After 13 weeks, Love Live has reached the final episode!

Here’s my review!

From start to finish, season 2 was about one thing and one thing only: win Love Live. Things have come a long way since they first put that as their goal and they’ve overcome many challenges, but it all came down to one final performance. Last week we saw that performance, KiRa-KiRa Sensation! and the season 1 OP Bokura wa Ima no Naka de, and after those two it was impossible for them not to win. Thank God Sunrise didn’t screw us out of a happy ending, because I’d have raged for the next few weeks if they did.

So now comes the day we’ve all dreaded: graduation day. Ugh. Since ep 11 I’ve been fearing this as I don’t think I could’ve stopped myself from sobbing had they rolled out the feels cannon and let loose. We start off the day with Honoka as she’s excited as ever because she’s finally finished her farewell speech for the ceremony. Running down stairs she tells her good news to Yukiho and Arisa, both of which are now wearing Otonokizaka High School uniforms. But as Honoka is so caught up in the moment, she fails to notice the girl’s uniforms and leaves for school, only to come running back seconds later to say they both look great.

I’m sure you noticed this too, but as Honoka is running to school, the song Susume→Tomorrow is playing. I really loved this as it’s yet another throwback to season 1 as well as the very first song we hear in season 1 episode 1. Arriving at the school, Honoka meets up with Rin, Hanayo and Maki, who have also just arrived. Hanayo says Nico’s also there as well, pointing over to where we see Nico’s younger siblings, but we quickly find out it’s not Nico-chan, but Nico-chan’s mother!! Wow I didn’t think we’d see anyone’s parents aside from Kotori, Honoka and Maki, but we actually get to see Nico’s mom, and wow is she actually pretty hot.

Nico arrives on the scene a few moments later and leads her mother into the school, Honoka, Rin, Hanayo and Maki following, and they show her, and us, the proof of their victory. Wow seeing that trophy and huge flag, showing that they’ve won Love Live, man… it really all worked out for them. It’s interesting to note that both with their win over A-RISE and their win in the finals, there wasn’t a scene with them all celebrating their victory. Think back to ep 10, we only see their award sitting on the shelf and here we just see them showing it to Nico’s mother. Not that it’s really a huge problem, but I just thought that was interesting that they did that.

Back to this scene now, Maki reminds Honoka that she should be with the other council members, Umi and Kotori, in the gym helping set the place up. Umi is of course angry with Honoka for being late on such an important day, but Kotori kindly comes to Honoka’s defense saying Umi should give her a break today. We cut to them en-route to the gym, as Honoka tell them she’s finished the speech and she shows them. Note that the piece of paper is quite small, meaning that either she only wrote a few things or she’s got something big planned.

We see a few quick looks at the gym being decorated for the big ceremony, but the girls setting the gym up have a question about the lighting situation. Honoka says they can look into last year’s set up to see if everything is right. On her way back to the student council office, Honoka notices Nozomi out admiring the garden; note Nozomi’s lovely hair style here. Nozomi has been looking for Eri, but to no avail, so Honoka says that if she finds her along the way, she’ll tell her that she’s looking for her.

Back in the office we have one of the many emotional scenes in this ep. Honoka finds Eri in the office, reminiscing about her times she used to be president. Eri talks of the time she was behind the desk and how she acted towards others, stubborn and relentless; she also mentions how Honoka and the others saved her from that. Moving towards her, Honoka embraces Eri saying back in ep 9 she embraced her like that when they almost missed their performance. Honoka thanks her for helping her along the way to their victory and also as being the student council president.

The next scene is the ceremony part; the graduating third year students, led by Eri and Nozomi enter the gym where they listen to a speech by the principal, then the speech by Honoka. I really enjoyed Honoka’s speech because it was so natural and it came from the heart. She wasn’t tied to notes or fumbling for words, she spoke calmly and conveyed her message across to everyone. She starts her speech talking about how she had such a hard time coming up with something to say, racking her brain for a long time, but she came to the conclusion that she’s never been good at things like this; she makes mention that she’s awkward and has trouble expressing herself. But that changed when she started singing. Bring her speech to a close, Honoka says the songs are a way to bring together everyone’s hearts and express feelings deep within, so to fully express her feelings towards the graduating students, she sings a song.

But not any song, the song they sing also takes us back to season 1 episode 1, where we first meet the best girl Maki. Yes that’s right, they sing  Aishiteru Banzai!. Yet more throwbacks to the beginning, but it fits perfectly and not only does Honoka sing it, but Umi, Kotori, the rest of μ’s and all the other students sitting in the crowd start singing it too! The tears are just flowing now from Eri  as she sings along with the rest of the students.

While this moment was really touching, I felt it was a bit too short. At this part we’ve reached the half way point of the ep and have the eye catch. I just felt that they should’ve had this go on for a bit more, maybe having some more of the ceremony after Honoka’s speech and song, but I guess as there were still things that needed to happen in the second half of the ep, they wanted to make the first bit on the shorter side.

The second half starts off back in the μ’s clubroom as Nico is clearing out all her things, which is pretty much like everything. Nico says that the new president of the Idol Research Club will have to bring their stuff from home to decorate the room, and right there Nico elects Hanayo to be the next president of the club. Her reason is because Honoka, Umi and Kotori are already busy with student council work and Hanayo is also the second most knowledgeable person when it comes to idols. Rin also references her ep saying that she was able to lead μ’s before, so Hanayo should be able to do this. Now that the matter has been squared away, Hanayo’s first order of business is to make Maki vice-president.

So with that also decided, Eri says they should be on their way now, but not before taking one last walk around the school. Honoka suggests they all go, as this will be the last time they can all be together, sad but true. Also, I found it funny that they had made a bet that whoever said ‘last time’ first would have to buy everyone else drinks, so as Honoka said it, she has to buy them all drinks. With drinks in hand, they begin their walk around the school, stopping in with the lamas first where they discover one of the lamas is now pregnant.

Their next stop is yet another nostalgic place, that being the auditorium where Honoka, Umi and Kotori first performed in back in season 1 episode 3. Honoka makes reference to how after performing on the huge stages of Love Live, the auditorium suddenly doesn’t seem as big as she remembers. Side note here, things are like that in real life too. As you grow up, things that you thought were big as a kid aren’t so big when you see them when you’re older. The only exception to that are bumblebees as they have gotten bigger from back in the day. Seriously, they have.

After a quick stop where they lay on the grass for a bit, they end up on the roof top where they practiced since day 1 and performed No Brand Girls in season 1 episode 11. After drawing the μ’s name on the roof top with a mop and water, the girls say their thanks before one by one walking back inside. The feels shot gunned me here, especially as Honoka has a flashback of some of the moments they all shared on the roof top. Collecting the bucket and mop Honoka heads back inside, where we hear some dialog taken from season 1 episode 1 (or possibly 2) about this the rooftop is the only place where they can practice without disturbing others. That one bit of dialog where Honoka is talking to Umi and Kotori, saying that they should follow through till the very end, man that was the nail in the coffin for me; I teared up during that part, having held back until then.

From that point the ep begins it’s final bit, starting with the song Oh, Love&Peace. While that song wasn’t in any episode (aside from this one) it seemed to really fit well here. During this montage, we see Honoka walking through the school one last time before meeting up with everyone out front where they all leave together. Getting as far as the gate, Hanayo suddenly gets a notification on her phone, one that’s a big deal as she begins to freak out. What, it’s too late in the episode to have new things happening! Saying she can’t tell them here, Hanayo takes off running back to the club room, the rest of the girls following her, eagerly wanting to see what this big news is.

From here it breaks out into a performance! What?! I didn’t see that one coming! They sing the song Happy Maker, a new song and a really awesome one at that too. While there is no video of it, check out this 16 second ad for the album which it’s on. You can see a bit of the performance in the video. After that, we end the episode by getting the awesome announcement that there will be a Love Live movie! Yes that’s right! A Love Live movie!! While the FFF version cuts off that bit (seriously guys…) there is a quick thing that has the announcement. While that’s the only piece of info gathered from this, it also says more info will be coming shortly.

If you can read that, then you know what it says.

And that’s it! Love Live is over! While for now at least. Wow just looking back at this amazing series, it’s incredible to see how far this has come since the beginning and all the love it’s got. I’ll be forever in debt to the person who recommended Love Live to me (sorry I can’t remember who you are) as only a few anime have ever got me this excited and pumped up to watch every ep. While there might be enough to make another season, I think this is the right place to stop. It ended on a high note, everyone go their happy ending so this is a good place to end it. I love the movie idea though, I hope it’s something like the K-On! Movie where they all go on a trip or something, a perfect way to include the songs Wonderful Rush (given the music video) and Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump! (also because of the beach theme, so maybe they go to a beach on their trip). But whatever they do, I’ll just be happy to see more Love Live.

Final Thoughts

So season 2 has come to an end, so has this anime. Overall I loved this season, it did exactly what I wanted from a second season and it also gave us things we probably didn’t ask for but still loved. The episodes about Nico, Rin and Nozomi were some of the best of the season, diving into these characters were didn’t know all that much about in season 1. While they didn’t have a Maki ep like I wanted, I can get over that given all the awesome Maki moments in this season. From her still believing in Santa to her wearing that yukata, Maki was so amazing in this season.

By far though the highlight of the season has to be (at least for me) episode 9, where they perform Snow Halation. Oh man… thinking back to that one still brings the feels on. Ep 11 also was the most feels heavy ep I’ve seen in a long while; going back to rewatch that for my review was probably harder than watching it the first time. The scene on the beach is enough to get anyone crying, and if that doesn’t, then at the train station will crush your soul.

When I look back at this season, and subsequent anime as a whole, all that comes to mind is just how amazing it all is. The music, the characters, the emotions, the heart and soul, everything in this anime is a bundle of amazingness and I think season 2 really takes it all and does the much deserved victory lap. Out of all the spring anime, Love Live was the only one I was so excited to watch each week. WIXOSS came in a close second, but it didn’t have as much the feeling Love Live gave me. Also because there isn’t endless suffering in Love Live. By this point if you haven’t seen Love Live, then go download and watch it! I don’t care if you’re not into idol anime, this is just an anime so amazing that you can’t pass it up.

So if you really must know then, Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 gets the obvious 10/10 score from me as well as winning my Anime of the Season award. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on bringing us this wonderful experience! I’ll never forget this anime and I eagerly await the release of the Love Live movie!

That brings my Love Live reviews to an end. Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end and I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. So, if you watched season 2 of Love Live, what are your thoughts on it? Favorite girl? Best episode? Favorite moment? Be sure to let me know what you think of this season in the comments below!

Up next I’ll have the review for the premier ep of Rail Wars! and Aldnoah.Zero. That’s all for me, but before I leave you, I’ll have one last round of bonus pics.

Enjoy these and I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pics!

Eri remembering the past. Click for full size!
Eri remembering the past. Click for full size!

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Awesome pic here that could also work as a header. Click for full size!
Awesome pic here that could also work as a header. Click for full size!

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Amazing pic of their win in ep 12. Click for full size!
Amazing pic of their win in ep 12. Click for full size!

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