Please… this needs to stop, this has to stop.


Here’s my review.

If you’ve made it this far in Glasslip then this is pretty much what’s going on now. We left off last week with Touko finally starting to lose her mind, and by golly, this week she did.

So the thing is though, Glasslip paces each ep in a very strange way, making it slightly hard to review. Things are extremely disjointed and one conversation is spread across at least 3 other scenes; I really hate this as usually that’s done to build suspense, in a mystery show or something, but how they execute it there is pretty bad. It’s like they want to tell a story, but they keep pushing ahead so they have to always be showing flashbacks of a conversation and/or scene that they started to show. Geez, just stick with it and finish the fucking thing before moving on!

Alright so there are things happening in this ep that are just crazy. From Yanagi walking around her house naked for no reason, to Touko descending further and further into insanity, to Hiro becoming emotionless, it’s just all bad right now. I honestly didn’t sign up for any of this, all I wanted was an anime about a glass artisan, I didn’t think that was too much to ask for, but apparently it fucking was. Even if something amazing does happen in the coming ep, it’s far too late to save this one. As the saying goes, “start as you mean to go on”; well look how this started and look where it is now, it hasn’t gotten any better.

When Touko started seeing snow and David was verging on raping her in that vision, I was pretty much done. Now do you believe me when I said Sachi is behind all this? You have to realize that she is the instigator in this as she planted the idea in Touko’s mind who then ran with it. Sure things might have turned out bad had Sachi not said anything, but she made them 100% worse now.

I wonder what Yuki’s gonna think when he comes back to town. At this point I just want him to have a happy ending where he packs his bags and leaves town to start a new life. Honestly if he doesn’t get out now, there is no hope for him.

Just really quickly here, what exactly was going through Yanagi’s mind when she decided to stroll around her house naked? Just stop and think about that for one second. What is she trying to prove by doing that? Yes we get it that she’s got a nice body, that was brought out already and we can clearly see that for ourselves, and it wasn’t really that much fan service as we never got any sensual angles when she was showering; so in the end it was a pretty useless set of frames that could’ve been used in another way.

Touko seeing snow… yeah that was the point where they lost me. I kept thinking that maybe at some point, SOMEHOW, things would all make sense, because that seems logical, but the way they progress the story by having totally random events happening, I’m convinced that it can’t be saved.

And lastly, that Yanagi-Sachi conversation was just terrible! What I said about things being disjointed, wow look no further than that. Watching it is just painful as they should’ve just stuck with it through to the end, rather than break it up across like 10 fucking minutes. And I hate how they just let sentences trail off like we’re supposed to know what it means. Geez, just fucking tell us and not end every semi important sentence like that!

Okay, I’m done.

If you’re still watching Glasslip, well now is the time to stop. It’s been nothing but a bait and switch and at this point it’s beyond help. I’m only sticking with it till the end because I want to see how bad it’ll be.

Up next will be my weekly look at Rail Wars; expect that post either Sunday or Monday.

Here’s what to expect next week.

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 08 [720p][F70C2CBB].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.08.23_16.34.24]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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