Each week Hanayamata keeps getting better and better, I love it!

Here’s my review!

For starters, sorry for the delay in posting this review. I was busy with a research project for my class (which has now ended) and it was taking up lots of my time. Now I’m free to work on the reviews, but the Rail Wars and Glasslip ep 6 review will also be delayed for a while. Expect one of them to be posted by Sunday, and maybe the other one by Monday. I’ll have the Glasslip review out first regardless though, as that’s how I usually have it. Alright then, enough of my excuses, let’s get reviewing!

The gang is finally altogether! Tami has officially joined and now the pressure is on Yaya to sign her name down and make the Yosakoi Club official! Will she do it? Well we find out in the opening 40 seconds of this ep that, yes, she does just that.

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_02.24_[2014.08.08_18.55.11]

Hurray! Now with all the members, they can finally use the rooftop for practice. So as all this is going on, I’ve got this very familiar feeling inside me, like I’ve seen this before. The quest to get members, practicing on the rooftop, conflict with the Student Council, doesn’t this all remind you of a certain lovely idol anime? I also happened to notice this tweet too, which further proved my point.

Sure it’s not exactly like Love Live of last season, but there are those similarities there, you can’t ignore that bit. Although should Hanayamata end up in Love Live greatness, man I’d be really happy; I’m already enjoying this one a lot, totally taking the season by storm, and I feeling it’s still got lots to prove going into the back half of this season.

Things are going well for everyone, Sally agreed to be the adviser, and they’ve finally got the club on it’s feet. While they don’t get a club room, Hana is able to land them a ghetto place for them to crash until they have a room for themselves. Yaya is still pretty upset by everything though, as she’s only a member in name because she’s got band practice to focus on, not yosakoi.

Having Tami be part of the club will prove to be very useful in the future, as she can talk with the Student Council directly to see if she can secure a clubroom for them. Way to go Tami~! With everyone so fired up, all that’s left now is to practice; while normally that’d be a good idea, turns out Tami and Yaya don’t know as much about yosakoi as Hana and (partially) Naru do, so instead of starting off with some practice, Hana decides they should go to the local yosakoi shop, where they can get a taste for it.

While at the yosakoi shop, Hana makes mention of the upcoming festival where she wants their unit to dance in, something Yaya is really not down for. However, Tami points out that:

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_04.37_[2014.08.08_19.48.25] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_04.39_[2014.08.08_19.48.32]

So participating in this festival would be something good for the club. Thank you Tami.

We can also start to see some Yaya x Tami shipping happening here too, something that I thought might happen at some point. Another thing I noticed is how much Tami’s character has changed since last week; she’s a lot more lively since joining the Yosakoi Club and is now experiencing things she other wise wouldn’t had she stuck to her rigid routine of studies, lessons and trying to please her father. It’s nice to see some character development like that, it really brings the characters to life more and you enjoy them a lot more too.

More of the character development front can be seeing with Naru (obviously) as she’s not her usual shy self that we see in ep 1. Yaya is so awesome being tsundere, you’ve gotta love that about her. I love all the blushing that happens in this ep too, it’s just too cute seeing these girls blush all the time.

Tami is also quite helpful too as she tells the group about a yosakoi festival happening during the weekend, something her father told her about, so off they go to see some yosakoi first hand. The rest of the ep is spent mainly at this festival as the girls drink in the atmosphere of yosakoi. They also run into the yosakoi shop owner too, who is helping out in the festival.

The shop owner also points out a team there of girls all who are around the age of Hana, Naru, Tami and Yaya, who are another team that the shop owner helped out make it this far. In the end Naru wants them to enter the upcoming festival and create their own special yosakoi along the way. It’s a real coming together moment where everyone’s feelings finally aline and a goal is set.

In the coming eps I expect that to face more challenges on their quest for yosakoi but when the end rolls around, they’ll have over come them to succeed when it counts. I’m still waiting for when Machi will join the team as well, I can’t wait for more Manami Numakura! I’m sure that’ll be happening in the coming eps as she’ll probably have something to say about Tami joining the club or maybe she won’t be able to secure them a club room. Whatever the case is, I’m eagerly looking forward to it.

If you’re on board this one, what are your thoughts this far? Love it? Hate it? Favorite girl? Let me know in the comments below!

Let’s take a look at some screen shots from the ep now!


[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_00.07_[2014.08.08_18.40.39] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_05.11_[2014.08.08_19.56.52] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_05.21_[2014.08.08_19.58.26]

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_08.33_[2014.08.08_20.15.26] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_10.18_[2014.08.08_20.18.01] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_13.39_[2014.08.08_20.22.12] [Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_13.46_[2014.08.08_20.22.27]

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_13.55_[2014.08.08_20.49.08]

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_16.22_[2014.08.08_20.54.02]

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_18.40_[2014.08.08_20.58.17]


And with that Hanayamata ep 5 comes to a close! I’m really loving this anime a lot and I can’t wait for the next ep! If you’re watching this one, how are you enjoying it so far? Love it? Hate it? Predictions as to what might happen? Favorite girl? Let me know in the comments!

So like I said at the outset, reviews will be delayed for a bit, but I hope to get them all back on track very soon. I know Justin is working on the Zankyou no Terror ep 4 review, so expect that one soon, but as for me, I’ll have the Glasslip ep 6 review up next. Will I finally drop that one? Well, be sure to read my review to find out. Also, is Rail Wars finally getting derailed? Sakurai has kept me here this long (well more like Sakurai’s ass and boobs have kept me here this long) but is enough, enough? I’ll have the answer to that in my ep 6 review coming soon!

But before we get to that, here’s what to expect next week from Hanayamata!

[Vivid] Hanayamata - 05 [4E2371A4].mkv_snapshot_23.50_[2014.08.08_21.06.43]

Thanks for reading, I’ll cya in the next post!


Bonus Pic!

Another lovely pic by one of my favorite artists on Pixiv, kazenokaze. Enjoy this glorious PNG pic by clicking to view the full size of it.
Another lovely pic by one of my favorite artists on Pixiv, kazenokaze. Enjoy this glorious PNG pic by clicking to view the full size of it.

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