I love writing these posts as they’re always so hilarious.

I’ve done this before with my other blog and it got a really good reception, so this being an anime blog, what could some of the possible search terms be that people used to end up here. Well, after taking a look through the Stats section, here’s what I found.

anime blog search terms 1
Rail Wars bikini, haha funny that should be at the top.
anime blog search terms 2
Rail Wars butt, yeah someone knows what they’re looking for.
anime blog search terms 4
Glasslip shower scene, I wonder if that means when Touko and her sister were taking a bath together?
anime blog search terms 3
Nude pics, yeah someone searched for that.
anime blog search terms 5
Boob wars, haha that’s brilliant!

anime blog search terms 6


So there are some of the funny things people search for and end up on my blog. If you get weird search terms that draw people to your blog, what are they? Let me know in the comments!

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