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Aside from Rail Wars, Glasslip is the other anime that makes review writing seem bland and boring. Like the previous 6 eps, Glasslip is still all over the place, still not sticking to one solid plot line and following it through to the end. This week we get another compilation of events to take up the length of the ep, and by the end I can see why some said it’s getting interesting, but the only thing I thought was: “we’re still going nowhere”.

Okay, so the ep opens with David and Touko sitting on the steps in the school yard holding hands, as Touko suggests they should go to the beach sometime. David, being the weirdo he is, finds the sound of crashing waves uncomfortable for some reason. Uh… okay… Anyways, yes they’re holding hands like a true couple would do so. Note the hands.

Following the OP we see David’s mom once more, this time a better shot of her. Actually she’s quite pretty. Anyways, she goes to wake David up in his tent (too edgy to sleep inside) but find his sleeping bag empty. Turns out David is actually up in the mountains taking to his clones. Yep, clones. You read right. This scene took be by surprise for a moment as I was not expecting it to go that way. From his conversation, it’s easy to assume he’s just talking to himself, his conscience or whatever, but my first thoughts were a bit other worldly. Yep, David’s an alien (AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LMAO!) because how the conversation goes, it just seems kinda strange, what the clones are saying almost make it seem like these things he’s going through are strange and something a person like him isn’t used to. Ugh, I can’t put that exact thought into words (yay and I’m a writer too) but I hope that makes some sense.

We learn more about Hina in this ep too, something I didn’t think we would. Not for you trivia fans, I’m sure you know this already, as a keen ear will pick it up quickly, but Hina is voiced by Nao Touyama (Chitoge Kirisaki – Nisekoi, Karen Kujou – Kiniro Mosaic, Yukiho Kousaka – Love Live! School Idol Project). Just wanted to add that point if you didn’t know yet. Anyways we learn about Hina and how she’s on the school swim team. Interesting, that’s cool.

Yanagi drops by Touko’s place, where she chats with Hina for a bit (Hina mentioning Yanagi’s goal of being a model, also mentions her nice body (yes)) but Yanagi is there to talk to Touko. Out by the rocks they chat about the showdown between Yuki and David. Yanagi also hints at the closeness of Touko and David as she picks up on Touko using his first name (Kakeru or something like that). Touko also gets another vision while the topic is on Sachi’s hospital trip. This time it’s of Hiro and Sachi sitting reading & chatting. Another useless vision, thank you.

Well not entirely. The first part of the vision was a bit interesting. It looked almost like Touko was looking down off something, perhaps at a falling person or something. Hmm? That becomes a topic later as during a meet up between David and Touko, she sees a vision of him falling off something high. A latter? A balcony? Look out tower? He’s falling, that’s for sure. From where he’s falling, when this will take place, how high exactly he’s falling from and if he survives the fall all are questions not answered at this time. Like most of Touko’s visions, they offer very little in terms of actually predicting the future, hence the “fragments of the future” term coined by David in ep 2.

You know, we still don’t have an answer to the vision Touko saw in ep 2 of the train seemingly hitting someone. Why was that vision there? Also what about the one of Yanagi crying? Why did Touko see that too? Her visions honestly don’t make that much sense as they never have once helped her. I’m guessing (hoping, praying) that it’ll all make sense in the end, but at the rate things are going, I’m really not sure if that’s gonna happen.

Like pretty much every Glasslip ep, we’ve got lots going on per ep, so we jump around from Hina leaving for her club, Sachi arriving at the hospital, David getting a phone call, Yuki at the cafe David’s parents massaging each other (that sounds bad) before going back to Sachi at the hospital again. Hiro goes to see her with cookies and ends up getting called her boyfriend, but Sachi herself.

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Okay seriously Sachi, what the hell is your game? First you break up the group by planting the no dating rule in Touko’s mind, then you lure Hiro to you, call him your boyfriend and act all nice? Why don’t the other characters notice that something bad is brewing here?

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 07 [720p][96AF4E75].mkv_snapshot_08.43_[2014.08.15_19.57.54]

David and Touko meet up, that’s when the vision of him falling it first seen by Touko. She’s act protective of David now, saying they should go to the beach because “You’ll be safer that way”. Wow how many times have I heard those words and it ends up being the complete opposite? Touko obviously needs to watch more movies as you can learn extremely valuable skills from movies; it’s a wonder people aren’t smarter after watching lots of movies. Same goes for fail videos, while they’re hilarious to watch, they’re something we can learn from too.

Before we close out the first half of the ep we see Yuki’s fan club for the first time. Yeah apparently he gets a fan club in the form of a girls swim team. Hey, I’d like a bunch of swimsuit clad girls to be in my fan club, where do I sign up for that? It just so happens Hina is part of this fan club too, well not part of it but the rest of her swim team is. Hina would later talk about this to Touko, but the conversation would end as both girls had places to be and talking could happen later.

By the half way point I’m feeling like I always am when watching Glasslip, I’m annoyed , frustrated, and at times bored because I keep hoping something will happen, anything, like plot starting or just… ANYTHING but it’s the same old week in and week out. I like this tweet regarding the ep.

Oh and I’m pretty sure it’s 13 eps, not 12.

The second half is just peppered with things happening, and we’re jumping from scene to scene every few minutes. Interesting point though when Hiro is leaving the hospital after seeing Sachi for a bit, he sees his older sister there, crying. Hmm? Remember she mentioned some eps back about her boyfriend in hospital (correct me if I’m wrong), so this gets me thinking that trouble is brewing for her.

Touko visits Sachi and the two chat about things for a bit, the David vs. Yuki fight being one of them. Touko also mentions that the following evening the gang is going to get together and watch fireworks at the beach or something. Touko alludes to wants to “see something new”.

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 07 [720p][96AF4E75].mkv_snapshot_13.25_[2014.08.15_20.21.08]

The scene where Hina races out of the pool and catches up to a running Yuki was kinda… unneeded I guess. It just felt a little strange to me and I wasn’t sure what to think of it.

David has another meeting of the clones too, still weird as ever. We see some of Sachi’s malicious planning happening here too as she calls Hiro saying she wants to see the ocean tomorrow evening as she’s being discharged earlier that day. Sachi goes on to mention she wants Yuki and Yanagi there as well, and since this is so short notice she’ll tell Touko too. Hiro agrees because he obviously doesn’t know this is originally Touko’s idea and since it’s coming form Sachi he just goes along with it.

The following day we learn that Sachi’s stay is being extended due to more tests that need to be run on her. Still wondering what these tests that she’s there for are and what exactly is her problem as these are both key points that should be mentioned at least once. All we know is that she’s a weak and fragile person and not much more; sure if I looked into actual medical issues with those symptoms, I might be able to narrow it down, but it’s just be so much easier if they told us.

Hiro finds out about Sachi using him to arrange a crashing of Touko and David’s beach date and finally starts to put the pieces together that Sachi might not be exactly like he imagined her to be. Even though Sachi breaks down and starts crying, I still can’t like her because it’s her fault everything is happening.

The ep ends with a showdown on the beach that includes: Touko, David and Yanagi. Just a few things I noticed from this scene: David alludes to this being the first time he’s come to the beach at that time, indicating he’s normally doesn’t go to the beach during the afternoon? What Touko was making earlier were the two glass beads she gave to David; the guy walking the dog already walks past David and Touko once (you can see during a further out shot) but when David is sitting by himself when Touko goes to buy drinks, you can see the guy walk past again as if he’s passing them for the first time. He could’ve just looped back around, hmm, not likely. Sure it’s just pointless to get annoyed by things like that, but I did notice it.

Yanagi walks up and says it’s David’s fault that Yuki isn’t cool anymore (wow not cool anymore? Are we in grade 2 again?); turning around to leave she’s facing Touko (who by some chance didn’t run into her or see her when she was going to get drinks) and then as Yanagi walks past her, Touko gets a glint off the surface of the water and another vision happens.

This one was a bit strange though as it’s interactive. It looks like a murder of crows suddenly flies towards Touko, causing her to scream and drop said drinks; as this is happening, we can hear Yanagi’s voice as she says “You guys deserve each other.” We end the scene with a now shocked/scared/losing her mind Touko as both Yanagi and David race to her side. The final scene is Yuki getting on a train and leaving. Yep, that’s probably the best thing to do now, just leave town and start over again somewhere else.

Okay so what was up with the end? Touko seems to be losing her mind now, probably over the stress of what’s happening; she needs to start talking to people other than David about these issues now.

Ugh, I’ll end it here, I’ve talked too much now.


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[Kaylith] Glasslip - 07 [720p][96AF4E75].mkv_snapshot_09.44_[2014.08.15_19.59.27] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 07 [720p][96AF4E75].mkv_snapshot_10.52_[2014.08.15_20.00.01]

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 07 [720p][96AF4E75].mkv_snapshot_15.02_[2014.08.15_20.22.21] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 07 [720p][96AF4E75].mkv_snapshot_16.38_[2014.08.15_20.23.26]

So that brings us to an end of ep 7. At this point, even though things got interesting, things are at critical mass; it’s kinda the make or break part of this and honestly I think things are going to fall apart moving forward. But that’s just my opinion; if you’re still watching Glasslip (yeah is anyone?) what are your thoughts on it? Like it? Hate it? Favorite character? Thoughts about what’s to come? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next I’ll take a look at Rail Wars ep 7 and rage some more. But first, let’s take a look at what we can expect next week on Glasslip.

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I’ll cya in the next post!

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