Zankyou no Terror has been consistently the best show of the season for me so far. And Episode 5 delivers more questions and tantalizing hints to the answers. Can it keep up this pace through its entire run? I’m here to find out.

Hi, I’m JustintheThief; Here is my review!

This episode begins with Lisa waking up on a couch after fainting at the end of the last episode. She is alone. Nine and Twelve are discussing her outside. Twelve wants to keep her close so she doesn’t tell anyone about them, but Nine again tells him she isn’t one of them. Lisa sees several phones on a table. Twelve states that she doesn’t have anywhere else to go and she told him she wants to break free. But even Nine seems to have good intentions when he tells Twelve that anyone who gets entangled with them will only get hurt in the end.


Several phones begin going off and the boys rush into the room. Lisa is standing over the phones, trying to say she didn’t do anything while looking extremely guilty. Twelve turns off the phones while explaining how lucky she was that she didn’t set off the phone connected to the bomb they’d been working on. Nine tries to let her know that they could have all been blown up, but Twelve makes a “Boom” noise in her ear, and she faints. Twelve seems surprised, realizing he probably shouldn’t have done that.

A plane lands and a white-haired girl steps out of the plane. Her bodyguard (?) tells her that the weather has held. She only grins and tells him a storm is coming. If you remember, in previous episodes, usually when Nine has a flashback, there is a pale haired girl who is almost always there. Could this be her? Who is she? Another number, perhaps?

As Lisa takes a bath (Boobies!) Nine complains that she is making herself at home (in the most passive aggressive way possible, of course). Twelve mostly just diverts all of Nine’s queries. However, Lisa hears them talking about when her fever breaks, she leaves. Nine calls her baggage and Lisa seems worried.

Once again, another pointless meeting by the police in the show. Only Shibazaki can seem to do anything right. They tell everyone that after having all the information on the case leaked, they cannot have anymore failures. They work on making sure that everything is kept under tighter control. Shibazaki looks through the papers and doesn’t listen. But a man walks in and talks to the chief, who then adjourns the meeting abruptly. This is the only thing that seems to interest Shibazaki.


Twelve and Nine go onto a train and place their fire extinguisher bomb, disguised as workers. The chief enters an office. Several men are sitting around a table. The pale haired girl is doing her nails and her bodyguard is on the phone. Whoever he is, speaks very good english, with a british accent. Either someone there is fluent in english, or it’s a native english speaker. Either way, color me impressed. Most of the “fluent english-speakers” in anime sound like they’re eating mashed potatoes.

Arriving home, Twelve smells fire at their place. It turns out the apartment is now full of smoke thanks to Lisa’s attempt at cooking. Both boys try the burnt foot, but declare it inedible. Lisa thinks they are being mean, but she tries it herself and spits it out. Nine tells her that he thinks she’s trying to gain their approval, however, this food is not doing any favors for her. Nine, being a little nicer, mentions she stills seems flushed and tells her to go lie down.

Twelve comments that even bad food has its merits. After all, he can’t even remember what the food at the compound they grew up in tasted like. It looks good from their memories, but he mentions that it was just another chore to get through, nothing to be enjoyed or despised. Nine tells Twelve that it’s nearly time.

A new video has come out from Sphinx. “An Angel was sentenced to FEZ 5889 as punishment for planting a grapevine. Where was the sentence carried out?” The officers, including Hamura and Shibazaki watching it discuss what the FEZ 5889 could be. Shibazaki gets something and runs to the archives. He asks his friend Mukasa if FEZ 5889 means anything to him. He puzzles it for a minute until Hamura comes by. Shibazaki berates their knowledge and holds up a folder. The police department’s document numbers start with FEZ.

Shibazaki summarizes that the two saw all their old case files when they hacked their system. Though they only released the information relevant to their particular case, they must have access to the rest of them as well. Hamura surmises that they chose a riddle only the police could understand. Mukasa finds the case. It was a corporal punishment case at a public high school. Apparently, four students were forced to run laps around the school for being late in above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) until they suffered heat stroke. They wonder what it has to do with anything.

In the Apocalypse of Baruch, there’s a story of the angel Sammael planting a vine which made the Lord God angry and curse him and the plant. He mentions that Sammael was known as the Red Serpent. Shibazaki reasons that the punishment of the red serpent is to run. He asks Hamura and Mukasa what it remind them of. After a moment, Hamura figures out a train. So he’s not a complete idiot. Maybe there’s hope for him yet, as he also figures out the only red trains in Tokyo are the Central Shinjuku Line. He runs off to report what they’ve found. Shibazaki believes these to be not just random acts of terror.

Twelve asks Nine why the riddle was so easy this time. He made it easier this time so that Detective Shibazaki could figure out the link between the targets. Twelve thinks he has a lot of faith in that detective. Nine seems troubled by this.

But Shibazaki has indeed figured out the connection. Between them they participate in a foundation called the Rising Peace Academy. It supposedly is to promote interaction between the government and the people. Shibazaki thinks it could be the target. Mukasa thinks he’s over thinking this, and Shibazaki counters, asking if he knows the mind of the terrorists. They wonder if the bomb has been extracted yet.


Though they’ve been keeping a close eye on it, and the bomb is supposed to go off soon, Sphinx sees nothing about a bomb extraction. Twelve mentions that perhaps they didn’t figure it out, but Nine dismisses the notion. Interestingly, Twelve mentions they’ll be mass murderers in just over an hour. Twelve mentions that if they must, they can disarm the bomb with one of the phones. This is interesting because they are terrorists who don’t want to hurt people… Why?

But Twelve looks surprised at the phone and checks his own. Neither is getting any signal. It seems people all over the place, possibly the whole city are out of service. None of the phones Sphinx have work, and they wonder if it’s even possible that every carrier is experiencing electromagnetic interference at the same time. Nine thinks someone is jamming the phones. Twelve wonders who.

[Kaylith] Zankyou no Terror Ep 5 [720]

Shibazaki is confronting the chief about why the bomb hasn’t been removed. He tells them orders from the top have it that the Special Assault Team will handle the bomb. He asks if the electromagnetic interference has anything to do with them as well. The chief seems surprised, but says he doesn’t know. Shibazaki seems suspicious. He walks off. The chief tells him not to act on his own, and if he will ever learn from his mistakes. OOOOH! Is that a hint to why he was relegated down to archives? Will we find out why?

Now, Sphinx is attempting to stop the bomb because they are polite terrorists and don’t hurt innocents? Is there a terrorist handbook I could look at? Anyways, Twelve is actually out to disarm the bomb, while Nine keeps him posted on the position of the car so he can catch it. They only have 50 minutes, and the bomb itself is way more powerful than necessary. It won’t just blow up one car of the train. He notes that, along with the cellular providers being down due to electromagnetic interference, the police aren’t moving either. Something fishy is going on. Twelve thinks there may be someone outside of the police interfering, who wants the bomb to go off.

Nine manages to hack the system and see the trains, but a moment after finding the correct train, more trains pop up, all with the same serial number. They assume someone hacked the system and set up this trojan if they found something. So now he needs to hack the real system and find the train. Twelve starts looking for the train blindly.

But even as Nine begins hacking again, someone starts hacking him even quicker. He sits there amazed, when he grabs his head, obviously in pain. He remembers a pale haired girl chasing him through the halls, calling out “Are you ready?” This is interspersed with shots of the pale haired girl typing on her computer as things get farther out of Nine’s control. He gathers himself throws his computer away, reaching for a second one.


Hamura finds Shibazaki outside smoking. The two discuss what happened earlier, with the SAT getting sent out and not doing anything. Shibazaki then mentions he is going to have to look into people from the department again… Did we just find out what he did to get demoted? I think we did!

Lisa awakens and finds Nine working on another computer. We see Twelve checking out trains, but doesn’t see the one he needs. Nine finds what he is looking for. Lisa tries to get his attention, but is startled by his chair falling to the floor as he stands suddenly. He rushes past her and out the door. She sighs dramatically.

Apparently the train is closer to him. He runs to catch it, and Twelve tells him that he’ll take care of cameras from where he is. After a tense minute, he manages to make it to the train. After a moment to catch his breath, he walks calmly by the door of the train and throws a smoke grenade. People panic, thinking it’s the bomb, and book it out of the train.

As the people flee, Nine, enters the train. He sees a girl, asleep and wearing headphones, on a seat. He makes it to her just as the bomb goes off. He shields her with his body, or so it seems.


The aftermath is terrible. Part of the building collapsed and several cars seems to have been destroyed. Shibazaki confronts the chief, whom he grabs by the lapels. He yells at him that the SAT hadn’t even moved. It seems the chief didn’t know what was going on either. Shibazaki glances at the girl, who is casually painting her nails again.

[Kaylith] Zankyou no Terror Ep 5 [720]

Nine wakes up in the aftermath, much to the relief of Twelve. He puts the girl he protects somewhere safe and heads out to meet Twelve. But suddenly all the phones go off at the same time, all around. Twelve seems shocked, Nine worried. The next message says, “I’ve found you ^^”. Nine tells us it is Five. So there is another one out there? Why are they so shocked? Just what is it about her that makes hardened terrorists like Twelve and Nine seem worried?

We go back to Five, again finishing her nails. She sees the explosions as fireworks announcing their reunion. She mentions Nine specifically. What is she to him?

Wow, every episode is just a cavalcade of new information and more mysteries. We see the white-haired girl from Nine’s visions. We now a bit about what happened to Shibazaki that caused him to get fired. We now know that Sphinx doesn’t want to hurt innocents and become mass murderers. What does that tell us? I have no idea honestly. Mostly that there is more to them that meets the eye. Also, are they defectors from where they come from, or is Five, or both? What is the place they come from and what was the point? Mostly, I now just want to know more about Five.

Also, this brought us a little bit of comedy with the ineptness of Lisa. She’s adorable. And is there something going on between her and Twelve? Who knows. Maybe? I like the idea that they aren’t inherently good people, but they are moral terrorists. It makes the story more interesting to be backing villainous characters. Basically, I love this show. I want more!

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