizusaki explains she chose somewhere out-of-the-way. Since no one has lived in the Tanegashima area since the Heaven’s fall incident, probably no one would bother going there.

Marito is sitting outside with a bottle of whiskey, looking out over Tanegashima. His doctor friend Souma chides him gently for the liquor, as it is nearly morning, but Marito says that it wasn’t for him, but for a friend who can’t drink anymore, holding up the dog tags of his friend who died, Humeray. He grabs the bottle out of the doctor’s hand and throws it into the water. He pulls out his flask and talks of “leaping off the wagon” which I assume means he’s going to stop drinking. Captain Magbaredge comes out and wants to join them. She pulls out a flask of her own.

She then talks of the Tanegashima report. However, she says she never believed Marito lied about the report. But she tells him that makes her dislike him more. Her brother died at Tanegashima. She says he was killed by Marito. Her real last name is Humeray. He’s shocked to find out this woman was his best friend’s sister. He just stands there shocked. But something striking the ships causes them all to lose balance.

The alarm sounds and Marito and Magbaredge rush to the command room. The missile hit, but there was no detonation. But the missile starts moving again as if it’s alive. It’s revealed to be a large hand and it rips out wiring on the ship, causing an explosion. More of the hands land, destroying much of their ability to control the ship and it crashes against a bridge or dock or retaining wall.

The arms go back to a large cataphract. There are at least six arms on it. The female Knight is the one piloting it. She seems to think this is her territory. They launch all the ships Cats. However, Inaho’s isn’t working because they are in the middle of a system check. So instead he runs back to his training unit. We also see Inko complaining about a tight suit… ah boob jokes.

Yuki tells him that he’s in the marksman position due to his training suit. Inaho doesn’t want her out their due to her injured arm. He tries to reason with her, but she just tells him to call her Yuki, in defiance of what she asked him to do earlier.

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah.Zero ep 6 [720]

They are just told to intercept the missiles. The arms again launch and the Cats are easily destroyed. The bullets are useless, so they switch to explosive rounds. Marito leaves the deck, shouting how he’s back on home turf, though he worries that this might be completely different.

Inko and Inaho stay back to back, Inko blocking on of the arms, though just barely. Marito grabs a Cat and asks for a heavy shot. But as he buckles into the cockpit, he’s once again hit with a panic attack. Everything blurs and he remembers the past. He tries to work through it.

The arms are destroying parts of the ship, beginning to flood it. Magbaredge tells everyone to evacuate. The ship is a lost cause. Abandon ship.

The arms begin flying towards the ships from various positions, accelerating from a distance to pick up speed and destroy the bridge. But the closest one is hit and veered off track into the water. Inaho has realized that the explosive rounds won’t destroy them either, but the explosions as a certain range can knock them off course. Two or three are destroyed by veering them off course into the surrounding area. A fourth one, Inaho misses. Finally he becomes less than perfect. He shoots at it several times, but the angle seems to be too extreme for him to get a good shot in. He runs out of ammo, but another shot sends the arm rocketing off again.

The others look around. We see a sky carrier, piloted by Slaine. Inaho and Slaine stare at each other. What will become of this?

So once again we see the episode is all about what a badass Inaho is. But finally, FINALLY, he screwed up. Did you see it? Right at the end where he kept missing the flying arm-missile? Admittedly, this was after he shot down two or three others, but still, he screwed up. I want to see if that plays into anything. It may not, he may acknowledge it and strive to work harder, which is good if a character can become better. It at least says to me that he isn’t perfect, he can be improved upon, which does alleviate some of my fears about directions the show might be taking. But I mean, he messed up. He’s not perfect anymore and I LOVE IT! Now I digress.

The other thing I’m interested in is how Slaine will be dealt with now. Will be welcomed with open arms? Will he even really want to help the earth? He may just being doing this for the Princess. Will that whole thing come out in the open because of Slaine? Who knows? Probably lots of people because I’m really behind. What I’m saying is, I like the episode and I’m excited to see how the story will fare with the main characters (Whom I think are Inaho, Asseylum, and Slaine) all in one place? Especially how will Inaho and Slaine get along. Welp, time to go watch the next episode I guess.

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