So, I’m finally back from vacation and I have a TON of stuff to catch up on. Sorry guys. Apparently Nick can’t wait to hear what I have to say about episode 6 of Akame, but I have to get through 5 first. But I wanted to see this one, so lets see if I can make it!

This is JustintheThief; This is my review!

P.S. If this review seems a bit rushed in the middle, its because a good portion of the review was deleted when I tried to save it, and I had to rewrite it.

Boy, this show sure loves its dream sequences. Didn’t the last episode start with one as well? Whatever. Maybe I should keep count. Make it a drinking game or something… Anyways, the review. So you can tell it’s a dream by the kind of faded look to the art. Dead giveaway. Anyways, we see Ieyasu and Saki and they’re telling Tatsumi that they have to pass on. Tatsumi argues (pointlessly. They’re dead) but they leave anyways, congratulating him on finding new friends. He chases after them, and awakens with a start, arm still outstretched to catch his friends. This is not the first time this has happened either. Is the show on a loop?

Sorry, I don’t need to be so critical right out of the bat. We then see Sheele dozing in a chair by his bed. She tells him he is now her subordinate. As she sits up her glasses fall off and she bows at a statue by the bed, thinking it’s Tatsumi. She panics, realizing she lost her glasses, and after retrieving them, wishing Tatsumi a good morning. It seems like Sheele will be just another clumsy oddball character. Ok *cracks fingers* let’s get this episode over with.

Next we go to the kitchen where Lubbock voices his concern that Sheele may not be the best choice to be teaching Tatsumi. Nadejda tells him that he will be fine because of how well he gets along with older women. Leone puts in her two cents, saying she calls dibs on training him next. Lubbock believes this to be unfair (lucky Tatsumi). This has the makings for a good ol’ fashioned harem anime now… Nadejda makes a terrible assassin joke, which cause the other two to freeze. Akame enters, telling everyone they are having Mabo Tofu over Beef over Rice. Lubbock points out that there is no point in there being both Beef and tofu in the same meal, but the other two find this excellent. Akame then says she wants to top it with chicken. Again, Lubbock points out how heavy that seems, but the girls interject with enthusiasm. He’s astounded by the appetites of the women of Night Raid.

Sheele has Tatsumi wear a suit of armor and swim to build up his strength and endurance. She mentions having no job at the hideout, so she can concentrate on his training. It turns out, Sheele is accident prone and after many mistakes, the other just don’t have her help out. Tatsumi asks her why she wasn’t with the rest of Night Raid when he saw them after their first mission, but she can’t remember. After dropping her glasses again (this show is the king of comedy…) she tells him her story.

Sheele was always accident prone as she grew up. She was bullied and ridiculed for this. However, she had one friend who never made fun of her, saying she “Had a screw loose”. However, her drunk ex boyfriend attacked her, and to save her life, Sheele cut his throat with a knife. She explains that she wasn’t nervous or hesitant or horrified by it. She never saw her friend again, but she soon ran into a group of the ex-boyfriend’s friends who killed her family. She dispatches of them easily, realizing in the process that her loose screw was killing. Hold on… that’s it. She’s clumsy and basically useless, but she can kill like a pro. I get the idea of getting into the zone. A girl I know is a professional ballet dancer. Graceful and beautiful on stage, it’s majestic. However, take her off stage, and she’s just a straight up klutz. However, my friend has trained for years and years. But suddenly the girl who can’t seem to walk and chew gum at the same time can dodge a sword, cut a guy’s throat, back flip slash another, and land on the shoulders of a third, dispatching him with a knife to the back? Suspension of disbelief my ass. Someone straight up murdered disbelief… sorry… I digress…

So she became a freelance assassin, and was eventually recruited by the Revolutionary Army. Tatsumi wonders at the harsh backgrounds of all the people in Night Raid. He voices his opinion, but the bimbo in Sheele makes her sound like a moron. Bulat then shows up out of the water, muscles rippling. Tatsumi stares on in disbelief.

After finding out Tatsumi’s wounds are healed, Nadejda wants to try to find out if he is compatible with Zank’s Relic. He agrees quickly, and tries to read Akame’s mind. He guesses she wants meat, which is correct, but Leone tells him it hasn’t even activated. He tries another ability and can then see through the clothes of Akame, Leone, and Mine. He panics and the others seem to think he’s acting weird. Suddenly, he feels weak and falls back. Akame quickly removes the eye, as it is apparently rejecting him. They tell him he wasn’t compatible with the eye. They give him a book on all the relics they know about at the moment.

He asks what she thinks the most powerful relic to be. Her face becomes hard as she tells him she believes it to be the Relic that controls Ice. The wielder works for the empire, and the power is terrible to behold. We see the user is a woman, beautiful, but her smile is something dangerous. But she isn’t in the capital. She has gone north to deal with the hero Numa Seika, who is gathering an army to attack the Empire.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 5 [720]

Then comes the moment I knew would come because it always does. Tatsumi becomes very excited about the prospect of finding new Relics. When asked why, he says that maybe he can find one that can bring back Saki and Ieyasu. The other’s faces become hard and stony. Bulat tells him that there is no Relic that could do that. Tatsumi becomes belligerent, but they ask why the king from 1000 years ago wasn’t still around if they had the power to do that. They can’t bring back the dead.

Tatsumi is found outside by Sheele. This is probably the best part of the episode. He tells her that he had come to terms with his friends deaths, but he had a fleeting moment of hope again and it was all dashed. He begins to cry and Sheele sits with him and holds him close, telling him that he can cry all he wants and she won’t tell. He asks if it is ok for a subordinate to be treated like this from his mentor, but Sheele thinks this is fine. Tatsumi thanks her, and in her mind, Sheele thanks him for finding something else that she can do.

The next scene is a cavalcade of gore. Bodies, covered in blood strewn across snow. The decimated corpses of men impaled upon spikes. There is a nude man licking the boot of a woman. This is the hero Numa Seika, bowing and scraping, in chains, to Esdeath, the wielder of ice. She conquered the north in hours, apparently. But she wants to do something more. She kicks Numa in the face, probably snapping his neck and killing him. She’s ready to move on.

Tatsumi is walking through the slums with Leone, where everyone seems on good terms with her. She explains to Tatsumi that she grew up here. However, many men begin chasing them, asking about gambling debts and scams and cons. They both run off, pursued by the men, Leone laughing, Tatsumi panicking.

In the Empire, we find out two generals have defected to the Revolutionary army. The advisors talk of what to do, but the child emperor tells them not to worry, as the revolutionary army can be easily crushed by them. The disgusting Prime minister (I hate watching or hearing people eat, blegh) tells him the most immediate threat is Night Raid. He advises bringing back Esdeath from the north to find them. The advisors seem terrified by this idea, but the emperor agrees.

Tatsumi finds himself turning a corner and completely lost, with Leone nowhere to be seen. However, a girl in armor spots him. Her name is Seryu, and she is a an Imperial police officer. She seems friendly, but due to Tatsumi killing Ogre, he’s immediately wary of her. It turns out, she also has a relic. A small, silly, dog-like creature named Hecatoncheir, nicknamed Coro. Tatsumi explains he is lost, and Seryu grabs his hand (and since she’s pretty, like all anime girls, he blushes) and offers to take him back on her patrol.

He asks if everyone has a Relic like him. She tells him she’s the only one. It shows a room filled with bloody bodies, with her being tested. I think that’s a big clue that something is seriously wrong with this girl. He apparently reacted to her sense of Justice.

She takes Tatsumi back to where he was and tells him to let her know if he finds any evildoers, so they can vanquish them together. As she runs off, she asks Coro if he’s hungry and if FIVE DEATH ROW INMATES sounds good. Clue number two, I believe that there’s something wrong with this girl. Tatsumi seems worried, and wants to report this to Nadejda.

As Seryu runs off, her face becomes stony. She’s hunting for Night Raid. We find out, she trained under Ogre, and was her mentor. He taught her his sadistic ways, and she took them as her own brand of justice, probably skewing the very idea of justice itself. Which is probably how she got Coro. He also told her about a painful surgical procedure to make her stronger, which she seemed to desperately want. Did she get it? Will she get it eventually? Now she’s desperately after whoever killed Ogre (Tatsumi) and wishes to kill him herself.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 5 [720]

This episode was fine. Again, it wasn’t the best episode. Honestly, it was pretty average. I like Sheele fine, but she’s such a trope. Pretty, ditzy girl who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, but can kill like no one’s business. Seen it. And I don’t get the mechanics of how that even works. But apparently it does, so I’ve just decided not to question it. The moment of him with Sheele when he’s crying was good, but the scene before that was painfully obvious. It just could have been done better. We all knew what he was going to ask. Make him different from other characters. Have him knew he can’t do that and ask something, anything else. It’s no longer painful because it’s sad. It’s painful because it’s overdone.

I liked Seryu though. She interests me and I want to know what’s going to happen with her next. She’s obviously a few fries short of a happy meal and obviously has no problems with gruesome death. Just how skewed is her sense of justice. Can she be saved, or will she truly try to destroy Night Raid. I want to find out. This ending made me want to watch the next episode, and Nick wants that one to be reviewed by me, so let’s do it. Next episode, I’m ready.

Questions, comments, psychic allusions to what will happen to me next? Please let me know. I’m moving to a dangerous part of town. I can use all the forewarning that I can get. Also, again, I apologize for the lack of posts. I should have some more time soon for posting. I’m going to try to crank one out tomorrow and one each day through the rest of the week. Vacation really screwed me over. I may even ask Nick if he can do a catch up review on one of the shows for me, so I don’t have to kill myself with all this. Just enough so we can be caught up and I can get back to posting regularly (Like that will happen to a procrastinator like me.) Anyways, shoot me a mindlink sometime guys. My mind is always open. My psionic defenses are mostly nil.

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