Glasslip… *sigh* why can’t I like you?

Here’s my review.

We start off the ep with some trains. Hey! I’ve got it! Rail Wars should learn something from Glasslip! There are totally more trains in Glasslip than in Rail Wars!

Uh… sorry kinda got sidetracked.

Anyways, Yuki and Yanagi are on the train heading to a track meet; well, well, looks like they’re finally alone together now. Also, all that training Yuki has been doing should come in handy here, as he’s obviously recovering from a past injury. I’m guessing this must be emotional for him, going to your first track meet in a while… yeah I never felt that actually. I only went to track meets to win. And I did.

We cut for the OP and return to see our main girl Touko hard at work again in the glass studio. Believe it or not this anime has glass blowing in it. Yeah you’d never have been able to tell because of all the drama and general… well, drama. Touko sees yet another vision here (she’s gotta stop this) and this time it’s a very strange one of David smiling. Wait, he smiles? He’s got facial muscles to actually move his face into other expressions? Wow, I didn’t know that was possible.

Whatever that meant we’re left guessing at it’s back to Yuki and Yanagi now at the track meet. Yuki’s in the 100m sprint (something I always won in) and although he’s been training for a while, he comes in dead last. Ouch bud, get better before you want to race me. After the race we’ve got a scene worth sitting up in your seat for. Yuki’s talking with some of the other guys from the race, just chatting about old times and shit, when Yanagi walks up. Check the dialog.

Yuki and Yanagi are totally related and if last week didn’t prove it, than this week certainly does. This part and one other scene later on near the end really nail this point home. But it’s never been said as to what exactly the relationship is between them. Brother and sister? Cousins? Step brother/sister? Whatever the case is they’re family of some sort, but it still makes me wonder who else knows? I find it hard to believe that if Touko knew they’re related, she would not be so supportive of an incestuous relationship. It’s things like this that I want to know; not knowing this bothers me and the longer they hold off explaining it, the more annoyed I’m getting. Just tell us already!

Arriving back at the station, Yanagi spies David out for a stroll and once the train has stopped in the station, she leaves Yuki hanging, telling him she’s got something to do, before running off to see David. This scene is cut with shots of a deep in thought Touko at the cafe; she’s still trying to figure out what’s up with Hiro and Sachi. Oh god Sachi… she’s a character I could write a whole post on and still have things to talk about regarding her.

Anyways, Yanagi and David have a sit down, Yanagi just wanting David to sit and listen, not say anything. Before we get to that conversation we have Touko arriving at Sachi’s house. Hiro happens to also be there, so now it’s awkward suddenly. With no words of advice for Hiro, Sachi calmly goes downstairs to let Touko in. Wow Sachi, wow. Not only are you secretly a psycho killer, but you can’t even act like you’re trying to offer help to someone in a tight spot. I swear, she’s the type to kill a person then do something horrible (like really, really gross) with the body after.

Hiro ended up making a grand escape out the window, but failed on the stealthy recovery of his shoes. Ugh, how could he make such a rookie mistake? Wait, he sees something in Sachi, that’s an issue right there. Okay so another issue I’ve got with this ep is that everything is happening at once. We still don’t cut back to David and Yanagi because we have a very unneeded scene in which Yuki arrives home and sits on his room floor. WAS THAT NECESSARY TO HAVE IN THIS EPISODE?! IT WAS A FUCKING 23 SECOND SCENE! WE DIDN’T NEED THAT AT ALL! So yeah after that we FINALLY get back to Yanagi and David. But only for a moment. Since I don’t wan to be jumping back and forth I’ll talk about that those two were talking about.

Yanagi is busy pouring her heart out to David, who is calmly and quietly sitting there, taking it all him. Interestingly enough Yanagi makes mention to how easier it’d be to see the future, something David perks up on for a moment. The Touko-Sachi front isn’t really a conversation worth going into detail about. Sachi mentions she’s going in the check ups soon, she’s flies a MASSIVE death flag in the process, then the two talking about Hiro, dating and other trivial things.

We pick things back up after the eye catch and it’s back with the most awkward phone call I’ve seen in a while. Touko tries to call David’s house, but doing something that would never happen in real life, which is just start talking and totally ignore the person on the other end. So she’s just going on and on thinking it’s David, when she’s actually talking with David’s dad. Ouch. Well things are all cleared up when David invites Touko over for lunch.

Anyways there is a reason that David invited Touko over for lunch, that is to inform her that Yanagi is planning on confessing to Yuki. Oh boy… is this it? Touko is of course surprised as this is the first time hearing this, turns out Yanagi wanted David to tell her for her. So anyways after they eat lunch, David and Touko go hiking into the woods, where David shows her in nice spot he found. Lying down in the grass together, they both relax for a bit before Touko suddenly up and leaves.

We end the ep with Yanagi and Yuki on the bridge. Yanagi is finally going to confess her feelings to him, no matter the cost. It’s a very one side conversation, Yanagi taking the lead, and she tells him straight up; no hesitating, something disturbing them at the last second, she tells him that she loves him. Yanagi also brings out the points that Yuki loves Touko, she same him confess to Touko, both Yanagi and Yuki live in the same house and are family so this is now very awkward, and lastly this is the point where Yanagi will move on from. She’s gotten this off her chest, now it’s time to see what happens next.

So must like last week, this ep just had a few key things that happened and the rest was filler. Honestly that’s pretty much what Glasslip is turning into now, a few important things then filler for the rest of the ep. Sure P.A. Works are taking their sweet time, making this a slow burn one, but still we’re going on to ep 6 at this point, we’re almost half way over and nothing has really happened.

So there you go, my Glasslip ep 5 review. If you’re still holding out for this one, what are your thought thus far? Love it? Hate it? Favorite character? Agree with my statement that Yanagi has nice boobs? Predictions about what might be coming down the pipe? Let me know in the comments!

I’m sure Justin will be posting some more reviews soon so look forward to those. As for me, I’ll be back again in a few days with my Hanayamata review, so I hope you’ll join me for that. As for next week, here’s what to expect!

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 05 [720p][AC1648FF].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.08.03_15.47.36]

Have a good one guys! I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pic!

More official artwork as there is nothing else out there. Enjoy out bikini clad girls. Click for full size!
More official artwork as there is nothing else out there. Enjoy out bikini clad girls. Click for full size!

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