While this week’s ep is border line filler, it does have a few key points that propel the story along, creating some new dynamics between characters. Nope, I’m not dropping this yet, something’s brewing on the horizon, I’m sure of it.

Here’s my review!

Following the outing in last week’s ep, I was hoping for some exciting things to happen, especially after Touko foresaw Sachi in the hospital, but the focus wasn’t on Sachi in the hospital, but rather Yanagi. Before I get to that though, let’s take a look at the opening scene as it has some points in it worth noting.

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_00.04_[2014.07.25_21.25.35]

For starters David has a nice house, that I’ll give him, but as to why he’s sleeping in a tent outside, yeah there really isn’t that much of a reason to do so. Note that the living room is more that large enough to him to spread his sleeping bag there, instead of outside. I’m still holding true to the theory that his room must be in the process of being renovated or something, as that seems the most likely. While there really isn’t any evidence of this, it seems logical that his room must be under construction as there are only so many things that would render his room unusable for a time.

Right then so moving on with the scene, after his father wakes him up for breakfast and heads in, they chat away as they eat. There are many key points in this conversation, so I’ll take them from the top. First up David’s father makes mention that he’s made things quite difficult for David now, something to which David replies it’s too early in the day to bring that up; his father comes back with, since they’re living together, they should get the big things out of the way first. Right away this means something and I’m guessing it’s referring to a divorcing of David’s parents and he’s now living with his father.

But while this conversation is going on David suddenly hears the voice of Touko, meaning he’s heard a part of a conversation from the future. David then asks his father if he always had the record player on to some piano music, this is when it hit me that it must be the music that’s a trigger for him. In ep 2 he was in the living room and the piano music was going, he heard Touko’s voice then too, so that can’t be just a coincidence. His father answers “yes” it’s playing most of the time, to which David replies it’s one of his favorite performances by his mother.

Oh oh! David mentioned his mother there! First time that’s happened. Now this could be taken in a few ways actually, the first thing I thought of is that his mother has died, thus why he’s living with his father and why his father always has that playing, or maybe like I said before, the parents divorced yet her music is something they still love listening to. How that ties into David hearing the future, I’m not sure yet, but it’s the same as Touko and glass. Her seeing the sparkling makes her see the future, while David listening to music makes him hear the future. Hmm, interesting, sight and sound. By the way all this happens in the opening minute and 45 seconds of the episode. Lots of info so you’ve gotta be listening carefully to get it all.

Moving on then, following the OP we see Touko arriving back in her room after a bath, where she gets a call from Sachi. Instantly she remembers the vision of Sachi in the hospital, something that will be happening in the future, and assumes something must have happened to her. Sachi informs Touko that Yanagi is in the hospital with a sprained ankle from dance practice. How is it dance practice you ask? Well you’ll find out later.

Now comes another part with noting. The scene in the hospital has a key line by Yuki, something that really makes things quite interesting. When Yanagi says he didn’t have to come all the way down just to get her, Yuki replies with: “Of course I did. We’re family aren’t we?” THAT RIGHT THERE! HE SAYS THEY’RE FAMILY! This sheds light on their situation, but also raises one more point here: will another wincest ship set sail? HOWEVER, did you notice Yanagi’s slight reaction to when Yuki said “they’re family”? Hmm, I wonder what that means.

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_04.35_[2014.07.25_21.59.21]

Whatever the case is, this conversation partially answers the question I’ve wanted to know since ep 1 of why do Yuki and Yanagi live together. But it also makes me think, if they’re family, is this common knowledge or something only the two of them know? Think back to ep 2 where Yanagi calls Touko and the two girls talk, Touko wouldn’t be that encouraging for Yanagi to date her brother, so if Yuki and Yanagi really are related, who else knows this?

Moving on here, Touko makes her way to the hospital to see Yanagi, but upon arriving and seeing Yuki already there helping her, she decides to leave the two alone. Okay, how the hell did neither of them notice her right there? I mean she was literally STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES and neither of them looked up and saw her. Hmm… I don’t know about that. They end up getting a ride home from Hiro’s older sister, who happens to be in the area at the time. Haha, note that Friendship Punch too.

From here the ep kinda turns into a bunch of everyday things starting with Sachi at home. She’s visited by Hiro as he wants to return the books she gave to him in the last ep; guess he’s a fast reader. We cut to Touko in the glass blowing workshop where she’s working with her father, yet distracted by all the thoughts swirling around in her head. One of the things going through her mind is that she doesn’t want to foresee anything bad in the future, only the good things. We cut to Yanagi at home eat ice cream, then Touko out walking dressed in her school uniform; she calls Yanagi and the two arrange to meet up and talk. We cut back to Hiro and Sachi, still nothing happening there, before going back to Touko and Yanagi who have met up at the waterfront.

Their conversation is about Yuki and how Touko reacted to when he told her he loved her; they also chat about David, Yanagi calling him “cool” (ugh, no) the two part ways as Touko continues to the school to work on her sketches of chickens. As she’s sketching, she hears footsteps of someone walking up, expecting it to be David, she turns around only to be met by Yuki. Oh boy.

After being friend zoned so terribly last week, Yuki is back to try again, honestly he needs to learn when to stop. It’s time he goes back to the bench with Keanu Reeves and just sit there for a while, thinking about life and everything, he’d be better off than continually trying to push his luck with Touko, who clearly isn’t interested in him that much. This is spliced with shots of David out hiking BY HIMSELF like he loves to do so much. Geez this guy.

Hiro is still trying to make ground with Sachi, but goddamn is he just not getting it together. He’s able to muster up enough courage to ask her out to the movies (to which he’d only fall asleep during) but overall he’s just having trouble in the relationship department.

The rest of the ep we jump around with everyone; Touko and Yuki talking at school where Yuki finally speaking his mind to Touko about David, Yanagi and David meeting up by chance on the way home where they’re overseen by Touko, who now has the idea they’re got a thing for each other, then the following day is just another mundane day with Hiro and Sachi at the movies, Yuki out for his run and Yanagi seen going to dance practice (see I told you).

When the credits started to roll I was once again disappointed as I didn’t want a filler ep, but also I liked the small bits of info finally brought out in this ep. Overall I’m still not really into Glasslip that much and I’m waiting for the plot to finally kick in some more. At ep 4 we should be already seeing things happening but Glasslip is pacing itself like a 24 ep anime, something that it’s not, so this could prove to be disastrous later on if they’re forced to cram too much into the last few episodes. Whatever the case is I just wish P.A. Works would deliver with this one, hell this was one I was really hoping would be good, but at the rate things are going it’s going to take a miracle to get this one back on track.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots from the ep now.

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_06.38_[2014.07.26_13.40.34] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_06.41_[2014.07.26_13.40.40] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_06.49_[2014.07.26_13.40.53] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_07.19_[2014.07.26_13.42.12]

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_12.12_[2014.07.26_13.57.38] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_12.30_[2014.07.26_13.57.59]

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_13.32_[2014.07.26_14.42.28]

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_20.56_[2014.07.26_14.51.34] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_21.05_[2014.07.26_14.51.45] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_21.31_[2014.07.26_14.54.15]

See! She's going to a dance school, just like I said!
See! She’s going to a dance school, just like I said!

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_21.48_[2014.07.26_14.54.41]


So there you have it, Glasslip ep 4. If you’re still hanging on to this one, what are your thoughts about it thus far? Like it? Hate it? Favorite character? Thoughts about what might happen next? Let me know in the comments!

Up next I’ll have a look at the boob filled episode 4 of Rail Wars. Yes you ready right, I said boob filled, because that’s exactly what it was. But before we go, here’s what to expect next week from Glasslip.

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 04 [720p][205A9AFE].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.07.26_14.55.12]

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Official artwork
Official artwork

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