What a mess.

Here’s my review.

You know what would be really awesome? If Rail Wars just backed away from the boobs, for just one episode and actually did something that’s a bit… hmm, I don’t know, story driven? Is that honestly too hard to ask for?

Clearly it is as ep 6 is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to this anime about trains. For a split second when this ep started, I thought I had clicked the wrong one, as it’s pretty much exactly the same. We see a toy train going down the tracks in Takayama’s house (I’m expecting boobs to materialize out thin air and smash the train) but this time that doesn’t happen (oh, I’m almost disappointed) instead Mari is over at his place. Turns out that due to their cross country adventure in the last ep, they’ve been confined to their homes for a bit.

Anyways, this ep is pretty much this: Takayama gets this letter that he things is from another accomplice of the bomber, that it telling him he’ll die today. Being scared about this, he somehow ends up on a huge chase around town with Haruka, Sakurai chasing and shooting at them, cats try to rape Haruka, Haruka also looses all her clothing except her panties, and we suddenly there is this back story with Haruka and Takayama as they actually met long ago.

If you’ve made it this far then I’m not sure to commend you for being so long suffering, or think you’re crazy to keep watching this. At this point I’m starting to weigh the pros and cons of this one and wondering if Sakurai is still enough of a reason to keep watching. Yes I really like her, she’s got that awesome red hair, carries a gun, can handle herself in a fight, has top notch ass and boobs, and is voiced by Manami Numakura; she’s just a whole bundle of awesomeness and I love her for it.

But despite all that, Rail Wars is still a terrible anime. What makes it worse is that it has the potential to be great; everything is there actually: the setting, the characters, and situations that happen, it’s just the execution of everything that makes this anime fall apart. The focus is on the boobs and sexiness of the female characters and absolutely nothing to do with the story or even progressing things in an orderly fashion.

Ep 6 is just a mess as I’m not even sure what’s going on, why this has to happen or how did that guy rip Haruka’s shirt and bra off? I think I just came to the conclusion that she wasn’t even wearing a bra to begin with. The thing with the cats was just so unnecessary and pointless and it honestly wasn’t funny at all. On a whole I don’t even like Haruka’s character, as she’s just boobs and nothing else, so this wasn’t even an ep I liked anyways.

I’ll keep watching this train wreck of an anime, but don’t expect anymore length reviews about it, I’ll just keep them short and simple with a few pics.


So that’s ep 6 in a nutshell. More of the same. If you’ve stuck through it this long, what are your thoughts? Like it? Hate it? Favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

Alright then, sorry for reviews coming a bit late, I was just being lazy and let things slide for too long. Now that I’m finished with my class, I can hopefully get reviews out sooner in the coming weeks. Up next look forward to a review I’m actually excited about, that being for ep 6 of Hanayamata. Like I mentioned in the last post, Justin has been away for a bit, but he’ll be back soon and you can expect to see reviews from him soon.

Right then, let’s take look at what to expect next week on Rail Wars.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 06 [50B09913].mkv_snapshot_24.09_[2014.08.11_14.10.30]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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