Remember when I said this anime was about hot girls and boobs (featuring trains)? Well hopefully you’ve stayed on board until now, because ep 4 was a very special treat.

Oh and just a heads up (since I’ve gotta say this), considering most of the pics involve nudity, if that’s something that bothers you, I advise not reading this review; for everyone else, just make sure your room door is closed.

Here’s my review!

I’m a guy, obviously, so when I saw the preview at the end of ep 3 and it indicated ep 4 would be a beach ep, I was happy. I mean sure, I like anime girls in bikinis, I think it’s a great thing; for the most part I always enjoy the beach/pool/swimsuit eps in anime, why wouldn’t I? There is just something about seeing a girl in a bikini that us guys like, and I’m no different. But even so, even with all those hot bodies and boobs, one must realize that there is a certain point where you can have too much of this hot body, boobs, and bikini action.

sample_277b64d582deb19e0ffb07460f1f9298Now I’m sure you can argue that by saying there is no point where boobs and bikinis become too much, and yes that’s true from a certain angle, but even though I like both boobs and bikinis, ep 4 was just too much. Passione has long since proved that they can draw Sakurai, Koumi and Iida looking as sexy as possible in their uniforms, so naturally it should be easy for them to make those girls look even better in bikinis; and they do. But as sexy as they all looked, I feel this ep put way too much forced attention on their sexy bodies, and less on the actual event surrounding the characters.

sample_d2b2173346974aa44027bc5eb369546cLike pretty much every ep of Rail Wars I like the situation presented for us, as it seems like something that actual railway security personnel would have to deal with. Lost animals, bomb threats, purse snatchers, helping passengers when needed, it’s all there in this anime but it’s just a matter of execution that can make it all fall apart. Add in all the fan service too and it feels like their just pushing the story to the back burner just to give the people some hot girls to look at. Once again there isn’t anything wrong with the hot girls in this anime, but how they take the situation presented and downplay it just to give us boobs and such, that’s what I don’t like.

So in ep 4 we’ve got another situation presented for us that once again is overshadowed by all the boobs and bikinis in the ep. Yeah it’s a beach ep so we need the bikinis, but the situation they’re in is actually pretty important. In this ep the team (yeah I’ll just refer to them as “the team”) is running a protection detail on a famous pop idol who is having a large concert on the beach. Said idol, Noa Kashima’s, concert is being sponsored by the railway company, so she’s traveling by train to get to the place. Now before I get any further I want to mention who does the voice for Noa Kashima; a keen ear will probably pick it up instantly, but Noa Kashima is voiced by the one and only Minori Chihara. As I’m sure you remember, Chihara voiced Miku Izayoi in last season’s Date A Live II, but I’m sure you know her from countless other roles.

Anyways, Kashima is quite stressed about this concert as she’s been receiving angry messages from her fans (as all idols seem to deal with) and like anyone in this position, this is something weighing on her mind. The team is called up to run the detail on her, mostly because they work for the company sponsoring the concert, but also under orders from the top. So now here they are, on the train with a famous pop star heading to the beach.

Once at the beach, the team set to work with their task, making sure things are all good and safe, but even so there is a small incident that foreshadows something big come concert time. Moving ahead with the plan though, Kashima is unshaken and wants things to go on, despite the words from those around her.

The show must go on as Kashima puts it, even if the threat is real she’s still singing for everyone. Iida wants to make sure things stay safe though, so her meeting with the team is to ensure Kashima stays alive and well through this concert and that everyone goes home in one piece. This right there is where I’d have liked to have more of a focus on once the swimsuit stuff was out of the way, give them a situation they have to work hard in. Ideally the bomb threat ep is what should’ve been that, but a protection detail is another chance to do something intense.

So I’ve gotta have this part in here where Koumi and Sakurai are finally unveiled in their swimsuits. I liked Koumi’s swimsuit, it fit her really well; as for Sakurai, going with the competition swimsuit (or whatever they’re called) also worked for her character. Personally I’d have liked to see her in a bikini too, mostly because she’d look amazing, but I’m not going to complain about in a swimsuit.

One thing I did notice, well I kind of had to, was that every female character in this ep had rather large boobs. Normally there is a character with smaller boobs, you know to cater to everyone’s likes, but this time they went with large boobs for everyone. Once again I’m not going to complain, but it was just something I thought was interesting as most beach eps have a variety of boob sizes for the girls, but I guess not this time.

bf59f5b0ad61250fbd488532eec3fecbSo after a hot spring scene, yes we get one of those too, the concert finally arrives! As expected when you have Minori Chihara voicing the character, you can expect some songs to follow. So the concert goes on fine and well, K4 patrolling the area for anyone suspicious, but they fail to notice the guy dressed as a staff member until it’s almost too late. Jumping at the last moment, Takayama takes the knife to his vest, saving Kashima in the process. Of course thanks to Iida, she made it seem like the whole incident was part of the act, to make sure the crowd didn’t get worried.

On the train ride home Kashima reflects on the events and how Takayama put his life on the line to save her. Sure Takayama diverts the seriousness of the situation away by being upset by this stamp book getting a hole in it, but really though he could’ve died yet he really doesn’t seem that phased by it. Kashima, being the one he protected, is who really seems to be thankful for the brave act he preformed on stage.

So the ep ends there and we’re left in some sort of daze after all those boobs. From the standpoint of just pure entertainment value and such, it was a good ep, I mean how can you not like all those hot bodies, boobs and bikinis; from an actual plot view of the episode, I would’ve liked more focus on the security detail part of the ep after all the fan service. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to watching movies where when things like that happen, it’s all hardcore and serious, but whatever the case is, I’d have liked something to balance out the fan service.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 04 [AA4444B7].mkv_snapshot_21.46_[2014.07.27_15.38.31]In the end ep 4 did it’s job of being a beach (and boob) filled ep and although it still doesn’t change my mind as to how Rail Wars is progressing right now, I guess we can just accept this treat and look forward to next week.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots now.


[FFF] Rail Wars! - 04 [AA4444B7].mkv_snapshot_06.48_[2014.07.27_14.22.29]
Every female character has a nice ass.
[FFF] Rail Wars! - 04 [AA4444B7].mkv_snapshot_06.14_[2014.07.27_14.21.22]
Every female character also has a nice rack.
[FFF] Rail Wars! - 04 [AA4444B7].mkv_snapshot_07.18_[2014.07.27_14.24.44]
Like a really nice ass too.
[FFF] Rail Wars! - 04 [AA4444B7].mkv_snapshot_07.12_[2014.07.27_14.24.35]

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 04 [AA4444B7].mkv_snapshot_08.05_[2014.07.27_14.25.59]

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 04 [AA4444B7].mkv_snapshot_08.18_[2014.07.27_14.26.18]
We thank you kindly.

And there you have it, Rail Wars! ep 4. I hope you enjoyed reading this review and looking at all the sexy pics as well. If you’ve still watching this one, what are your thoughts on it so far? Like it? Hate it? Sakurai best girl right? Let me know in the comments!

Up next I’ll be posting my review of Hanayamata, but I’m sure Justin will have a few things up as well. Look forward to that and I’ll leave you with what I think may have been the end card for this ep, as well as a look ahead to next week.

Yeah, not happening. We can see your bra, we're not going to stop staring.
Yeah, not happening. We can see your bra, we’re not going to stop staring.

I’ll cya in the next post!

**Full size pics & end card are courtesy of Gelbooru; be warned, there is 18+ stuff there**


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I love this style! Click for full 1920x1080 HD!
I love this style! Click for full 1920×1080 HD!

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