Aldnoah.Zero has been doing well so far, but it has the potential to become stale from seeing the same things over and over. However, the writers keep it from becoming stale with adding in new mysteries and twists. Can this episode also be a winner?

I’m JustintheThief; Here is my review!

It starts with the crash landing of a ship on the Vers empire five years ago. A hatch opens after the ship crashes into a large building and a younger Slaine removes his helmet, vomiting water. He gags for a few moments, and a girl walks to him. Slaine faints, water pouring from his lungs and the girl draws the water out of his lungs with her mouth, until he regains consciousness. He wakes back up and we see a young Princess Asseylum, who smiles at him, happy for him to be alive. I loved this scene, not only because it was cute, but because Oxygenated water is a real thing that science is experimenting with and trying to make work for people who scuba dive and travel in space. It’s still in the earliest stages, from what I know about it, but I like that they use this.

After the OP, we see the Emperor of Vers, who is talking about the assassination of Asseylum to someone, an aide, or perhaps another Knight. He isn’t happy about the attack, regardless of the situation, because the attack was probably extremists, not the general populous’ view on Vers. And the unprovoked attack without his consent seemed to irritate him. His aide reasons that the terrorist attack could have been faked and the general populous was in on the whole thing, but the Emperor calls for an Armistice and an investigation of the assassination.

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah.Zero ep 5 [720]

Next we see Cruhteo talking to Saazbaum, who tells him that Tokyo and it’s surrounding cities have been taken, though Trillram has fallen. He seems surprised by the news that he was killed by a Meteor Strike, mostly because Trillram knew about the strike ordered by Sauzbaum. He then asks about witnesses.

Slaine is seen watching the return and repairs of Argyre, the Martian Cataphract of Sir Vlad. He tries to decide what to do about his knowledge that the princess is alive, but is distracted by the damage of the Cat. He inquires on his health, and Vlad, like the other Knights, is a total asswipe to Slaine for being a Terran. That’s how concern works on Mars apparently. He tells Vlad (as if he was a nice person) about being punished for wanting to avenge the princess. Vlad becomes condescending because of course he does, and says that all Terran’s are impudent curs.

Back on Earth and the bridge of the escape ship, Nina and two other young people are being shown around the control room so they can be familiar with it in case they lose some crew. Nina still seems worried, however.

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah.Zero ep 5 [720]

Inko and Inaho are with Captain Magbaredge, who commends them for repelling the last Cataphract. Inaho is as bland as a wet paper bag (usually a bad thing. I like of love it in his case). She wishes she could give them medals, but they are students, not soldiers.

Inko is excited about the medals, but Inaho seems less enthused (surprise!). Marito enters and tells them it is unusual because they’ve not been in a war lately. He corrects them on calling him instructor, and Inko calls him Lieutenant Marito. Inaho, without preamble, casually salutes him. It’s one of the funniest scenes. I’ve watched it probably ten times over and over and I still laugh. He explains that Medals are all they can give you. He comments that dying for fame isn’t too bad, but what really sucks is surviving to live a terrible life. He gets called into the Doctor’s office.

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah.Zero ep 5 [720]

There, the doc chastises him for showing the kids the harsh realities of war so soon. He also comments that he seems to be sober, as he thought he may have been picking on them because he was drunk. He counters sadly, lamenting his past, though the doc tells him that it wasn’t his fault. They are interrupted by the news of a message from Mars announcing an Armistice.

The news comments on the compassion of the His Imperial Majesty, and Asseylum believes that her grandfather is probably trying to stop the Knights from all the killing.

Cruhteo doesn’t appear happy about the armistice. He wishes to talk to the emperor, and tells Slaine to get the audience chamber ready. Slaine seems to either have realized something or to have come to a decision.

Sauzbaum finds the Nilokeras, Trillram’s Cataphract, and learns that it was damaged in battle, then abandoned, not destroyed in the Meteor Strike. He tells his subordinate to look into someone on Cruhteo’s ship. Cruhteo goes to an audience.

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah.Zero ep 5 [720]

Yuki mentions how odd it was for the attack to start and stop so suddenly, which makes one of the men comment that perhaps the Vers Empire isn’t as straightforward and together as they appear. Asseylum decides she needs to tell the captain who she is so they can get in contact with the Emperor and stop the war. Eddelrittuo is against the idea, saying they will be killed or taken captive, which is why the princess wants to use the armistice. Rayet hears, and mentions that the armistice doesn’t mean that the extremists or anyone will just stop fighting. It’s a ceasefire by the Vers Empire, not earth.

An alarm goes off, and we see Vlad back for revenge, which he calls “redeeming his honor” (asshat, remember?). The group goes to battle stations. Mizusaki, the Executive Officer, wishes for the captain to leave, but she declines.

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah.Zero ep 5 [720]

Cruhteo ends the discussions, but they don’t go the way he wanted. He doesn’t understand how the Emperor can just let the death of his granddaughter slide. But he has been tasked by him to uncover any details of the princess’ assassination. Slaine, hidden nearby, heads to the chamber, and goes to find the Emperor. It takes him there somehow. Probably not physically, probably a type of virtual reality or something?

Vlad begins the attack on the ship. He destroys the armaments of the ship easily. The Cat’s get ready to attack, and they are told to use non-explosive rounds against the enemy. Marito begins to go on the attack as well, but his vision swims in the cockpit. The attacks are useless. Vlad continues rampaging and killing, staying near the bridge so that their own soldiers feared to attack, afraid of killing their own men.

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah.Zero ep 5 [720]

Inaho begins to pilot his Cat, while Vlad takes out a second plasma sword. Yuki yells at Inaho to stand down, who turns all her arguments against her. He then mentions his pajamas, his patched up ones. There’s meaning there that I don’t get. Anyone got any ideas?

Slaine finds and introduces himself to the King, who is in bed. He looks kind of sickly. Slaine tells the Emperor what he knows. That the Princess is alive and the assassination was organized by the Orbital Knights, who wanted to destroy the earth. He tells him they failed.

Inaho enters the fray, and Vlad calls him his “Nemesis”. The blades should have cut through his armor, but there is an explosion and Inaho is holding the hand of Vlad’s Cataphract still. The armor he’s using, it turns out, is Reflective Armor. The Armor detonates to deflect incoming fire. He uses it to disperse the plasma beams of the swords so they don’t cut and he can hold him.

Inaho pulls Vlad in close and asks control to tilt the ship to one side. They flood the ballast, causing the ship to tilt and the Cats to begin sliding across the ship. Vlad widens his plasma beams, trying to melt through the legs of Inaho’s Cat. Inaho, getting an idea, turns on his leg boosters, which causes them to move faster across the ship. Inaho bails out, while locking the Cat so that Vlad fell with his machine. There’s a large explosion.

Inaho comments on a steam explosion. The Plasma beams superheated the water and rapidly turned it into high-pressure steam. The massively quick expansion caused a huge explosion, thus destroying Vlad.  I find this funny because this is the second time this season that a Steam Explosion has been utilized. The first was in the first episode of Zankyou no Terror. There’s a bit of banter between the captain and her XO as Inaho’s pod lands in the water. The first person to go get him is Rayet. We see Marito, holding his friends dog tags, panicking, presumably because of his failure.

We head back to the Emperor and Slaine. The emperor promises to do something about this situation. Slaine leaves and Sauzbaum re-enters. He got to the Emperor first and told him of Slaine’s “Treachery”. They label Slaine a traitor, and the Emperor reignites the war.

We see Sauzbaum again, who thinks that what Slaine Troyard is doing is ironic. He walks through a door and says “Dr. Troyard.”

Another excellent episode of Aldnoah.Zero. This one brings us more questions, as most of these episodes tend to do. We have new mysteries like “Dr. Troyard,” which excites me because Slaine’s dad has been mentioned before. And we’ve finally seen the emperor, but what about Asseylum’s parents? Where are they? Dead? But it gave us a few answers too. We’ve seen how Slaine and Asseylum met and how she saved him, though there are obviously more mysteries in that scene. And then there was the awesomeness of more Inaho kicking ass and taking names. And now we have a war breaking out again. This show toys with me. I’m just waiting for Inaho to fail. He needs a bit more human and a little less superhero. Not that he is perfect, but he’s a bit too good. I don’t think it will stay that way, and the rest of the main characters seem to have their fair share of problems. Maybe it’s just Inaho being the answer. Who knows? All I know is, I’m once again excited for the next episode of Aldnoah.Zero.

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