It’s a tried and true formula. In the wrong hands, it can be a make or break episode. In the right hands, it can break a mold. Which one will this turn out to be?

I’m JustintheTheif; Here’s my review!

First of all, my apologies to all my fans (And by that, I mean my mom. Hi Mom!) for having these reviews up so late. I have a Theatre job in real life, and it takes up a lot of my weekends. Big show, happening and I’m running around trying to get paid by acting (incredibly hard). So I just want to apologize for my absence. The next couple of days will be my catching up. But enough about me, onto Akame ga Kill!

The story opens with Tatsumi leaving flowers at the graves of Ieyasu and Sayo, his friends who were killed in the previous episode. While he is reminiscing, Leone (You know, the one with the tits) comes upon him, asking if he’s decided to take them up on their offer to join Night Raid. But Tatsumi is unsure of it all, voicing his worries about the murder. But Leone drags him off, espousing that she will introduce him to the rest of the gang. Akame looks on from a window with her normal expressionless… expression (very original concept… an emotionless female protagonist.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]
These are terrible graves – Ieyasu
After what may be my favorite intro of the season so far (I’m so behind due to theatre… *sob*), we see Tatsumi introduced to Sheele, the purple haired megane with the scissors weapon. She seems like an airhead, but threatens that if he doesn’t join Night Raid, that they’d have to kill him.

evil glasses...
evil glasses…

Next we meet Mine, the twintailed tsundere (Is that just how it has to be in anime now?) who uses a sort of rifle, who doesn’t want Tatsumi in the gang at all, and berates Leone from showing him around. She makes fun of his face, and Leone quips that, she “treats everyone this way.” I guess they at least know that they’re troping. Either that, or they think we’re too dumb to get it. (dur, twin tails, mean!)

I can't help but love her...
I can’t help but love her…

Next, she moves out to the practice grounds where we meet Bulat, who we find out was the guy in the armor earlier. He has a sweet ass pompadour and is gay. No, I’m not saying that I believe from what I’m watching that he’s gay. They just say it. Are they trying too hard here? Bulat gives Tatsumi the “sexy eye” and Tatsumi seems a little freaked out by it. Yeah, it’s a bit funny, but it’s kind of a cheap laugh and a stupid sort of throw away joke. Also, couldn’t that be construed as offensive to homosexuals? I’m not saying it is or isn’t, but was it necessary? Who knows. I’m not gonna debate it. Moving On!

just give in to those eyes
just give in to those eyes

Next we see the green haired guy with goggles (what is he a Digimon protagonist?) watching out for Leone to take a bath. Cause you gotta have one pervert in your group. His name is Lubbock. He gets his ass handed to him by Leone, and she threatens to break his arm.

Ah, that face. I make it often...
Ah, that face. I make it often…

Moving on, we meet Akame again, who is roasting what looks like a baby pterodactyl over a spit (what a sad image I just conjured). Oh, so she eats a ton, especially meat? Totally unheard of. We get a hint of her past that she grew up in the wild, but she then refuses Tatsumi any of the food since he hasn’t decided weather to join them or not.


We then are introduced to the “Boss” who was sitting on the other side of the fire. Her name is Najenda, and she has an eye patch and a fake arm (which if nothing else, makes me curious?) I think she may have a cybernetic eye or something under there. Something fancy at least. Her arm can be used like a grappling hook, as it reels in Leone after she runs off when Najenda reminds her that she took too long with her last assignment. She leaves and tells Akame to gather the others so they can have the report and talk to Tatsumi.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]

After learning everything, she immediately offers him a position. I think that’s odd. I feel the interviewing process here is a bit lax. Tatsumi says that he doesn’t have a choice, since they’d kill him if he said no, but she explains that while they would have to keep him here, they wouldn’t kill him. Also, wasn’t it kind of stupid just to have brought him there? I mean, you basically trapped the guy. Join our group or be a prisoner. It’d be like the Boy Scouts of America…

After learning he still had reservations, as he still wants to help his village (which is good. Sometimes it seems protagonists forget what their initial goal is.), the Boss (I had to look up her name. I don’t think they said it.) explains that they are actually a faction of the Revolutionary Army, who are trying to stop the corruption that has currently grown root in the capital. Though they are currently only doing minor deeds, the Boss notes that once the army is ready, they will proceed to take out the Prime Minister and other big players.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]

Excited about this prospect, Tatsumi bursts out that they are Assassins for justice, to which everyone laughs. They explain to him, regardless of how he looks at it, they are all murderers, pure and simple, and that they live life as rogues and renegades, who will be killed if caught. The Boss explains that everyone has their reasons. Tatsumi again reiterates his by asking about compensation. The response is positive and he immediately agrees, even though they tell him he may not ever be able to go back home.

They agree to keep Tatsumi on, and Akame is tasked with training him, with the knowledge that if he becomes a burden, she can kill him. However, the work begins in the Kitchen.

That's why  I cook!
That’s why I cook!

After a quick flashback of learning to cook with his old friends, it shows Tatsumi making food for everyone with Akame, who might only be on kitchen duty to eat the food. We see Bulat, Sheele, Mine, and Lubbock being sent off on an assignment. Tatsumi wishes to go, but Mine laughs at him, telling him he should “Hold down the fort.”

Akame and Tatsumi go to procure fish from a nearby lake. After a moment of undressing panic (and a nice full body bikini shot of Akame… *drool*), they set to catching fish, which Tatsumi take to with vigor. However, when eating later, we find he could only catch two.

vlcsnap-2014-07-20-23h32m27s195 Akame-ga-Kill-episode-02-Akame-goes-skin-diving-for-fish-in-bikini vlcsnap-2014-07-20-23h33m36s116

Leone then brings forth a new assignment. Apparently Gamal, an oil merchant, as been bribing the Ogre to frame innocent men whenever Gamal commits a crime (at first I switched the two names. I thought the inhuman-potato looking one must be Ogre.). The wife of one of these men comes to Night Raid to right the injustice. Leone explains that the woman had been prostituting herself to pay for their services (suddenly heavy shit).

They take the job, thought Ogre is a formidable opponent, and some of the more high profile members, such as Akame or the Boss, wouldn’t be able to get close enough (also, did you notice Bulat’s wanted poster looks nothing like him?). Leone offers to do it, as she isn’t known. After Tatsumi agree that they should do it sooner rather than later, the others decide that he was offering to do it, though Akame thinks the job is beyond him. She reasonably admits that he’s never killed someone in cold blood, but his resolve won’t let him back out.

That... is a lot of sex
That… is a lot of sex

It’s agreed that Tatsumi will take out Ogre, and Leone and Akame will kill Gamal. Blustering and trying to gain favor with Akame, he foolishly states that he will kill Ogre since he sticks to his word. She tells him that he’s only a real assassin when he’s completed his first job and reported back. Saying his cockiness will get him killed.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]
Exactly. Just like that.
While showing Tatsumi where he is going, Leone tells him about Akame. As a child, she and her sisters were bought to be trained as Imperial assassins. She survived but found herself in conflict with the things the empire was doing. After meeting one of her targets, The Boss, she is convinced to join Night Raid and destroy the evil empire. She readily defects, and Leone mentions that most of her friends had died by then. Tatsumi doesn’t seem to understand the point of the story, but Leone seems confident that he will soon.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]

The disgusting Gamal is killed by Akame and Leone (Akame runs him through, but only a few inches. Did she get him in the heart? Is the blade poisened? Or did she just not want to get Leone, who was standing behind Gamal? It just didn’t seem too violent for a show about assassins. Maybe I’m just spoiled…), and they hope Tatsumi is doing well. Tatsumi, in disguise, approaches Ogre, wishing to ask him something in private.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]
Best way to die…
They go to an alley (because Ogre is self-confident? or a moron.), where Tatsumi pleads to be let into the military. Ogre, dismissively, walks off, thought both reach for swords. As Ogre turns, expecting to kill the boy in one swoop, Tatsumi, the speedier of the two, slashes through his side, Ogre watching with amazement. He falls, and Tatsumi congratulates himself.

I'll clean out your eye!
I’ll clean out your eye!

He just mentions reporting back when Ogre rises and begins the attack anew. Because of course he does. Tatsumi is thrown back by the flurry of blows. Ogre guesses correctly he’s a part of Night Raid, and goes to take him down. I thought I had figured it out and Akame would leap out to protect him, but I was wrong.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]

The two continue to fight, with Ogre’s brute strength seeming to have the upper hand. But he remarks on the widow who hired them, talking about how after he is done with Tatsumi, that he’d find her and execute her family while she watched, then killed her. But if he had ever watched anime, he’d know that that was a bad idea. Finding a new strength inside him destroying those who use the corruption for their own gain, Tatsumi somehow (seriously, the logistics of this are impossible) manages to cut off both of Ogres hands, and leaping and flipping into the air, slices Ogre into several pieces in a shower of blood.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]

Back at the hideout, Tatsumi makes his report, then boasts to Akame about finishing without a scratch on him. In response, Akame rips of his shirt (!?) and pants (!!??) and proceeds to look over his body. Then, showing the first expression on her face, she says thank goodness, with a smile on her face. She explains that a friend of hers once died because he was too proud to talk about his wounds and was poisoned. She shakes his hand and congratulates him. He finds out that all the things he did were to learn about communication and hunting skills for his training. He apologizes and makes an idiot of himself talking about relationships, which Leone misconstrues. The episode ends with them mentioning that the next person to train him will be Mine, who gets a chill at the mention of her name.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]
This shouldn’t be your response when surrounded by three attractive ladies
... wow, she's cute...
… wow, she’s cute…

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill ep 2 [720]

Ok, so as far as second episodes go, it wasn’t bad. But it also wasn’t game changing. It was pretty much just the same old training trope that the protagonist doesn’t understand until it saves his life. I saw that one in The Karate Kid. It amazed me. Now, not so much. Most of the episode was pretty average as well. We upgraded Akame from emotionless killing machine to kindhearted emotionless killing machine. The characters are all pretty normal for this sort of anime. There’s just nothing here so far to surprise me. But that doesn’t mean it won’t. A lot of times you have to get through the beginning to get to a point where it can truly divulge and become unique. And I hope that Akame ga Kill does it. The artwork is good and I feel I’m going to like Mine (I have a thing for Tsunderes), and the action is pretty good. But Tatsumi has the beginnings of the Ultimate Protagonist, so I hope they give him a few more faults. Because lets face it, determination doesn’t always mean you’ll win.

But I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m only two episodes in after all. And if it keeps this sort of feel it won’t be horrible, but it won’t be a memorable anime. It’s fun enough to keep watching, and the girls are definitely cute. I’m going to hold off my true judgement for a few more episodes. I have to give it time, I know that. And I don’t think it will be terrible, as I said. I just hope it impresses me more.

 Bonus Pic!

Another lovely Akame pic here. Click for full size!
Another lovely Akame pic here. Click for full size!

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Welp, what did you think of the 2nd episode? (I gotta hurry up to the third. You’ve probably judged me for not knowing) Did you agree with my thoughts? Did you hate what I said? Let me know, and give me some feedback. I hope to get some good conversation with my first review that was less than glowing. Though I admit, I’m easy to please. Cute girls, anyone? Who’s your favorite girl? Or just favorite member of Night Raid? Lets talk about it.