Zankyou no Terror continues to dominate this season for me. Every episode has me watching, enthralled until the bitter end. And this is a show where I root for the Terrorists! I’m a terrible American… though the show is Japanese… and I’m technically Canadian…

Hi! I’m JustintheThief; And, here is my review!

A crowded evening street. It’s raining and we listen to people talking while waiting for the rain to let up. Lisa, soaked to the skin, is looking at her phone, at all the phone calls her mom had made to her since she ran away (it looked like dozens). However, hearing about a high school student going into protective custody, she looks pained and walks away.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror ep 4 [720]

Shibazaki is reading a paper on the train. We see the police station again, and once again, there is a meeting about the explosives they found at the last location near the shrine. From what they found, they figured out where the electronics in the bomb were purchased. The men in the meeting grew worried that the terrorists could obtain these things legally. Sphinx used fake forms and a stolen credit card to pretend to be part of a construction contractor. Following the credit card purchases, they find that they also obtained the items to get into the Police Building with the same card on Amazon. They drew a blank in every category.

Lisa wakes up on a stairwell. Detective Hamura gets irritated by all the talk of how good the Sphinx is, telling them that the “brats” couldn’t be so far ahead of them. Shibizaki heads to Aomiri. He stops a man named Ebisuno Yoshiharu, asking him what he remembered about Nine, showing him the police sketch. He tells Shibazaki that he was very anti-social, constantly listening to music from a “cold country” as he would put it. He also mentions that he clammed up when asked about his father. Shibizaki starts trying to put the puzzle together on his way back.

Nine attempts to hack into the police security, and with Twelve’s help, they find a web shell and enter the police’s mainframe. Lisa looks through her phone at a restaurant. She has dozens of calls from her mother.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror ep 4 [720]

The chief and Shibizaki talk and smoke. Shibizaki is baffled by how well they seem to just disappear. However, Shibazaki mentions that whatever the two can erase, they can’t take away people’s memories. So that’s where he has to look. And he wants to get into the heads of the terrorists to try to find them.

Twelve goes shopping, and Nine sends out the next “gift.” You see Nine looking at things on the computer, and pulls up what looks like Shibazaki’s profile. Twelve watches a tracker on his phone, muttering about not caring. Something about Lisa, probably. What’s going on between those two?

Shibazaki and his friend from Archives are eating at a ramen shop. Shibazaki asks about his thoughts on “music from a cold country.” He gives a few answers and they hear on the News that Sphinx has again sent a video update. This update is just as cryptic, with Shibizaki rushing out without paying the bill, much to the chagrin of his chubby buddy.

Shibazaki explains that Oedipus’s final destination was the Underworld. He had his daughters lead him by the hands down the bronze staircase to the gates of Hades after his eyes were gone. The place you go by descending the staircase of writing, which was the bottom of the comments section of the video, led them to a website.

He then searches Delphi, where Oedipus received his prophecy. Three aphorisms were written there. “Know Thyself”, “Nothing in excess”, and “Make a pledge and Mischief is Nigh”. Shibazaki then reasons out that the person referenced by the aphorisms should have their name put in the blank of the website to stop the detonation. The others think it could be just a ruse or made by someone else. But there is an embedded link showing the Roppongi station bombing before and after the attack. The others decide to look for all the local temples and shrines.

Shibazaki begins working on the password for the detonation, and Hamura finds it not funny, but Shibazaki mentions it is the first time they’ve demanded something. Shibazaki believes it may be in reference to what he said to them a few days back about this being no game.

We find Lisa sitting in an Alley when she is walked up to by a couple of guys who seem sketchy. She runs away as Twelve watches her from his phone. He sighs, wondering why he even bothers.

Back at the station, we see the police force going through videos of streets and places where they know the terrorists have gone. Tired and yawning, one of then spots a man in a helmet on a motorcycle, much like the terrorist.

Playing chess, Nine tells Twelve to leave Lisa alone. Twelve says he won’t get involve, but thinks she ran away from home and he worries she will tell the police about them. However, he seems obviously worried about her, not just what she knows. I don’t know what this means for these characters, could be anything, but it gives Twelve a little more nuance if he actually cares for Lisa like I think he does. Thoughts?

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror ep 4 [720]

The officer who found the image of the guy on the motorcycle shows them the similarities between him and the man who delivered the bomb to the station. He then shows them another image of a man who looks similar delivering a package to an apartment building’s sixth floor. They deploy their men immediately to the place.

Shibazaki meanwhile is still playing the game and losing. Hamura comes to him so they can all go get the bomb. However, Shibazaki says that he’ll try to work out the riddle, reminding Hamura that they said not to cheat, and this time they changed the words of their warning from “find” the bomb to “stop” the bomb. Hamura gets angry, claiming he’s no different from the terrorists, playing a game. Shibazaki doesn’t look up or respond.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror ep 4 [720]

Twelve finds Lisa in a park. he tells her to go home. And she tells him to leave her alone. She says she has nowhere to go to, and she was a fool to trust him, thinking that he could take her away. But she doesn’t think much of herself and wonders why anyone would try to help her. Twelve listens quietly, though he looks a little sad.

The policemen and bomb squads storm the building. It’s interspersed with images of nine on his computer. Lisa gets stopped by a police officer. Shibazaki smokes in the office, trying to figure out the riddle’s answer.

Twelve comes back for Lisa, busting through the cops. Lisa runs for him and his motorcycle and the two speed away.

The swat and bomb team break into the building. Hamura and some of the other police officers rush through the building. There’s a screen with the countdown on it.

Shibazaki goes over the words of the puzzle. “Know thyself.” Shibazaki, in a state of shock, puts his own name in as the answer. It is correct. But the countdown continues. He begins to panic. The computer chirps “You gave the correct answer, but unfortunately these people cheated.” It shows him a video of the police in the building. It tells him you can’t stop the invisible bomb.

Nine watches the computer intently, watching the whole thing. The computer chirps boom, and the screen fills up with images instead of an explosion. All the information they have on the terrorists, from the plutonium to the videos of the police failing, are now all online. The real investigation materials. The police begin to panic.

As Twelve and Lisa escape from the police, Lisa looks around and seems to relax. She asks Twelve if he’s going to destroy the entire world. He starts laughing. Then so does she. It’s the first time I think we’ve seen her smile. She says it’s the first time she’s laughed like that in a long time.

Twelve seems to try to sneak into the hideout, but Nine is waiting for them by the door. Twelve tries to give him reasons they should keep her around, but Nine flatly states she can’t be trusted. They have no time. Twelve starts to argue on her behalf, but Lisa, looking odd, faints. Twelve seems shocked. Nine looks on passively.


I’ve been a fan from this show from the beginning, everything from the references to Oedipus to the brilliant minds of both Shibazaki and Sphinx. The characters are constantly growing and expanding, and I want to know more. What are these flashbacks that keep popping up with Nine? Why did Shibazaki quit the force initially? What is the deal with Lisa and Twelve? If a story asks questions that I want to know the answer to, that’s a good show. I have so many questions. I’m getting tantalizing hints to the answers. I want to watch the next episode. And I hate waiting!

The episode was exactly what I wanted in a new episode. The “bomb” in the episode being an info leak. I wonder what the purpose is. And can they keep this going and keep us rooting for terrorists? From what I have seen, I think that they can. And that impresses me greatly.


Have any hints that I missed in the review? Got some idea of what’s going on? Want to tell me off for getting so behind by going on vacation? I have a new girlfriend, so you guys can tough it out! I’m only kidding… I don’t have a girlfriend…