Honestly this ep wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but it’s not a game changing one either.

Spoiler alert: guess who’s back?

Here’s my review.

After that atrocious ep last week, Rail Wars! continues chugging along with ep 7. By far this is no bounce back ep, but it was “better” than what we were subjected to last time, but by the end it was back to it’s usual Rail Wars! antics.

Every time I sit down to watch a new ep of this, the only thing I can think of it that I hype this one so much, now it’s total shit and I feel so stupid for trying to get everyone on this train. I’m sure Rail Wars! let a lot of us down, it sure did for me, but I just can’t let go of how much a wasted chance this really is. Honestly it could’ve been a great anime, something we’d talk about for a while, now we’ll only talk about it in a negative context.

While ep 7 isn’t the worst (I think ep 6 might take the cake for that) it’s pretty good in regards there were actually trains in this ep, even if they were only just in a simulator. That’s a huge step forward in terms of bringing this anime back to being about trains, for a time there I thought it was just going to be about Sakurai and Koumi’s boobs and ass for the remaining eps. But even so, even with the return of trains in this ep it still can’t make up for the fact it’s been shit for the past 6 eps.

So as for a quick overview of the ep: K4 members are off to an advanced training course thing off in this town; Takayama is excited to go because there is this train there he wants to drive, that other guy on the team is back (he’s so forgettable), both Koumi and Sakurai are starting to fall for Takayama (wow, if I was them, I sure as hell wouldn’t), Sakurai helps Takayama out in target practice where the two get up close and personal with each other (not in that way), Sakurai is later pissed off at him because he says he wants to be a train driver and not in the security force (I’m pretty sure he mentioned this before, so I’m not sure why it’s a big deal).

We have a nice scene where Sakurai is naked as she’s about to get into the bath (always nice to see her naked), Sasshou is back as she’s working at the training camp in the cafeteria as a maid (of course), during their practice run in this hyper realistic train simulator, Sakurai and Takayama spend too much time fucking around with the horn signals and end up derailing the train. During a free day, Iida seemingly sets up Takayama as she sends him to a location to pick someone up, only a find Sakurai in a lovely dress there instead (that was nice), but then it turns into a harem mess as Koumi shows up suddenly, then when things couldn’t get worse, Noa Kashima suddenly walks out from hiding.

Episode ends.

Yeah so it was okay up until the last bit. Why Noa Kashima had to come back, I have no idea, but she shouldn’t have been brought back this way. I did like her character, I thought she was nice, pretty sexy in that bikini, being voiced by the talented Minori Chihara is also a plus, and seemed like there was more her character had to offer, but having her in this type situation is just… not right. Also, isn’t she way too old for Takayama?

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_16.14_[2014.08.17_18.20.12]

I did like seeing Sasshou again though, I’m actually liking her character a lot too. While Sakurai and Koumi struggle to win Takayama over, she already knows all about him as they’ve known each other for a while, so she should have the best chance in winning that battle. But honestly Takayama isn’t anything to get obsessed over.

Uh… if anything else happened in this ep, well I don’t really care enough to mention it, so let’s look at some pics then get outta here.


Another day in Rail Wars. *sigh*
Another day in Rail Wars. *sigh*
Yes Koumi, we see you ass. Hell, it's the only think to see at this point. Now please move.
Yes Koumi, we see you ass. Hell, it’s the only thing to see at this point. Now please move.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_12.27_[2014.08.17_18.19.24] [FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_15.11_[2014.08.17_18.19.37] [FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_15.32_[2014.08.17_18.19.52]

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_18.18_[2014.08.17_18.20.40] [FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_19.20_[2014.08.17_18.20.55] [FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_20.36_[2014.08.17_18.21.12]

Sakurai is actually a very pretty girl, too bad her character is wasted on this anime.
Sakurai is actually a very pretty girl, too bad her character is wasted on this anime.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_20.47_[2014.08.17_18.21.50]

I mean look at her! She's so cute! Plus that red hair too! Love it!
I mean look at her! She’s so cute! Plus that red hair too! Love it!

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_21.22_[2014.08.17_18.22.25]

And I’m done. Rail Wars! ep 7 was pretty meh, much like all the other eps. If you’re still on board this ride, speeding towards disaster, what are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Fav girl? Thoughts on what’s to come? Let me know in the comments!

Up next will be the Hanayamata ep 7 review! Look forward to that! Justin will have the Akame ga Kill! ep 5 review posted soon and I’m sure he’ll be catching up with the others too. He’s just been busy, so that’s why his reviews have been a bit delayed. Be sure to give his reviews a like and leave a comment for him too, okay? Thanks!

FFF messed up with the title for ep 8, as you can see, so here’s a look at what to expect next week.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 07 [1A24C0C4].mkv_snapshot_24.04_[2014.08.17_18.24.08]

I’ll cya in the next post!


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