Rail Wars is back for another ep this week! The team find themselves in a surprisingly critical situation and have to work fast to disarm the threat before it’s too late.

Here’s my review!

On a whole I like Rail Wars. It’s got lots to love: trains, hot girls, boobs, guns, it’s just good stuff all around. But as much as I like all this, there are things about it I don’t like. Ep 2 should be getting me more excited for this anime, but it left me feeling less than thrilled. Overall the ep was something that was should’ve been exciting, maybe it’s just because I’ve seen so many movies in where there is a bomb threat and the situation is dealt differently, but it didn’t deliver the level of excitement I wanted.

So in Rail Wars when it turns into a bomb threat situation, I was hoping the overall execution of it was going to be better. Once again I’m so used to action movies where things like this happen and it’s handled a lot differently, but I just felt that this ep, as good as it was, just didn’t really have that me engaged while watching. It’s a hard feeling to really put into words, but I wasn’t really into it as much as I wanted to be.

Please don’t take this the wrong way and start saying that I hate Rail Wars, because I don’t. I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be the best anime known to man, but honestly I was expecting a high production level and just not as many blatant errors. Ep 1 was bad enough with whole ear protection thing, something that I noticed instantly, and it’s a pretty obvious one that shouldn’t have happened.

The first problem I noticed, happens in the first 40 seconds to be exact. As Aoi is talking, she’s wearing white gloves. When she picks up the gun (we see it for a moment and it’s clearly a Beretta 92FS) and kisses it, she’s not wearing gloves (and is showing extremely poor trigger discipline), the gun also becomes a 1911 model for some reason. Then when it changes to another shot of her, she’s wearing white gloves again and the gun has changed from a 1911 back to a Beretta 92FS. This whole problem I’m talking about lasts for only probably 5 seconds, but it’s extremely poor as it should be something easy to get right.

The part was when they were hanging up the posters is also another moment too. Maybe you noticed this or maybe not, but a careful eye will see when there is a closer up on the characters talking, the posters a full color, detailed and looking like actual posters; when there is a farther out shot of the characters talking the posters are reduced to an all white sheet hanging on the wall.

Yet another problem happens to be when the bomb first goes off. Look at the surrounding area carefully. What’s missing? Well first of all, A BOMB JUST DETONATED so there should be debris, charring on the walls and ceiling from the fire, and general damage. But no, there isn’t any of this besides gray smoke. Like wow, a bomb that does no damage, that’s a new one.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 02 [1B976907].mkv_snapshot_19.40_[2014.07.11_14.04.02]
Go to the 19:40 moment and watch their mouths.
Finally, this one was just facepalm worthy was near to the ending half of the ep. The part where Aoi and Naoto are under the dog carry bag trying to defuse the bomb. There is a shot where Aoi is supposed to be talking, but you see Naoto’s mouth moving instead of Aoi’s. Like what? How can you make that mistake? It’s pretty obvious who should be talking here, yet somehow it’s messed up. Geez…

I like boobs, but there comes a point where they're too big.
I like boobs, but there comes a point where they’re too big.

And on an overall scale there is just a general sense that Rail Wars lacks that polish to make it a nicer viewing experience. In crowd scenes, background characters aren’t too well drawn, some further out shots have faceless people when it’s still an appropriate time for them to have a face, and just some general up close shots don’t always look nice. There can also be issues with boob sizes in a few shots, and while some might not see a problem with this, I personally like boobs being within a certain size range for anime girls. I know that in general for some shots they make the boobs look bigger than they normally are the rest of the time, but there are times where it’s just enough is enough, let’s ease off the boobs for a moment please.

So after six paragraphs about what qualms I have with this anime so far, what was ep 2 even about? Well in this ep we meet the leader of Fourth Peacekeeper Squad, Nana Iida (voiced by the lovely Yui Horie) as she has to look after the team and station while there is a bomb threat to another station along the way. Already at this point I’m wondering why they aren’t calling the police and putting a yellow (or orange or whatever color is needed) alert on all stations because of this. In American movies and TV shows, when there is some bomb threat, they empty all the police stations, call the SWAT, bomb squad, clear the building and it’s just all cops and stuff and things happen. But with this there is no overall sense of worry or panic and everyone is just too chill about the situation.

Even more so when the station they’re at gets bombed. That right there is enough of a reason to lock the place down and sweep it for any more explosives, but that doesn’t happen. They just deal with the situation themselves as the people in charge are away and won’t be there in time to help out. After searching high and low for the bomb, they realize it’s actually in the dog carrying bag from ep 1, the one that they left in the Lost & Found area. The rest of the ep is a not so thrilling race against time to disarm the bomb before it goes off. In the end Aoi is able to freeze it via liquid nitrogen with seconds to spare.

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 02 [1B976907].mkv_snapshot_20.04_[2014.07.11_14.04.22]

It’s a template for an exciting race against time to defuse the bomb, but I personally didn’t like the execution of it and it left me slightly disappointed. Coupled with the quality issues, continuity errors, and boob problems, I’m starting to wonder if this will break out and become the anime I hyped myself up for.

Here are some screen shots.


[FFF] Rail Wars! - 02 [1B976907].mkv_snapshot_06.08_[2014.07.11_13.53.49]
This kid’s luckiest day ever.
Damn check out Aoi's ass!
Damn check out Aoi’s ass!
Seriously, the girls in Rail Wars all have nice asses.
Seriously, the girls in Rail Wars all have nice asses.


So there you have it, Rail Wars ep 2. It’s not perfect, actually it’s a long way from that, but it’s enjoyable to watch and once you glaze over the issues and just enjoy the action, trains, hot girls and boobs, then it’s fun to watch. Up next I’ll have a look at Glasslip ep 2.

Enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya in the next post!

[FFF] Rail Wars! - 02 [1B976907].mkv_snapshot_24.09_[2014.07.11_14.05.39]

Bonus Pic!

More Aoi pics! Click for full size!
More Aoi pics! Click for full size!

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